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New Machine Translation Service from Skype
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Author:  wiz [ 16 May 2015 22:24 ]
Post subject:  New Machine Translation Service from Skype

New Machine Translation Service from Skype


A world where there will not be any more language barriers, is now very close ... at least in the online version.

The Skype unveiled a new service with a "live" translation tool, allowing users to chat, even if you don’t know each other's language.

This tool translates the speech automatically, providing the translation both in writing, and in speech.

"Skype's goal is to bring people from around the world close and the service Skype Translator 'we break' language barriers," said the company in a post on its blog.

The Skype Translator currently operates in four Spoken languages - English, Spanish, Italian and Mandarin- and in 50 languages in directly, text messaging (IM).

With IM, users of the service can write a message in their own language and the recipient will receive in the language of his choice.

"Our aim is to translate as many languages as we can to relevant platforms and provide the best experience automatic speech translation in over 300 million users Skype. The Skype removes one more obstacle, enabling communication between people regardless of the language they speak, "wrote Gurdeep Pall of Microsoft and explained that the service is based on the so-called « machine learning », which means that the more technology is used more "smart translation" will be possible.


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