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Uk visa denied for grandparents
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Author:  wiz [ 13 Apr 2010 07:29 ]
Post subject:  Uk visa denied for grandparents

The parents of a RW, I know, were due to come over for a 10 day visit in June. She just heard today that their application for a visa denied. The form they received said they were denied due to lack of proof of ability to support them while here from their daughter who is their sponsor. Daughter now is on Maternity leave and her pay is not that good but husband makes good money.

The couple were told that have the right of appeal either by post or an oral appeal in Leicester with a representative.

Any advice would be much appreciated, as the couple is finding all this very frustrating.?

Author:  Rasboinik [ 13 Apr 2010 17:58 ]
Post subject:  Re: Uk visa denied for grandparents

From the UKBA web site:
Guidance - Sponsors (INF 3)
Last updated 16 July 2008

This guidance explains how you can sponsor a visitor to come to the United Kingdom (UK) and what you can do to support their application. However, you must remember that the applicant must meet the requirements of the Immigration Rules and it is the applicant’s intentions that are the most important issue. It is only a guide but it aims to answer some common questions.

This guidance is mainly for someone who is sponsoring a visitor to the UK, but the advice on what evidence you can produce will be useful if you are sponsoring someone coming to the UK for another reason, such as to study. For more information you should also read the appropriate guidance on this website, or contact the nearest visa application centre where your visitor will make their visa application.

What can I do to help?
The Entry Clearance Officer will try to make a decision using your visitor’s application form and the supporting documents they have provided. If this is not possible, they will need to interview the applicant. You do not have to attend the interview overseas.

If the person you are sponsoring is applying for a settlement visa as your parent, grandparent or other dependant relative, you will need to complete and sign the Sponsorship Undertaking Form (SU07) below. By signing this form, you confirm that you will be responsible for their maintenance and accommodation in the UK. They should include this completed form when they make their settlement application.

Sponsorship undertaking form

If the person you are sponsoring is refused a visa, they will be told the reasons for the decision in a written notice, and will be offered the opportunity to comment.

What evidence can I supply?
You should send any supporting documents to the person you are sponsoring so that they can include them with their visa application. Please do not send any documents direct to the visa application centre.

There are no hard-and-fast rules about what documents you should produce when sponsoring a visitor to the UK. You may want to produce evidence of your own immigration status in the UK, and there are some other things you can do, particularly if the visit is for a special reason.

* If the visit is for a holiday and you are a relative or a friend, a letter of sponsorship explaining your relationship to the applicant and why the visit is taking place at this particular time may be helpful.
* If the visit is for a special family occasion (for example, celebrating a wedding, a birth or an important anniversary), an invitation giving details of the event, when and where it is to take place, and a letter of sponsorship would be helpful. If the person you are sponsoring is not a close relative or is one of several people invited to the occasion, it would be helpful to know why the applicant was chosen to attend.

If you are offering to provide support and accommodation, or to pay for travel to the UK, you must provide evidence of your ability to do so.

The following would be helpful.

* A letter of sponsorship giving details of your occupation and salary and how you will provide support and accommodation for the applicant. There is no need to have this letter certified (in other words, signed) before a solicitor or commissioner for oaths to confirm it is genuine.
* Evidence of your ability to pay for the trip, such as copies of your last six months' bank or building society statements and salary slips. If you receive public funds, the Entry Clearance Officer will need to consider carefully how long you will be able to support other people on your limited means. You will not be able to get extra public funds to support the applicant.

We will refuse the application if we find that any documents are false.

It is a pity that couple did consult this web site before they made the application.
Had they consulted this web site they could have been supplied with the information above and reading the guidelines it is quite obvious (at least to me) that a lady on maternity leave, acting on her own will be facing difficulties when trying to provide the evidence required for sponsoring (I am guessing) her parents. I am not sure the existing application can be transferred to a joint sponsorship.

My recommendation would be to contact the British Embassy in Moscow and enquire if it is possible to add evidence of the husbands financial situation to the existing application.

Author:  Rasboinik [ 13 Apr 2010 18:43 ]
Post subject:  Re: Uk visa denied for grandparents

Sorry I forgot to include the email address of the VAC in Moscow

Author:  Shadow [ 17 Apr 2010 18:53 ]
Post subject:  Re: Uk visa denied for grandparents

Did the grandparents actually need sponsorship, or could they prove to pay their own way ?
If they could provide proof of not having to rely on their daughter except for lodging, a reconsideration could be made.

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