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 Post subject: Bringing my girlfriend to (possibly) an independent Scotland
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Hi there Wiz, and the rest of the forum, many thanks for accepting me onto the forum.

My name is Sean. I am a 35 year old plumber and writer from Scotland. I am a British citizen and I would like some advice about my relationship with my non EU resident girlfriend.

We have been seeing each other now for almost 2 years. She is 28 years old and has been studying languages and conference interpretation and translation in Granada Spain for the past five years. Two years ago she took an Erasmus year to study in Edinburgh at Heriot and watt university where we met and started dating.

Now she is back doing her final year in Granada which will come to a conclusion in July and August of this year and then because of working Visa restrictions she must return to Russia to look for work or finish her masters degree there. She is struggling to find any kind of work in Spain right now because of the economy and probably with the added hassle that she is on a Russian study visa too.

This past year I have been back and forth to Granada to visit her and she has come back to Edinburgh 3 times also during term breaks. I have also been to Russia twice to visit her during longer summer and winter breaks. (Thanks to easyjets new UK routes :) The return flights were cheaper than both my train tickets to Manchester from Edinburgh and my Russian Visa lol)

But now I was just wondering what my options are once she is forced to return to Russia to find work which will fund her masters degree in a few years. (Which she plans to do in London)

Because I have knee problems I can only work part time as a plumber so right now I'm making nowhere near the £18,000 mark needed to support a spouse from a non EU country. So I have turned to my other passion in life, writing, to try and make some extra cash, but of course this will take a lot of time and luck.

I guess my question is, what would be the easiest and best way to get her to come and live with me and start a life together in Scotland? Would I need to start the process in Russia first, get married there ect?

Also could you give me some more info on the EEA route and what it is exactly?

Another question would be, because I was born in England and now live in Scotland, would Scottish independence have any bearings on our plans to be together, good or bad lol

Many thanks in advance for your time and help Wiz.

 Post subject: Re: Bringing my girlfriend to (possibly) an independent Scot
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Hello Sean

and [welcome1.gif] to the board.

Sorry for the delay in answering and for your info Wiz is just unavailable for awhile.

The correct way is for you both, getting married in Russia (probably cheaper too) and then apply for a Settlement VIsa. Now you know the conditions you have to satisfy and the Government is making it more difficult by the day!

Going through the EU route is not an option for you because you have to live and establish yourself in another EU country.... for 1-2 years, before bringing your new wife to live with you.

Sorry to say but at present I see no other way......

As about referendum, Independent Scotland, politics etc........ I don't think Scotland will become Independent as it stands to loose too much, and until all that has been established, EU membership etc....... you still have a pressing problem to deal with it!

We are all victims of the Politicians and the current government is trying to show that can manage immigration better than Labour....... but I would suggest.... check the statistics.

Sorry I can't be more helpful but....... we can all blame the politicians.....

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