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After Spouse Visa
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Author:  Julian [ 08 May 2009 08:55 ]
Post subject:  After Spouse Visa

I'm not sure if I understand the process completely for my Russian wife to come and live here. I hope someone can explain the basics, currently my wife visits on a Family Visa but very soon she will apply for a Wife Visa and then she can live and work here, I understand this is for 26 months.

1. Just before the end of her 2 year visa she should apply for permanent residency (after passing language/life tests).

2. So, normally, how long does it take for them to decide if she can stay or not?

3. I would hope it’s before the Visa ends or do they give a Visa extension until they have a decision?

4. When applying for residency for the UK is there further payments to be made?

5. What will her position exactly be because, I understand she cannot think about a UK passport until living here for more than 3 years, so she will still be a Russian citizen but have some form of residency card here or Visa in her passport until she can apply for a passport.

I would be grateful if somebody could explain how it works.

I know it’s some time away for us but we do like to plan ahead.

Another technicality we have is that my Wife has a 14 year old son and the plan is that he stays in Russia with his Grand mother and natural Father for another year and then will arrive in UK next year at 15 years old.

I personally would like him to be introduced into our system as soon as possible, i.e this September, as I think he will learn our language better here in at the deep end, but my wife wants him to stay one more year in Russia and learn English language better before he comes, and also at the moment the Father will not allow him to leave.

I am hoping that at 15 he can arrive here and go back a year of English school so he would complete his last 2 years of secondary school before going onto higher Education. Can anyone see any major problems with this plan or had any experience of bringing a teenager into our Education system.

Author:  Keith [ 08 May 2009 14:10 ]
Post subject:  Re: After Spouse Visa


Al the information you want to know is on the site of the VAC in Moscow (Visa Apllication Centre).

Basically your wife has to apply on line and complete the application, also she has to make an appointment to visit the VAC to give her fingerprints and a digital photo will be taken of her.

Pay attention to al the required documents and make sure your Bank details are always in the Black, to avoid refusal. Supply as many documents you can to prove that your relationship is not one of convenience but a real one.

Provide evidence of meetings, photos, b6 months bank account statements, telephone evidence etc. The more HONEST information you supply the better.

When her Settlement Visa FLR is approved then she will be able to travel to UK. Cost of the application today is 30.400 Rubles and the same applies for her son too.

Then a month before her Visa expires you apply for ILR (Indefinite Leave to Remain), application cost around £715 today. Her Visa is automatically extended while the process her application, which may take up to 3 months, from what I heard lately.

After she has lived here in the UK for 3 years from the 1st Day of Entrance she will have to apply for naturalisation and pass the tests your mentioned (language/life tests) and then when she acquired that she will have to apply for her British passport. Of course there are charges in every step but I don’t know right now what they are.

While she has only FLR and ILR she still can officially work, after acquiring her NI.

Obviously you have a problem when it comes to her son and you must have official declaration and permission from his father to take him abroad.

In my view it is better that he comes together with his mother and you apply at the same time for his FLR to the VAC. The boy is young and will learn his English very fast and better than in Russia.

Just be ready and prepare your self correctly for the long and expensive Marathon!

Good luck.

Author:  Julian [ 08 May 2009 16:31 ]
Post subject:  Re: After Spouse Visa

Keith :thankyou:

I understand the process of applying for the FLR and we are ready for it, my wife already has a Visitor visa so we have already experienced going to Moscow to give biometrics and there is not a huge difference applying for the Wife Visa in terms of documents required and we have plenty of evidence of our relationship being real with myself spending several months in Russia over the last 3 years and my wife making several trips to UK, Spain and countries.

My concern was what really happens at the end of the FLR when we are in Limbo for our immigration department to make a decision, i don't forsee any issues but thought the Governments website was not too clear about it and if any forum members out there could share their experience and warn of any potential issues, I am quite comfortable with what will happen but my Wife wants to know exactly how everything works, you know how Russians are with paperwork etc, and i must show to her what is going to happen.

Please clarify one thing for me Keith, i was under the impression that she must pass the life test/language test before she can apply for IRL (anytime within the 2 years of Wife Visa), you write that this only needs to be passed for the application for citizenship.

