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Author:  Julian [ 24 Jul 2012 12:13 ]
Post subject:  Living in Russia

I am going to make the huge step and live in Russia

Well finally i decide that i am going to make the huge step and live in Russia next year, i guess in most situations and relationships the Russian partner is leaving their homeland to relocate somwhere else and there is plenty of information about how to do that, but i will be doing it the other way around and very few people have shared their experience on this. Leaving comfortable and wet UK and taking on the huge challenge of relocating to RF.

Its not a decsion i have taken lightly and something that has been on and off the cards for the last 6 years, and to be honest more off than on, but now i finally feel comfortable and very excited about the prospect , i have a lot of good friends there now and each time i go it feels more and more like home, of course i can find negatives but i can also see many personal positives to living in Russia for me, it suits my situation and i do not feel i am making a backwards step, just going to be another interesting chapter in my life.

Would be very interesting to hear from others who have done this move and how they managed to relocate and take most of their belongings, whats problems they faced and of course any advice is welcome and appreciated.

I am not going there because of work , its a personal choice, i will give myself a year or so to perfect my Russian to an acceptable standard and then consider starting some small business , for the moment i can work part time in Europe and thats enough, finding work is not important for me in the short term. First i need to just buy or build new house and intergrate into Russia society the best i can .

From the research my wife has done so far i can receive temporary residents visa and the application will be simplified process because we have been married for more than 3 years, when i have concrete information about this i will post the info.

Hopefully as the months go by i can make a blog here of how everything unfolds , how i cross each hurdle and pass by the Iron Curtain !


Author:  wiz [ 24 Jul 2012 13:10 ]
Post subject:  Re: Living in Russia

Hello Julian

congratulation for making such important decision [clap.gif]

I understand it will be difficult at the beginning but if it suits your family needs and you can combine work in Europe and living there........then nothing to stop you.

I guess your darling wife must be over the moon........ [lol.gif]

Yes keep this thread your own and post all developments........and we will try not to spoil it much! It will make a very interesting reading and you know me.... I like photos too. Not necessary with you in but for better information......and if there is any tech problem I will fix it! [thumbs.gif]

MEL is the one who moved there in Perm...... but I have not have seen him around lately.

Keep us posted and good luck.

and before I forget........ask wife for explanations if you don't know already!


Author:  Gipsy [ 27 Jul 2012 10:07 ]
Post subject:  Re: Living in Russia

I am always around, and I still live and work in Russia, though I've been extremely ill for he first 6 months of this year, and had a life saving op in march...
If I can help with your plans to move to Russia, then I will, just ask whatever questions that you may have.....
May be better to e-mail me though...

Author:  wiz [ 28 Jul 2012 10:43 ]
Post subject:  Re: Living in Russia

Hello Mel

and nice to hear from you.

Sorry I have not been visiting RR for sometime and I did not wanted to message you because I was not aware of your circumstances.

Any how glad to hear you are feeling better now and I hope you will continue improving.

Best regards


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