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Spouse visa and the costs and financial requirements
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Author:  Julian [ 13 Oct 2016 11:02 ]
Post subject:  Spouse visa and the costs and financial requirements

We are looking to apply for a UK spouse visa early next year , so planning ahead to satisfy the financial requirements . I have studied all the financial requirements as listed in the governments PDF sheet , and it's very clear for an employee but not a director unless your on a huge salary : ... rement.pdf

My dilemma in my company there are no other directors or partners and I am sole shareholder and therefore I cannot use any savings or assets to prop up my income, I fall under catergory F for income in the governments chart for financial requirements , my current salary falls short of the £18600 and I"my not on PAYE but small salary and dividends for tax efficiency reasons in my business which I has been on a go slow for a few years , simply because I don't have a mortgage, I have savings and investments from previous business and spend most time outside the EU , I have only very small living costs at the moment in the UK and I run my business in a very steady way over here , of course I need step things up for a future here, but basically I have means to be self sufficient and not a burden on the state.

So for an employee they must show £18600 pre tax per year plus savings £16k , but I take a dividend and not PAYE , the information for directors is not clear , yes of course I can bump up my earnings in this tax year to satisfy immigration , but I need to know exactly what they will be satisfied with and if they accept dividend instead of salary as earnings , and if I have to wait for my next tax return then that will be middle of next April and I want apply in January .

It's seems an unfair system that takes no account of overheads , assets and savings , maybe why the UK economy is so in debt because they don't consider outgoings !! Anybody have any contacts for the department within the government who could advise me exactly what's required , I don't want to be making an application and not being able to satisfy their requirements or over paying tax because I have bumped up my salary just to satisfy their needs , it's needs to be black and white what I do and have all correctly prepared in advance . I have spoken with my accountant and he has some experience of this and made some suggestions , but has indicated it will cost me at least an extra £1000 in tax and admin costs and that its needs to be clear from government side if will they accept dividends as opposed to salary for earnings and how much ? Is there a net figure for self employed and directors and not gross as per an employee . Thanks in advance

Author:  wiz [ 14 Oct 2016 05:29 ]
Post subject:  Re: Spouse visa and the costs and financial requirements

Hi Julian

It is mind boggling these rules and calculations, when you start reading them.

As you know I brought my wife under the EU directive 2004/38/EU and did not had to face these income requirement at the time.

Mrs May, when she was a minister for immigration made sure that you must have lots of money to bring your foreign wife here.

Has your wife had a tourist visa before to the UK?

If she did why not apply for a 2 year multi entry visa, with the excuse that she will study and learn English...etc and as you travel abroad often.....does not have to stay permanently here and by then, you would have made arrangements for the legal financial requirements to be in order and accepted.

Sorry not to be of any help .... but take a look at this immigration board, where I had to post a question.... and got the right answers...... you can just register for free, ... ml#p956078

Good luck [thumbs.gif]

Author:  Julian [ 15 Oct 2016 16:11 ]
Post subject:  Re: Spouse visa and the costs and financial requirements

Thanks Wiz

I think I have some answers now , I thought about the visitor visa option but then we are loosing some time and possibility of future legislation being brought in to make things even harder , 5 years is a long time to start the citizenship process so I want to start it asap and not prolong its start , after reading all the small print I understand if you have property for sale that's been owned for more than 6 months and you sell it the proceeds can be classed as savings , I am in the process of selling a 2nd home therefore I will go this route and use the proceeds of the sale to show we are self sufficient , then I don't need to show my salary or anything else , so hopefully we can pass this first hurdle ok, only got to get the A1 exam passed now !!

Author:  wiz [ 15 Oct 2016 19:03 ]
Post subject:  Re: Spouse visa and the costs and financial requirements


"Where there is a will .... there is also a way to achieve your aims."

Glad you read the "small print" and wish you good luck. [thumbs.gif]


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