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 Post subject: The refugee and immigrant nightmares
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The refugee and immigrant nightmares

Let’s try to see the matter calmly of the drowning children and whole families.
Is there a reason; There is a reason and we must find the correct information.


On the coast of Turkey there are two or three million refugee people who are trying to get into Europe. These people are not the "problem." There is no "refugee problem" or "immigration problem." The Problem is the reasons that led them to uproot and live their hell to pass across to Europe.

The solution is to recognise and understand the problem and try to find a solution to eliminate. Europe cannot do anything more than save these refuges and immigrants.

Does Europe want to save them? I think, it's clear, that it doesn’t want to. Doing so will automatically incur cancellation of economic and military policies, which were made so to create refugees and immigrants. It is an effect that does not want and does not care to deal with, as this would reduce the profits of the multinationals and the war industry. I don’t think it will be an exaggeration to say that, maybe in the future, they will blame those who drowned for pollution of the marine environment. They have accused them for a myriad other things so they will not be ashamed to add one more accusation.
Could Europe to save them? Clearly, if Europe was a set of independent countries and not a series of governments under the authority of Germany, these countries could. Today, in practice, just only the Frankfurt airport serves 65 million passengers per year. With fleets of ships and planes, with open borders and tearing down the fences, the transfer of two or three million people who want to cross from Turkey into Europe would be a matter of days and that would ensure their safety.

So let me ask you the question more correctly. Does Germany want to end the issue of refugees and immigrants? Of course not! Immigrants and refugees have become a plaything in the hands of the extortionist new Muslim sultan, Erdogan and Germany never wanted to spoil its relations with Turkey.

Merkel’s Europe has forgot easily the images of European ISIS volunteers that seemed to pass undisturbed through Turkey, one of the main reasons for creating the refugee stream. Merkel’s Europe pretends it does not see that the constitution of Erdogan’s Turkey, is presidential terrorism. Merkel’s Europe pretend to ignore that the transfer of refugees and immigrants through Turkey is one of the biggest industries in the Sultanate, leaving billions of profits to those supporters of the regime who have the approval of the new Muslim sultan, Erdogan, to practice their trade of carriers to people in despair.

If Merkel’s Europe decided some time to get this inhuman trade from the hands of Erdogan and save people from drowning in the sea then automatically would upset her ally, she would isolate him and deprive him from an enormous negotiating weapon, for many different reasons but she would loose, his favour to the interests of German companies in Turkey. In Geostrategic terms, Erdogan would side and be fully integrated into the US camp which of course would be costly to Germany's efforts to emerge again as an Empire.

Quite calmly, then, the issue of drowning children and whole families in the Mediterranean is the result of economic agreements, war interests showdown of two mad emperors, leaders of some religious fanatics and the butcher Netanyahu. The other leaders of the European countries are minions, execute commands and all together are not worth not even one hair from the balls of the volunteers and residents of Lesbos and other Greek islands that day and night are making huge efforts to save people.

With this whole background, the profits of the multinationals and war industries increased turnover this fascist environment is recognizing Turkey as a democracy and partner, I don’t know if there is room for hope that something can be changed by exerting pressure of humanitarian content and arguments that is used by groups of citizens to their governments. If the European Union had a modicum of honestly they should passed the issue of immigrants and refugees from the jurisdiction of the Immigration Commissioner to the responsibility of the Trade Commissioner, because that is how they see them, as their merchandise, talking about costs, earn profits and count their interests.

In essence, yes, the reception of two or three million people would be hard work for Greece itself, for Italy itself, for Spain itself. However, 750 million is the population of Europe and is ridiculous to think that there will be trouble if we become 753 million. A simple meeting of middle management of Europe's Ministries of Interior of the member countries could solve the practical issues. Naturally they selected to have a "Summit Meeting" to indicate to the world that the "problem" is the immigrants and refugees and this "problem" is huge. A smart way to hide their guilt, their responsibilities and to wipe out the solution of the "problem".

In any case, the drowning children, refugees and immigrants have demonstrated, long time ago, to the civilized Europeans that they are, ruthless killers and common fascists and they deserve the worst and whatever they get from Merkel’s Germany!


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