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Author:  Apple [ 18 Nov 2012 17:52 ]
Post subject:  Posting to Russia

What is the chance of me getting a small parcel into Russia? It just going to be a few things nothing of great value. Clothes.... The package shouldn't be to big either. Any help would be appreciated :)

Thanks, joe.

Author:  Turboguy [ 18 Nov 2012 22:54 ]
Post subject:  Re: Posting to Russia

You should not have a bit of problem doing that. The mail used to be very unreliable but I do think it is better these days.

Author:  Luckyspin [ 19 Nov 2012 13:10 ]
Post subject:  Re: Posting to Russia

I agree with Turbo [thumbs.gif]

that the Russian post has improved lately. Of course it is still slower than our post service.

When you post the parcel, make sure that it's plain and not indicate high value..... to avoid complications with the Russian customs, otherwise despite the various delays in Russia, all my post has arrived safely. Remember it is Christmas soon....... so post early!

Anything more to let us know about you and the young lady?

Moscow, BTW, is a very nice place to visit!

RGDS from Sussex.


Author:  Matty07 [ 04 Dec 2013 05:14 ]
Post subject:  Re: Posting to Russia

nice post !

Author:  wiz [ 04 Dec 2013 08:19 ]
Post subject:  Re: Posting to Russia


On the 11 November 2013, I posted a small DVD package, RECORDED DELIVERY to my MIL and according to the British Post tracking service, the package left UK on the night of the 12 November and I guess arrived in Moscow....the following morning or afternoon but wait...... [wink.gif]

According to the information (in Russian), in the Russian Post Service site, all post go via KIEV - Ukraine........ to Moscow ... and I cannot understand why?

TAKE A LOOK AT THE TRACKING OF MY PACKAGE and pay attention to the dates! [surprised.gif]


Just for your information to avoid any further delay, it was me who advised my MIL to go and ask for the package because they do not deliver at home.... but they drop a note asking them to collect it from the post office! MIL told us that the woman at the post office was surprised and asked her, how did she know the packet was there, as it was not logged in their system. Any how... MIL told her that the package had arrived..... because her son in Law showed her on the computer ..... and of course the woman was surprised for my Modern Baboushka [lol.gif] and went to see ..... and found it!

Mother in Law was delighted MODERN BABOUSHKA [very_funny.gif]

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