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Transfers in Moscow
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Author:  Rasboinik [ 05 Aug 2009 00:45 ]
Post subject:  Transfers in Moscow

Allow more time for transfers in Moscow

Please note that Aeroflot has lost the concession that it had with Russian customs that allowed for baggage to be checked through to a final destination.

All baggage must be collected in Moscow and hand carried to the next check-in desk in the relevant terminal.

That applies to any journey that starts either outside of Russia and continues onto a domestic Russian flight or a journey that starts in Russia, Russian domestic flight connecting to an international flight.
I spent over an hour in SVO 1 collecting my luggage and made my connecting flight by the skin of my teeth. :evil:
Aeroflot closed the check-in as I was checking in (I had a two hour connection).

Author:  Julian [ 06 Aug 2009 16:09 ]
Post subject:  Re: Transfers in Moscow

Yes i and my wife have experienced this situation and have always allowed minimum of 3 hours transfer when landing in Sheremetevyo and transfering betweeen terminals 1 and 2 ( 6km apart you need taxi or bus if you have never been). So we havn't been caught out but close, each time at check in this year they have told us the bags would be transferred through but never are, luckily i never believe them so always go to the baggage claim to check.

Personally i only use Aeroflot as a last resort, i really don't trust them, terrible old planes and not cheap internal flights, my first choice is always fly direct to Domodedovo airport (i think best airport in Moscow) , few weeks ago i used Swiss Air from Birmingham and i was very pleased with the service and then take internal flights with Russian company S7 (, their planes are new and very clean, the service first class and the tickets i would say very reasonable, i think S7 are the best Russian flight company at the moment and comparable with anything in Europe. Also if you need to cancel or change a ticket they will do this very reasonably for about £20, most European companys just keep all your money, especially Lufthansa :evil:

My final destination is Samara, Lufhansa fly from Frankfurt to there but they are just so expensive, KD Avia did have a service via Kalingrad but no longer come to UK, so the cheapest way for me to Russia is direct flights from Heathrow to Moscow and then use S7 internally to reach Samara, last trip a few weeks ago i got from Birmingham to Samara for about £300 !! and next week my wife comes over with S7 and BMI for around the same sort of money, Lufthansa would be £550 minimum !! You need to spend a few hours searching and planning on internet to get the good prices, but its well worth it to avoid Aeroflot and save money .

One word of warning with S7, the first time you use them they will probably ask for credit/debit card verification, you will first book online then you must phone their office in Moscow (they have English speakers), they will email a couple of forms to complete and just send them a scanned copy of your passport and credit/debit card with numbers blanked out, bit of hassle the first time but after that your sorted and can enjoy their great service. :D

Author:  Rasboinik [ 06 Aug 2009 19:44 ]
Post subject:  Re: Transfers in Moscow

I wish I had the option of not using Aeroflop to fly to Moscow from Yuzhno-Sakhalin, but it is either Aeroflop or Transaero (and their cattle class is even worse that Aeroflop).
:evil: :evil:

Author:  wiz [ 07 Aug 2009 13:00 ]
Post subject:  Re: Transfers in Moscow

I have flown around 14 times with Aeroflop the past 3 + years and most of their aircraft on the international routes are brand new Airbuses and Boeings. They have a few B 737 for internal flights but mostly they use T 154 & 134 which are very old, and not very good safety record.

I used Aeroflop because till last year I always managed to get return tickets for around the £220 GBP but now..........their cheapest is £380. :evil:

I had no problem travelling on their bus for free, between SVO1 & 2 because my connection time to UFA was always more than 4 hours, so I had always to collect my luggage in SVO2.

On the return of course always put the luggage straight through to London but now looks that I will be rushing through between terminals. :evil:

I heard that Aeroflop has made a decision NOW, to employ only pretty women……. but I am afraid it will take a lot more than a few pretty faces to change around the image of the airline. Their ground staff especially are clueless to what constitutes good service and most importantly if Aeroflop wants to compete internationally and attract foreign passengers they must train and teach their staff, the same as western airlines do and also to employ staff that speak English..

Their passenger and public relations departments are non existent!

Maybe Branson could lent them his training team.........for 50% of the airline! :twisted:

Author:  Rasboinik [ 07 Aug 2009 17:35 ]
Post subject:  Re: Transfers in Moscow


IMO not even Branson could sort out that mess.
Aeroflop still lives in the days when Stalin was King.

You will do what you are told and you will say thank you.
The Aeroflop motto.

:shock: :shock:

Author:  Luckyspin [ 09 Aug 2009 07:34 ]
Post subject:  Re: Transfers in Moscow

You will find interesting information and facts for AEROFLOP on this site:



Here some comments made by passengers on the above site SKYTRAX.

AEROFLOT review : 7 April 2009 : by Johannes Neuber
Customer Rating : 1/5 Image

I flew with Aeroflot from Berlin toBangkok via Moskow with Aoeroflot. In summary I can say, it was the worst long haul flight I ever had in my life. Aeroflot's quality level is far away from any Asian or European Airline. The flights from Berlin to Moskow and back were pretty ok. The service on the ground and in the air was ordinary. No luggage lost or something like that. I would give 3 stars for that.

I recognized that the crew's English speaking capabilities are very poor. Terminal 2 of Moskow Sheremetyevo (SVO) Airport is really horrible. It still looks like in the early soviet 1970's: dirty, smoky, grey and depressing. The staff is very unfriendly. The security was slow and didn't speak english. The food is brackish and exorbitant expensive.
But the worst thing of all were the long haul flights with the Ilyushin! This plane was very old and seemed to be unchanged since that time. It can be described as a flying sports hall. Believe it or not, but there are nothing more than seats in it! No inflight entertainment, no flight status screens, no radio program, no reading lamps, even no Fasten your seat belts signs. The crew seemed to be unmotivated and spoke only little English. We never got a smile. The food served was below grade. No other drinks than water or juice were available for free. No snacks between the main dishes were served. The air conditioner didn't work properly, so it was hot and stifling inside. A lot of the Russian passengers got drunk over the flight and at the end of the flight to Bangkok at least 3 passangers had to throw up! I never saw this on any other flight! I will definitely never fly again with Aeroflot. :(

AEROFLOT review : 9 November 2008 : by Daniel Guenter
Customer Rating : 4/5 Image

St. Petersburg-Moscow, and Moscow-Berlin. Checkin at Pulkovo I is a small nightmare for a non russian-speaker. Tupolev 154 on the domestic flight was not the newest of its kind and it showed. The seats were old, not too comfortable (flew with Rossiya with the same aircraft one week before and their seats were much more comfortable). Meal consisted of a croissant with cheese and meat. The flight crew seemed uninterested in the passengers needs.

Transfer at SVO was interesting. We were bussed to a terminal, delegated through customs and passport control. Then we had to wait in a special room for a bus to transfer us to the international terminal. The flight to Berlin was an A- 320, which was new with new recaro leather seats and really decent seat pitch. Seats were very comfortable, the flight attendants were friendly and the food was also good. Apart from the main service there was one round of free drinks. As always on my Russian flights, any announcements made in English were hardly understandable. On the domestic flight it was like you would imagine an russian airline to be, but on the international flight it was much better than the german flag carrier Lufthansa for instance. And the price is really an argument. Aeroflot is in most cases really worth the little price.
:? :lol:

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