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Cheating and sex on the side (Moscow culture)
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Author:  norwegianguy [ 10 Nov 2012 20:29 ]
Post subject:  Cheating and sex on the side (Moscow culture)

Both me and my wife are well off financially. We both come from upper parts of society (she in Moscow), I come from western europe.

I just have a short question: My impression is that some people we meet in Moscow have small flings, sex and so on. My wife travels often to Moscow (we still have our apartment there) and she goes to a lot of nightclubs with her friends.

My question is this; How is the present day culture in Moscow in these circles? How is extra marital sex seen there? We have been married 6 months, and she recently started to live fulltime together with me.

I want to underline the fact i am not jealous. And she knows i am sexually liberal. I morethan this stated on some occasions that it is no problem to give her the freedom to have fun on the side.

My question is more about how this is perceived in upper circles of Moscow. Someone with knowledge, please explain a little bit about the culture around this is Moscow.

Thank so much for any replies here.

Author:  Luckyspin [ 11 Nov 2012 05:48 ]
Post subject:  Re: Cheating and sex on the side (Moscow culture)

Hello and [welcome1.gif] to the board.

Sorry but my knowledge in that area is very limited and I can't really help, so I will wait for somebody else with more experience to make a post.

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