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ZAGS documents in Canada
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Author:  beavereh [ 12 Sep 2014 01:43 ]
Post subject:  ZAGS documents in Canada

Hi all, I am new to the forum and looking for some help with preparing marriage documents in advance of a trip to Russia. I am a Canadian Citizen and my Fiancee is in Novosibirsk.

I have read many guides but they seem to be outdated or lacking information. Has anyone actually done this that might be able to help?

I have figured out one document, it seems to go by many names but it official name is
" Statement In Lieu of Certificate of Non-impediment to Marriage Abroad" The steps are fairly easy to follow on the DFAIT's site.

My understanding is DFAIT can Authenticate notarized copies or official original documents.
Once authenticated they go to The Russian Embassy to become legalized for use in Russia.

What I need help with is the ZAGS marriage application and the Visa translation.

The Visa information page needs to be translated into Russian.
Can this be done in Canada?
Does it need to be Notarized by the translator?
Can any accredited translator do it?
Once translated I think it is sent stapled to the notarized English copy to DFAIT for Authentication.

The ZAGS marriage application(Russian Document) It has been completed by my Fiancee in Russian with my information. She has Emailed me a copy of this and I need to sign it. I think it needs official translation into English and Notarized. Signed by me and stapled to Russian document and sent to DFAIT for authentication.

I sent an Email to DFAIT's asking these questions and more and here is their response.
"You will find all the information at the following link:" I can assure you the answers are not there [whiteflag.gif] Must be my tax dollars hard at work. I really feel The Canadian government and the people at ZAGS don't want these marriages to happen.

Can anyone shed light on this, I'm so close I don't want to admit defeat and pay the lawyer $800 like I should have 2 weeks ago.

If I ever figure this out I will write a guide with all the steps


Author:  beavereh [ 14 Sep 2014 02:47 ]
Post subject:  Re: ZAGS documents in Canada

Just wanted to give an update. I had sent an email to a translation firm but had no response. After not being able to get any advice or move forward my Fiancee suggested contacting multiple translators and asking if any could help. I searched and sent requests to 5 for quotes and one answered! He was a Canadian who spent 13 years in Russia. He called the ZAGS in St. Petersburg and got some details.

If things work I'll post what I have found and the process for the documents. Cost was $283 for everything including looking after getting them Authenticated at DFAIT.

I am still taking care of the Statement in Lieu of.....thingy

I tend to get caught up in the details of things, my bad. A case of cant see the forest for the trees.


Author:  wiz [ 14 Sep 2014 06:38 ]
Post subject:  Re: ZAGS documents in Canada

Hello beaver

and [welcome1.gif] to the board.

Sorry for the delay in replying and looks our Canadian friend.... "Donhollio", who knows more about Canada regulations etc..... is not around.

I tend to get caught up in the details of things, my bad. A case of cant see the forest for the trees.

You said it and looks that is absolutely true.......wasting your haste.

If you had patience and looked around this board you would have read all the information you need to know on how to get married in Russia.


And before you ask .... No, you will not find much information about Canadian immigration rules and what you have to do, after you get married, to bring your new wife home.

From what I hear..... it takes long time and for "Donhollio's" posts.....

Thinks are more straight forward than you think.

1. One you have the " Statement In Lieu of Certificate of Non-impediment to Marriage Abroad" by the Canadian legalising Department in Canada, this Document is accepted in most other countries around the world and in Russia too.

YOUR FUTURE WIFE (FW) should know a local translator (who are very cheap...too) who will translate the document in Russian and then Notorise it for ZAGS. They know what they have to do........

2. Make photocopies of ALL the pages in your passport and send them over to YOUR FUTURE WIFE and the translators will do the rest.

3. Sign the Application for marriage and send it over together with other FW and before you fall for the 31 days residency rule.... tell FW to apply for an exception due to special circumstances.

My wife had asked for all of that, and I arrived on Tuesday 11 June 2008 and we got married on Saturday 14 June 2008......... see photo of me signing my death warrant... [very_funny.gif]

NOTE: when you arrive in Novosibirsk.... go and register same day if possible with OVIR your visa immigration card.......they will ask you for it in ZAGS.

Then the same or next date go with your FW and all docs, your passport etc.... to ZAGS and finalise the application and date of the wedding.

Onece all that is done.... get ready for you other husband's duties....... like finding a place for the party after the wedding ... and paying all bills. [lol.gif]

So wish you luck and let us when the [good_news.gif] and [party.gif] is over and you are a smiling HAPPY man.

Then the long life trip will start..... till she arrives to Canada...... don't forget the flowers at the airport....and be sure you will miss her like between. [sad.gif]


Author:  beavereh [ 14 Sep 2014 19:52 ]
Post subject:  Re: ZAGS documents in Canada

Hello and thanks for the response!.

I searched for Donhollio and got hundreds of results but I cant seem to search posts he made or click on his profile.

Your post with information is how I found the forum and I have read it several times. Its very possible it can be as simple as you described but at this time I have to start to work on these documents just in case.

From Novosibirsk ZAGS
1. legal capacity for marriage (Statements In Lieu of Certificate of Non-Impediment to Marriage Abroad(DFATDC))

2. the passport translated into Russian and notarized

3. ZAGS application of marriage, certified by a notary - DONE! (she says)

4. to submit the documents to the Russian Consulate

From translator who says he called ZAGS

In order to do it correctly, we would have to break the process into a few steps:
1) We would translate Russian declaration to English and send you three documents to sign: Russian version, English one and combined Ru-EN document. (RU-EG might be overkill but better safe)
2) You'll sign and certify your signature by Canadian Notary at home + you'd Notarize a copy of your passport page
3) Send all these documents to us, we will officially translate and certify translations
4) We'll send these documents to Ottawa for legalization

I'm not saying the easy way is not correct, It would be great if it is;)

Author:  rwkb [ 16 Jan 2015 18:43 ]
Post subject:  Re: ZAGS documents in Canada

I am also from Canada. I have had several trips to Russia. Got married there. The ZAGS thing was a real pain for me.
Question: Are you married now?
Question: Do you have plans to bring your wife to Canada?

Author:  wiz [ 18 Jan 2015 10:04 ]
Post subject:  Re: ZAGS documents in Canada

rwkb wrote:
I am also from Canada. I have had several trips to Russia. Got married there. The ZAGS thing was a real pain for me.
Question: Are you married now?
Question: Do you have plans to bring your wife to Canada?

Hi RWKB and [welcome1.gif] to the board.

I gave beav the right answers for Russia and I don't understand why has to be different for Canadians?

To be honest I don't understand why people make things difficult for themselves and spent unnecessary lot's of money. I have never used a solicitor, for my paperwork to get married in Russia, neither anybody to help with my numerous visas........

Any how Donhollio showed up and send a private message to come and help, but as it happens Beav has not replied to my last message.....and who knows what he is doing.

Married or not.... I don't know.

I guess you are married and Russian wife is there now.......

Care to tell us your story?

BTW Private messages work after a member posts 10 comments, to avoid spammers!


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