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It's a place to meet with same minded people for those who are interested in romantic relationships and finding a partner in the Former Soviet Union. At RWF you will uncover the truth, through very
interesting factual discussions, about International Relationships and also you will learn about

potential pitfalls, rewards, which await those who choose to travel to the FSU countries.


At a good Russian Women Discussion Forum you will find information about how to create a successful long-term international relationship. Also you will get advice on how to avoid scammers, when looking to find a sincere, beautiful, slim Russian/Ukrainian woman, courting, getting married, immigration procedures and the adjustments she has to make to integrate into your country's life style and society, after your marriage.


Russian World discussion and information Forums are about Romantic relationships and marriage with Russian Women. We use the term "Russian Women" to mean women from any of the countries of the Former Soviet Union. The media and feminists refers to them as "Mail Order Brides", which is not true. Here at RWF you can learn the actual truth about meeting, marrying and building a happy family and a successful Romantic Relationship with a Russian or an FSU woman.


Russian World discussion forums it's a FREE non profit board that does not have any marriage agency or other Dating business interests or commercial affiliations. We don't sell Russian Bride or Guide books, Romance Tours or any other affiliated services. We don't accept or permit Marriage Agency, Dating and other commercial advertisements to appear. With most similar boards, being financially supported by marriage agencies and related service providers we are confident in our claim that RWF it's one of the larger independent forums, of its kind. We would recommend that you should exercise caution when using boards that have commercial relationships with 3rd parties as often negative content is moderated to ensure income streams are not compromised. On our board we always try to create a friendly atmosphere, where you can visit to have a chat, ask or offer advice to newbies, read news about Russia, learn about Russian/Ukrainian culture, write about your own experiences, make friends and of course have fun.


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