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 Post subject: UKVI Political Puppets
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So, I know this is probably a common situation, but not for me. I am Scottish living in Scotland, my fiance and I have been engaged for two years. Her visa application was refused in July this year on the grounds of 'Financial Requirements'. Now we all know that this is just another way to refuse Russian Visa applications out of hand. My appeal will not even be considered until late January 2015. I have researched the postings on this forum concerning my freedom of movement in Europe, and it appears that under the directive 2004/38 They can't really refuse my 'spouse' entry to accompany me in the UK. Have I got this wrong?

Additionally, I submitted all the required sponsor documents to the VAC in Moscow. When there was absolutely no action from Teleperformance in Moscow, I contacted their head office, and strangely enough my Fiances passport and refusal turned up the next day by DHL courier. My point is that the UKVI refused her visa claiming that I had submitted insufficient evidence as sponsor, even though all the supporting documents WERE submitted in Moscow.

It is clear to me that the UKVI are totally impersonal, non functioning zombies who are bereft of all human compassion. They know full well the misery and heartache that their political decisions will cause, yet they continue to carry out the illegal bidding of their fascist masters in the English Parliament.

 Post subject: Re: UKVI Political Puppets
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Hi James

Is this probably the reason why you voted YES in the last referendum? [very_funny.gif]

Let's clear some confusions regarding National Law and European Law.

Scotland was/IS still part of the United kingdom, and you are a National of this country, therefore the National Law Applies, when you have to bring your fiancé for a visit or settlement to the UK.

Since the Cameron Government came to power...... allot of things have changed and I agree with you that the new conditions are very strict. They introduced the Language test and more importantly have specified the amount of money the sponsor must earn before they agree to grant an Entrance clearance. In your case is over £18.000 a year plus the provision of secure accommodation etc. That is what you signed in the Sponsor's document.

No need to explain the reasons........but you know very well immigration is a hot subject for the parties. I am sure that you have heard about the huge problem at the UKBA regarding VISAS, which last year they decided to stop all consulates issuing visas and all applications must come centrally to the UK.

To apply for an Entrance Visa, under the EU Directive you must also be either a National of another EU country, or you must have exercised your rights to live and work in another EU country, for a minimum of around 2 years, and now you are returning home.

The same applies for all EU Citizens.

With no more details about your case, obviously I can not comment further.

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