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Moby - how I got 'here'
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Author:  msmobyru [ 26 Feb 2011 22:02 ]
Post subject:  Re: Moby - how I got 'here'

part VI

It is now Oct 2006

I'm still living in Cyprus and been trying to get a project off the ground to run a pay TV platform for Russian ex-pats in W.Europe and the Gulf states - this means I frequently travel from Cyprus to Moscow and Kiev/Kyiv

Some friends of mine.. I've known 'em for nearly nearly 35 years(!) and was best man at their wedding come out to stay in Cyprus with their teenage kids..

I'm an early riser and their 14yr old son asks me if I'm still looking on the internet for a g/friend (!) - Since the Volgograd experience of July I'd not looked at pastures new and kept in friendly contact with miss Volgograd and socialising with my Russian speaking acquaintances..

I guessed his parents found it a bit bizarre, but then they knew me a long time ;)

"No", I replied " I've been trying to forget the idea" !

Well.. I didn't take much persuading and early next morning I awoke and joined forgetting I'd tried it before

The lad decided a petite blonde from SPb ( St Petersburg) was hot and within 3 days we were in contact by email and tried a chat on the phone.. but I had come across the profile of a petite lady from Krasnoyarsk and I just liked her attitude in her profile... Much to the lad's disappointment I was viewing her profile and his 'choice' didn't stand a chance...

I didn't write to the lady from Siberia as she said she spoke English poorly and I wanted a partner that I could converse with... she was a little on the young side, too .. I tried to make 'excuses' ..

When my friends left I was viewing her profile 2 x a day and she was viewing mine the same amount of times... but I didn't write to her.. the lack of English discouraged me..

Then one afternoon I'm entering data in a spreadsheet and I realise I'm writing in a blooming chat window [angry.gif]

Veta has just said 'hello' to me and couldn't understand my response.. ;)

I don't know how she didn't hate me right away - I was 'sad' that she couldn't have read my profile.. I'd said I HATE chat and what ever you do - think of something more inventive than hello - if you want to make contact...

As it turns out she HAD read it and was 'poking' me...

We had two near disastrous attempts at Yahoo chat and an abortive phone call.. her English really wasn't that good and I knew she had misunderstood me .. thus confirming my stance on comprehension and English ability.. I decided to leave it..


THIS was the picture I couldn't stop viewing..............

I couldn't sleep and at 4am I wrote her a letter and emailed it explaining my frustration

Her words were something from prompt translate - but I'll never forget.. " At last the Belfast fog has lifted ! "

She had a wicked sense of humour and 'got' my directness and bluntness..

Within four weeks we had agreed that it was silly to come to Siberia when I was busy - so why didn't she come to ME, and if we clicked I'd come to her.. Five days we agreed .. they'd either be too long or too short..

In those four weeks her confidence in English was returning - she hadn't studied it seriously since Uni, but her son had shown language aptitude so he had 'pushed' him so they tried to communicate in English at home...

'They' say "never fall in love with a photo and don't send money before you meet"... I broke both those rules.. I bought the ticket, visa, and sent her some money for the taxi to the airport ... my excuse is that I was a seasoned campaigner and that I KNEW this lady was different ..

Photos were removed by the Banned Member!

To be cont ..

Author:  Turboguy [ 27 Feb 2011 14:11 ]
Post subject:  Re: Moby - how I got 'here'

I am looking forward to hearing more. It is a very interesting tale. I can understand why you couldn't forget that photo. Most guys would have the same problem. Your wife is quite lovely.

Author:  msmobyru [ 27 Feb 2011 14:30 ]
Post subject:  Re: Moby - how I got 'here'

Thanks T/guy..

let's see if THIS works... it is a compromise that will make Wiz happy

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Author:  wiz [ 27 Feb 2011 16:06 ]
Post subject:  Re: Moby - how I got 'here'

Moby wrote:
THIS was the picture I couldn't stop viewing..

Lady in Blue: " At last the Belfast fog has lifted !

Moby Gob Smacked? Image


Author:  msmobyru [ 27 Feb 2011 18:54 ]
Post subject:  Re: Moby - how I got 'here'

Oh Dear , Wiz

May be it's just me, but you do have this habit of 'spoiling things' by demonstrating you haven't understood ;)

It wasn't a funny ( hilarious) moment - it was one which demonstrated the penny dropped for Veta - that she understood what I wanted from life.. [bekloppt.gif]

Now, thanks for voting to let me out of the 'naughty boys corner' ... [wave.gif]

Author:  wiz [ 27 Feb 2011 20:10 ]
Post subject:  Re: Moby - how I got 'here'


Come on old boy, of course I understood what you meant........

but I just made a joke about you becoming gob smacked!

I hope you have some sense of humour and my joke wasn't tasteless!

Sorry you missed the joke! [embarrased.gif]

I hope you enjoy posting here with us and be part of our club! [biggrin.gif]

The link on the image it now works, tested in both posts, where Veta's photo appears. [biggrin.gif]

Author:  msmobyru [ 28 Feb 2011 08:32 ]
Post subject:  Re: Moby - how I got 'here'

[thanks.gif] Wiz

Thanks the links work EXACTLY as I wanted!

