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What's next?
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Author:  wiz [ 20 Mar 2011 15:38 ]
Post subject:  Re: What's next?

msmobyru wrote:
wiz wrote:

Are you telling me that with my Greek Nationality I am not entitled to have a Pension and other means in this country?

Certainly not.. Would you agree that your status ( under which you applied) was 'self-sufficient'?

wiz wrote:
I have no time now to check it again but I am sure they have changed the rules after the 2006 implementation of the Directive.

Well *I* will investigate.. as *I* want to know WHY I must pay for 'Comprehensive Medical Cover' and you don't .....

You have not my permission to make use of my name or my wife's name and case to anybody for any purpose and under any circumstances.

Whatever you do, do it at your own steam.

Author:  msmobyru [ 20 Mar 2011 16:25 ]
Post subject:  Re: What's next?


Do me a favour... don't assume everyone treats personal information in the same cavalier fashion as yourself...

To to reassure you you - my question will be phrased as such:

"Could you please explain why I, as an EEA national- exercising my treaty rights - who has Non EEA nationals with UK residency under Directive 2004/EC/38 has been required to pay 'comprehensive Medical insurance' to obtain the residency status for my dependant family members ?

Are there circumstances where a self-sufficient person EEA national exercising his /her treaty rights would not be required to have this cover?"

In the first instance I will post this on relevant forums and see what responses I get...

Once again - I assure you that no mention of your names will EVER be made.

Should I get the response that. "ALL self-sufficient EEA nationals exercising their treaty rights to obtain UK residency for their non EEA family members" I will post it on here and then write to the UK BA to ask if they are being even-handed..?

Would you not agree, that if I don't need to pay - why should I... ?

I think you are more concerned you might have to pay.... I'm sure if that was the case you would indeed make case to avoid that...

Author:  wiz [ 20 Mar 2011 17:56 ]
Post subject:  Re: What's next?

Sorry you are wrong as I don't treat personal information with a Cavalier attitude as you think. I only mentioned your "friend's" name after you mention it!

wiz wrote:
Post # 116

I have shown here and elsewhere, my honesty and transparency, time after time, unlike you and your behaviour. Everybody knows in whose pocket you are in and whose tune you are singing on his behalf! I am sure you recognise the first gentleman on the left of the picture and your side? Christmas Dinner 09

My link, with your permission was to the page where the photo was displayed on your site but wasn't displayed on RWF, now you changed and is not display
Moby wrote:
wiz wrote:
...... and all you do is to spread lies, as you have been instructed by your other " friend" on the left
[thanks.gif] I must check for the hand / strings that are apparently 'operating' me.. perhaps Manny is exercising some sort of subliminal 'control' ? [rolfsmall.gif]
The above... just for the record old boy! You mention his name NOT me!


I don'r see why you continue paying.... if you get the service. [wink.gif]

You can think how to cross the bridge....... later when time comes. That is what I do!

Sofar so good and no problems at all!

With Hanna working and entitled to her own Medical Health, as she pays taxes and NI contributions........ I don't see why should I have to pay!

If she becomes unemployed, she is also entitled to claim JSA, because is contributory.

If she wants to get a British Passport.... then she has to pay...... [sad.gif]

OK that is all and good luck with your enquires:

The Mad Mod despotic board owner


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