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With love from Azerbaijan...
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Author:  johnstandy [ 16 Mar 2012 08:55 ]
Post subject:  Re: With love from Azerbaijan...

Hello everyone. Just thought I would pop by to add to our story.

My wife had 2 UK visa rejections in total now, so 2 dirty black stamps at the back of her passport. I was wondering if this would hurt applications for the future. Anyway, last Wednesday, an application was made at British Embassy in Dublin for a EEA FP visit visa. Sure enough, they processed it in an accelerated manor. Sure enough, it was. Received an email on Monday advising it had been approved and to come and collect. 6 month multi entry accompany me visa for the UK. So - if we wanted, we would move back to the UK now. Been exercising EU treaty rights for 3 months now. We're not going to anyway. Ireland has been good to us and things are going well here. Only the Irish sea separating us from our family and friends and flights home are dirt cheap :)

So the plan worked out and this plan was all hatched from this website. I have spent many a night reading and reading. An now I spend many a night writing and writing. I am a member on another forum and been posting updates and everything. People have been emailing me left right and centre asking for help and advice. haha - It is nice to help people though. So far, 6 people have followed my lead and are now setting up in Ireland.

Hey guess what......I'm going to be a Dad come September [hurrah.gif] [hurrah.gif] [hurrah.gif] [hurrah.gif] [hurrah.gif] [hurrah.gif]

Author:  wiz [ 16 Mar 2012 10:32 ]
Post subject:  Re: With love from Azerbaijan...


many many congratulations for both achievements.

I hope from now on everything will be much easier and life much happier, with most of the immigration problems out of the way.

Please wish your wife all the best for the new baby.

and I can see that you both are over the moon.

How time flies.........

I hope you don't forget us and update us whenever you can..........


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