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 Post subject: Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership 'TTIP'
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Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership 'TTIP'

The TTIP is the most important thing that is happening in Europe right now. It's a secretive deal being negotiated between Europe and the United States Once signed; it will cement a key part of the US government's plan to create a new global bloc that will ensure the dominance of its largest companies. And to understand why, we need to go back to the 1950s.

After the Second World War the United States accounted for half of the world's economy. Its influence was unmatched by any country and it was able to write the early rules of international trade to its advantage. The World Trade Organization was created in this context, and the US dictated rules that favoured American business. But as economies like China and India joined the WTO, it became a more democratised arena and the US found it harder to control its decision making.

At the WTO, at its Doha Round, India spoke up, and Brazil spoke up, and the US lost control. I think it's no use beating around the bush. This meeting has collapsed. The US felt it needed a new strategy to maintain its global dominance, so in the classical American style, they went big.

To bypass the WTO they’re creating the biggest international agreements that the world has ever seen. They’re called the “Three Big T's”

The "Trans-Pacific Partnership" or "TPP", the "Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership" or "TTIP" and the "Trade in Services Agreement" or "TISA".

And they’re all being negotiated in secret right now. We only found out when WikiLeaks was able to leak parts of them. What's interesting is when you look across all of these deals whether it is TTIP, TPP or TISA China is excluded, but also Brazil, Russia, India, South Africa. They're all excluded because those are the emerging economies. What is not often understood is that these agreements are part of a geopolitical war.

This is a new war, which is taking place between the United States and China. The United States is very scared of the rise of China so it has moved to militarily encircle it through what is called the "Pivot to Asia" and now it is moving on to doing that economically.

The basic idea which comes across from reading US strategy papers is the construction of a new "Grand Enclosure" and to put inside this "Grand Enclosure" the United States, 51 other countries, 1.6 billion people and two thirds of the global GDP. Also to integrate Latin America away from Brazil and towards the United States.

To integrate South East Asia away from China and towards the United States and to integrate Western Europe, pulling it away from Eurasia as a whole and towards the Atlantic.

Of the “Three Big T's”, WikiLeaks has revealed four chapters of the TPP which affects twelve countries in the Americas and South East Asia.

They also obtained and released the "Core Text" of TISA, which affects 52 countries including the EU, but nearly all of TTIP is still secret. When signed, TTIP will cover half of global GDP, and will affect every European member state. Yet EU parliamentarians have serious restrictions in accessing the proposed agreement. Yes, I found it incredible as well.

For something which is a trade agreement, not a matter of life and death in terms of security, where maybe you can understand some restrictions and we don't even like those very much, but for a trade agreement?

We can't actually make notes about what it is we're reading, to look into, which actually might reassure us, if we really were able to sort of take this away and look at it in depth.

We don't have access to the key documents, the most important ones, because the devil is in the detail when it comes to trade agreements, you need to know exactly what's in the text so that you can assess what the impact's going to be.

If EU parliamentarians want to see the TTIP they have to call the US embassy and make an appointment. The appointments are only available two days a week for two hour time slots. Only two parliamentarians are permitted at once. They go to the US embassy, they have to hand in every electronic device, so they cannot possibly make a copy, they must agree to keep everything confidential and then they are led to a secure reading room where two US embassy guards watch everything that they do.

How can EU parliamentarians possibly understand what they are negotiating for Europe under these circumstances?

The world's biggest corporations don't have the same problem. They have been receiving VIP access from day one, and have had abundant influence in the negotiations. People, the likes of you and I, are excluded. Governments, to a great extent, are excluded. Those who are included are the multinational corporations.

These agreements are basically corporate ownership agreements. The funny thing about "free trade agreements" as we understand them is they often have nothing to do with trade in the sense of the mutual lowering of tariffs. What they are about is enshrining an investor rights regime in the respective countries and ensuring that corporations can run wild in the respective economies with very, very little regulation, or impingement by government or authorities. These treaties will have huge, huge implications for literally almost every critical issue that an individual citizen or community would care about: health, education, the environment, privacy, access to medicine. I mean the list could go on.

One of the most criticized aspects of TTIP is a system called the "International State Dispute Settlement" or "ISDS". It’s a secretive international tribunal that allows companies to sue states over virtually anything that they can claim affects their investment. If a protest affects their profits they can sue. If laws affect their profits they can sue. If new regulations might impact where or what they want to do with their money they can sue. This is a new power, which will be handed over to US corporations to sue the governments of Europe in a parallel judicial system which is available to them alone. So people have no access to it, domestic firms have no access to it, governments have no access to it; it's just there for foreign investors: in this case, US corporations. Based on ISDS history, critics argue that European state sovereignty and democracy are at serious risk.

Previous lawsuits include Swedish company Vattenfal suing the German state for $3.7 billion for phasing out nuclear energy. British-American Tobacco sued Australia for passing a law limiting cigarette advertising. The French company Veolia sued Egypt for raising minimum wage.

TTIP advocates say that in order for the EU and US to become a single market “regulatory barriers” need to be eliminated. This way for example, a US seatbelt manufacturer already selling seatbelts domestically wouldn’t need to test for safety a second time as the EU would agree to recognize the US safety standards. They argue that this would save costs, create jobs and lower prices for consumers.

But just how safe are US standards?

So in the USA 70% of all processed food sold in supermarkets contains genetically modified ingredients whereas in the European Union we've said quite clearly "we don't want GM..." "...ingredients in our food chain."