At the 3 year point does she have to apply for Naturalisation (i appreciate its way better if posssible to have UK passport) or can she simply to continue to live on a ILR, what excatly is an ILR, i presume its some type of Visa thats stamped in your passport or is it a seperate official document.

Yes thanks Keith i am prepared and all ready have good experience of the expensive Marathon, i am 3 years into this and can see light at the end of the tunnel, it will actually be much cheaper for me when we are together full time because travelling to meet each other on a regular basis has already cost a small fortune, besides having a house in Uk and helping run an apartment in Russia, in the whole scheme of things a few extra Visa's are insignificant, if money is an issue then i wouldn't advise anyone to go in search of a Russian wife, there is no cheap way mostly because of the sheer expense of travelling there. I have been lucky in the fact that my work has covered allot of my costs in travelling to Russia and my wife travelling to europe, but when we argue i sometimes think i could be driving a Porsche now !!! :lol: with what i have spent, but quickly i realise i would rather have the company of my Russian wife. I'll get a Porsche when and if she gets a decent job over here !!!! :rolf:

Author:  wiz [ 08 May 2009 20:31 ]
Post subject:  Re: Applying for a Settlement Visa to UK

Applying for a Settlement Visa to UK

For the sake of anybody reading this post I am posting information and what you have to do when applying for a Spouse Visa for the UK:

Your folder with docs will be very heavy. :(

Documents to provide when applying for a Spouse Visa:

1. Completed application form on line and make an appointment on line too to visit the VAC (Visa Applications Centre).
Visa Application Centre_Moscow
2. Application fee (30400 Rub).
3. Current passport
4. Birth certificate.
5. Old passports (with any visa stamps)
6. One recent passport photograph (not more than six months old).
7. Evidence of funds available to her, in the form of detailed bank statements covering at least the last three months.
8. Evidence of current accommodation, for example mortgage or tenancy documents, utility bills, etc.
9. Original Marriage Certificate.
10. Evidence of her sponsor’s accommodation in the UK, for example mortgage or tenancy documents, utility bills, etc.
11. Evidence of her sponsor’s employment or intended employment in the UK, for example a contract or offer of employment, salary slips, etc.
12. Evidence of contact between her and the sponsor for example email, telephone bills, pictures, etc.
13. Letter from the sponsor explaining grounds of relationships;
14. Photocopy of sponsor's passport (with Russian visas);
15. Sponsor’s birth certificate (copy);
16. Evidence of funds available to the sponsor, in the form of detailed bank statements covering at least the last six months.

When she is issued the Spouse Visa (FLR) she will be able to work form the very first day that she arrives, (unlike a fiancé visa where this restriction is not lifted until you are married and FLR is granted).

Applying for a ILR (Indefinite Leave to Remain – Permanent Visa)
Applying for settlement in the United Kingdom

Please clarify one thing for me Keith, i was under the impression that she must pass the life test/language test before she can apply for IRL (anytime within the 2 years of Wife Visa), you write that this only needs to be passed for the application for citizenship.


It must have been long time when your wife applied for ILR as now the Government has changed the rules and introduced a Language Test and a few more other things.

The English test all our wives have to take before applying for ILR after being here for 2 years. Your wife will come on a two year spouse visa which will be endorsed requiring her to take the 'life in the UK' test prior to ILR application. Actually she can take the test any time before applying for the ILR.

Knowledge of language and life in the United Kingdom

There is talk from the Government of introducing an English test prior to coming to the UK but that I am sure if it happens (unlikely in the short term) it will likely be to the same standard as currently needs to be met here in the UK 'ESOL entry level 3'.

As for mock exams there are plenty on the NET.

What is my immigration status while my application is being decided?

If you make an application before your authorised stay ends, your existing immigration status will continue until your application is decided, even if the decision is not made until after the end of your permitted stay. If your existing visa or other permission to stay here allows you to work, you can continue to do so until your case is decided.

Finally Of course after acquiring the ILR visa, a vignette in her passport she can continue living in the UK but the Majority if not all the people after the qualifying period of 3 years permanent residence in the UK, apply for Naturalisation and a British Passport, which in turn makes her/our life very easy.

Of course she keeps her Russian Passport and uses it any time needs to go back to Russia.


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