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Freedom to move and live in Europe
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Author:  wiz [ 10 Jan 2011 10:42 ]
Post subject:  Freedom to move and live in Europe


This guide should help you better understand your rights when moving within the
European Union and give you detailed practical guidance. 
The guide takes account of EU law as of April 2010.

It is not a legally binding document and is not exhaustive. Neither the
European Commission nor any person acting on behalf of the Commission
is responsible for the use which might be made of the following information.

Cover ©

To view the Document in PDF format visit this link: Guide to Free Movement in Europe


Author:  Rasboinik [ 11 Jan 2011 06:48 ]
Post subject:  Re: Freedom to move and live in Europe

Please follow this link Free movement and residence for EU citizens throughout the European Union
It provides two (2) options to download the document for free movement, a high resolution version (18 MB [sad.gif] ) and a low resolution (892 KB [biggrin.gif] ).

The link also allows for the document to be loaded in 22 different languages so you can have the document in the language of the country that you are intending to enter.

My suggestion would be to print out the relevant information in the language that you understand and in the language of destination.
You can then point out the relevant passages in a language that the immigration officer can understand.

Caveat I cannot confirm the translations into all of the 22 different languages but I can confirm the translations into the languages that I do have enough comprehension of to have the ability to read.
The pictures match even in those languages that I cannot read (at least those that I have looked at) so I am assuming that the text will be the same.

The above link also provides links to many other useful pages such as:

  • Citizens Signpost Service, which provides custom-made legal advice on your rights within the EU. Responses are provided free of charge, within 8 calendar days and in any of the official languages of the EU.

  • SOLVIT an on-line problem solving network where EU countries work together to solve problems without legal proceedings.

. [offtopic.jpg] Image [offtopic.jpg] .
I really wish that I had found this link yesterday when my Image internet connection meant that I had to ask the help of another member of this board who very graciously downloaded the file and then sent it to me by email.
You know who you are [thanks.gif] Image

Author:  Rasboinik [ 28 Mar 2011 18:58 ]
Post subject:  Re: Freedom to move and live in Europe

Concerning taking parts of the directive with you when travelling.

I think that the most important pages to print out are pages 4, 6, 11 & 14 and it would be best to print the pages out two versions of the guide.
In a language that you can read and in the language of the country of arrival so the the immigration official can read the directive.

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