Similarly, in the US 90% of all beef is produced using growth hormones which have been found to be carcinogenic in humans. So they're banned in the European Union. And what the US government is saying is that under TTIP, under the "free trade" rules that they want to bring in, European consumers don't get the right to choose.

TTIP includes all the most important public sectors in Europe including education, water, railways, postal services and most controversially it also includes public health services. What is so scary about this is that corporations want to lock in their power so they not only want increased power but they want to make it impossible for sovereign governments to reverse the changes which are going to give them power.

So for example, with TTIP, if it passes, with ISDS in it, the privatisation of the National Health Service, which is happening in the UK can never be reversed. What is democratic about an enormous imposition of power on countries whose citizens have no way of knowing what's going on, of debating it, or influencing their government in its decision?

That's anti-democratic.

The history of these agreements shows that they're very difficult to change unless people can see what's in them and that's why they're kept secret. Because when the contents are revealed it generates an opposition.

WikiLeaks has had considerable success delaying the TPP and opening up the debate around it and the TISA by releasing the secret draft texts. Their publication of an earlier proposed US-EU agreement the ACTA, killed it entirely. WikiLeaks is raising a €100,000 reward for Europe’s most wanted secret: the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership.


 Post subject: Re: Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership 'TTIP'
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The usual propagandists for the STAY IN camp, in the UK, are out in force, in their effort to convince the British public to vote stay in the EU, spreading unsubstantiated comments and fear to the people of the GB. Surprise that the TTIP, finally is mentioned.

All of them, of course, including the politicians were avoiding, before, to talk about the TTIP agreement between the USA and the EU, which will have dire effect in our lives. Read this old article on the Guardian and you will understand why!

It is very offensive the parade of foreign leaders and other officials, including the Governor of the BoE, Mark Carney (check his Bio) telling us what disasters will have to face if we vote out of the EU. Watch ths BBC video:

“Christine Lagarde” said she had "not seen anything that's positive" about Brexit and warned that it could "lead to a technical recession", exactly the same comments made by “Mark Carney”. None of the two produced any evidence or study to support their claims.

When Obama visited, he gave a powerful warning against Brexit. If the UK vote to exit the EU will cause the US a huge upheaval to their EU project, will at least delay or stop the signing of the TTIP and the American plan to enslave, for ever, the 450 million people in the EU. The whole American EU protectorate will go to the wall, together with its EURO, another US product for the same purpose.

The American economy will crash together with the Dollar, taking with it the rest of the global economies, because of its $19 trillion unsustainable debt. If the UK and EU do not sign the TTIP the US is going to have a crash, worse than 1939 and only a large scale WWIII, will save it, according to the latest financial stats pointed out by many financial commentators.

Shame that our politicians over the years followed the Neoliberal American policies and brought a proud Nation to this position to have a US president to interfere so blatantly in our country.

Any person with common sense can see that the US is desperate to control not only the EU, Germany is already an occupied country till 2099, but more importantly the UK, for it’s own survival and the “Special relationship” it’s only one way street! USA already signed the TPA and now control 10 countries on the Pacific area. Together with the TTIP, the large US corporations will control the 75% of the world trade. Soon we will not have NHS as Cameron together with Simon Stevens, (check Simon Stevens Bio) will privatise it.

Have you tried lately to make an appointment with your GP and got one the same day? I tried to make one today for my wife and the first available one was for the 27 May.... and then they complaint why the people use the A&E?

Supporter’s dispute claims that the trade deal would be a ‘Trojan horse’ for private health providers but Our NHS is the prime target for the American Corporations.

TTIP is the American plan to enslave 450 million EU people to its Corporations and rule the world.

 Post subject: Re: Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership 'TTIP'
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MP and GP Sarah Wollaston (photo left) described the NHS Act 2012 as a grenade tossed into the NHS.

This legislation abolishes the NHS, but nobody has told you this!

The act could have been called – How to Dismantle the NHS in 10 Easy Steps – On the surface, nothing appears to have fundamentally changed. You can still see your GP or go to hospital and receive care free at the point of delivery. Underneath, however, everything is being insidiously transformed.

The Act repeals the duty of the Health Secretary to provide a National Health Service. The Act also stipulates that the local Clinical Commissioning Groups only have a duty to provide care ‘appropriate as part of the health service’ – this is really carte blanche for CCGs to ration as much as they like. Their only legal requirement is to provide emergency care.

Most important of all is the AQP, or Any Qualified Provider, which is at the heart of the Conservative’s Open Public Services. AQP means NHS contracts have to be put out to tender and can thus be taken over by the private sector. We have already seen the numbers on this shoot up. More than half of contracts advertised since April 2013 have gone to non-NHS providers. Last year alone, out of the £9.63 billion (15 billion) worth of NHS deals signed, £3.54 billion – nearly 40% of them – went to private firms. This compounds recent trends, with the portion going to non-NHS providers hitting £10 billion for the first time.

Private firms are cherry picking lucrative services like cataract and hip replacement operations. This will lead to further dismemberment of health service. Instead of surplus money being put back into the system to be spent on patient care, it is siphoned off permanently to boost corporate profits. This means a smaller pot of money to provide comprehensive services at a time when healthcare costs are rising. In other words, CCGs will find themselves between a rock and a hard place, leading to more rationing. Within the first 6 months of the Act, 1 in 7 CCGs had brought in new restrictions over what treatments people can get, according to a survey by the British Medical Journal.

So everything is ready for the Americans and has not been blocked!

Great news for the UK population!

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