Author:  wiz [ 28 Feb 2011 09:39 ]
Post subject:  Re: Moby - how I got 'here'


I am [glad.gif] that finally I got it right ... as you like it! [veryhappy.gif]

Read [offtopic.jpg] comments here: viewtopic.php?p=8867#p8867

Author:  msmobyru [ 16 Mar 2011 13:01 ]
Post subject:  Re: Moby - how I got 'here'

Part VII
We meet for the first time

It was one of my busiest times - coming up to Xmas- so we decided that it would be better for Veta to come to me. After years of searching I was breaking quite a lots of the 'rules':

1/ Don't fall in love with a photo

2/ Don't send money before you meet - I paid for her flight, visa and sent her some travel expenses ... [ I paid for a non-transferable/ non refundable flight ]

From my perspective, I felt I knew Veta's character quite well and knew she'd come - and that it would be down to how we got on..

I booked everything through a Cypriot Tour operator who had a Moscow Office and Cyprus is quite happy to issue Russians tourist Visas - esp if they are ladies with children and owning a home..

The day arrived and Veta was one of the last to come through.. I had never had the slightest doubt that she would come - but I began to worry about Cypriot Immigration...

I was correct.. they 'decided' that Veta was on their 'stop list' - someone with the same first name ond date of birth - not year / surname.. and this delayed her entry while this was checked out ... [ this happened a further NINE times - demonstrating the efficiency of the CY Immigration authorities..]

Veta appeared through the sliding doors wearing a smart suit with high heel boots - but it was an incredible 24C December day.. so I got her to the comfort of the aircon in the car !

She was even tinier that I had imagined and we had exchanged a quick Очень приятно ( with a 'stiff' formal embrace) on meeting in the terminal. Mr 'confident' Moby announced that she was even prettier than in her photos and so tiny, and got a polite smile and acknowledgement followed by, "you are more handsome than your photos, too" ...followed by silence from both of us..

I then tried to exit the car park and the exit ticket wouldn't work.. ( I had paid) so I simply followed another car in another queue out... and Veta announced that that was the 'Russian way' of dealing with things..

It was a 45 minute journey back to my apartment and we exchanged a few words... I pointed out some 'interesting' sights.. and 'babbled' away, nervously [ I remember thinking how barren Cyprus was on my first landing - and later learnt she thought the same ! ]

About half way there I noted her silence and smiled at her and put my hand on her leg.. and gave it a reassuring squeeze.. and thanked her for coming ! She smiled back !!

Our conversation was 'interesting' - I spoke about as much - perhaps sl. more Russian than her English and we had already decided that we better understood a unique language - Ringlish ...

We had decided that she would stay at my place - separate bedrooms - of course and she would see my life....

Naturally, some of her mates were a little concerned - but her Mum and I had chatted, and I had made sure that my work colleague, Alexey ( Russian) reassured her as to my being a 'gentleman' ..

On her arrival I could see Veta was exhausted so after a quick tour of the apartment and a phone call to Mum and son to say all was well she went to sleep ( travel time 16 hours]

The next morning I had to work - Alexey and I had a job at a luxury villa and the clients agreed Veta could come... Alexey was able to translate some things I wanted to say about the day and he was thoroughly charmed by her ( Alex is married to a Russian lady 23 years less than him !!)

The clients were Brits and he is a fellow Leeds Utd supporter .. it was another unseasonal SCORCHER and I had persuaded Veta to bring a swimsuit..

Sadly, I was working and when David's wife gave with cooling drinks and biscuits for the worker's she announced that David was only too keen to serve Veta I had not seen photos of Veta in a swimsuit - just a skimpy top and shorts !...

Alexey and I were working around the corner and he was constantly teasing me and all *I* could think of was wanting to be able sunbathe, too

The job took 4.5 hours and after 3 hours - I called for a time-out wanting any 'excuse' - as David was now telling me I was 'missing out' - but allowed me to take the next cool drink to Veta... !

Alexey and the clients left us and I walked around to the secluded area were Veta was sun bathing and nearly dropped the tray...

I was hot and sweaty - dressed in sl.scruffy work shorts and a tea-shirt and there was 'Aprodite' before my eyes.. I tried to be 'cool' and I know to this day Veta knew she'd baited the hook in that instant - but she constantly 'denies it' with a shy downward look

When the job was completed... the clients wished us luck..and we dropped off Alex and spent the rest of the day doing a bit of shopping and went to a fish restaurant at my local yacht club) overlooking the ocean and watched the sun go down ... Our first full day together was blessed with sun, warmth and we had had others to help us 'relax' together.

I went to sleep wishing I had a better photographic memory - and hoping I wouldn't hear Veta didn't snoring through the wall

'sorry' no Bikini photo.. (I didn't take the camera) but here's a video of Alexey and I working as a team ....

to be continued:

Author:  wiz [ 16 Mar 2011 19:09 ]
Post subject:  Re: Moby - how I got 'here'

Very nice report

More enjoyable and productive read.

Well done and keep posting the next pages.........please.


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