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 Post subject: Obtaining A russian tourist visa with Criminal Record
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Hi All,

I am hoping that I will get some advice in getting my tourist visa for Moscow

I am currently in a great relationship with a successful independant woman from Russia.
Our previous meetings etc have all been to countries where visa was no issue. However I am concerned with my old (9Yr old) criminal history & if I will be allowed in for my 8 day stay in November.
My girl has already purchased my flights and organised the invite through the russian travel agents for me.
My question is this
My last conviction was in March 2004 and the charge was stalk intimidate with intent to cause physical or mental harm. (FYI this person was a serial rapist that had been after my younger sioster over the previous years) so please don't judge me.

I am almost at the end of my 10 year wait so I can finally tick the no conviction box in my applications which I am very proud of.
I am worried that with such convictions even though they were so long ago I will be refused entry.

Has anyone else out there gone through the same or similar issue?
I am not going over to put a ring on my stereo type russian bride yet lol
But I would love to meet her mum and see what the culture is like over there.

I have sent away to the fedral police for my latest police clearance certificate however I know that there will still be 9 convictions with 7 of them serious matters - the time frame for the record is from 1997 - 2004 but nothing after that.

I don't want sympathy for my past all I want to do is try and make things easier for us to see each other and experience each others worlds before marriage etc.



 Post subject: Re: Obtaining A russian tourist visa with Criminal Record
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Well I don't know exactly about Russia. But I have a legal background and I would say that for a tourist visa this shouldn't be an issue. For long-term business visas and if you were to try to get residency in Russia, there might be some questions.

I would go ahead and check the box no criminal record. There is also another way into Russia that is visa-free. If you were to hop on one of the ferries from Finland or Sweden then you could have a visa free stay in St Petersburg for 3 days. You could also go to Moscow during this time. These I guess are your options. Good luck!!

 Post subject: Re: Obtaining A russian tourist visa with Criminal Record
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Hi Jose

Welcome to the board.

Have you notice how long ago Daz made his post?

He never came back to up date us... so I guess he found the way to visit Russia.....


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