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 Post subject: Terrorist attacks in Paris and the “War on Terror”
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Terrorist attacks in Paris and the “War on Terror”


Who declared the start of the WWIII that is happening right now?

Was it the ghost Jihadi John, chased by every police and intelligence secret service in the EU, or
the ex president of the USA, G.W Bush?

On the 29 January 2002, US president G.W Bush, made the official speech in the “State of the Union”. The speech covered the effects of the 11 September 2001 attacks of the previous year and Bush's plans to prevent future terrorist attacks upon the United States. He gave a progress report on the Global War on Terrorism and detailed his plans to end terrorism and bring all terrorists to justice, either by legal prosecution or death.

The “War on Terror”, is an abstract concept, in other words a war without an identified “target” or enemy. He started the war and we now know the actions taken, afterwards the 9/11 and the horrible results. Now this war has arrived in Paris, in the heart of Europe.

Everybody talks about a terrible terrorist action when in reality it’s a war action.

Of course all the friendly allied and participating governments in this war take measures, well in advance, to create an atmosphere of “Fear from Terrorism” and establish in their population the necessary conditions for the war and of what is going to come later.

Before going any further, I would remind you, and you can check it in many books, of the actions taken before the fascist Nazi government came to power. What was this strange phenomenon of Nazism, before coming to power, growing out of the bowels of the bourgeoisie classes, during the period between the two World Wars?

Better to tell you of what “Edmond Taylor”, an American publicist who was in Paris, just before the fall of Paris, wrote in his book, “The Strategy of Terror” that was published in Boston in 1940: . (NOTE: A very good book to read and its free to download, in various forms, to help you to make sense of what actually is going on around us, today!)

In the introduction of the book, he writes:

“There is one of Europe's battlefronts no war correspondent has yet adequately covered; the battle-front of the mind, where ideas and ideologies, propaganda and emotions, clash in ordered ranks, disciplined like soldiers.

On this front there is no truce; here war never ends. It was raging before the first gun spoke; it will still be raging when the diplomats of Europe gather under the chandeliers or by some lakeside to dictate or negotiate a peace. Peace offensives are just offensives on the battle-front of the mind and war scares are just war.”

Later in his book he goes on saying:

“Hitler owed much of his success to what he called, “the spiritual use of violence.” By this he meant not the actual demonstration of your powers, like it was made by the French Marshal “Lartie” in 1921, who showed his bravery against colonial people, in Indochina and Morocco, whom massacred them, as demonstration of his power, but the use of real power is in a symbolic and spectacular way, to generate an irrational fear.

The violence in Hitler's theory exhibited excessively and unjustified, but not too often. The threat remains as a little shadow and it’s therefore more terrible. A dark hint is more awesome than an open threat. The agents of the German propaganda were trained intensely in the use of dark hints, as it was learned by the French. Many dark hints were made by various instruments in France in early August but I failed to find the source until later, when the war had already begun.

Indeed, the analysts of the time could see in Hitler’s-theory of “intellectual violence” an evolution of the propaganda through terror, i.e the propaganda through the use of terrorism. Until then the logic of state terrorism against the population or against certain people or minorities that constituted or considered to be a threat to the regime was the policy of the state. In the words of Carl Schmitt, the Constitutionalist of Nazism, the state's role is to determine who is an enemy or friend and that is the policy function of the state and therefore it determines the limits of an enemy or a friend and it is the one that has the ultimate right to exercise sovereignty in a country.”

The rise of Nazism is linked with the so-called fifth phalange and German policy where in fact were nothing more than accomplices of the Nazi propaganda and provocative agents of Nazism who were creating terror to people and countries through sabotage, provocative terrorist actions but well designed as to indicate the subtle fear that was created during the Nazism era, that paralysed the people and warrant states and the governing classes in their attempt to find an accommodation with the Nazi.

So with Hitler, the use of terrorism or the propaganda of terror gained truly scientific background.

Why Am I talking about all this?

Because in fact this art was developed into science and was inherited perfectly by the American imperialism after the Second World War. Besides, the Americans used the main protagonists of Hitler's propaganda to be able to amplify the risk of terrorism.

So who is a terrorist?

According to the criminal psychological science of the USA, a terrorist is the crazy person who deadly hates us, the civilised people, because we live a free life. This view has been written constantly and systematically from 2001 onwards, after the attack of 9/11. Until then, primary was that crazy person who disputed and hated the freedom of the markets, our democratic institutions and freedom of Capitalism or it was that crazy Palestinian who for some crazy reason was executing terrorist actions in the hope to regain back his right to the stolen land, in Palestine. Most probably was the “Devil Empire,” in disguise, e.g the USSR, as president Regan said, back in the 80’s.

This is the reality after 2001, when G.W. Bush announced the start of WWIII (“War on Terror”) against terrorism, if you read the well known American “Criminologist Magazine” you will see many articles of self criticism by many of that profession, because until then they were refusing to study the phenomenon of terrorist activity as a special category of criminality. That is a lie of course, as it was well known that terrorist action and especially terrorism was a special criminal activity. That way the terrorist criminality against our freedoms, democracy and our “comfortable lives”, was revived.

Any of you, who read about Colonialism, will know that was the way people, always, were treated when they presented threat to the status quo or were against the ruling classes. Prof Rev James Buchanan (1804–1870) was a Church of Scotland minister and theologian, wrote a book, “The upcoming period of terror”. So what was the “upcoming period of terror”?

In England/Scotland at that time, the general universal view was that the people (Demos) were ready to exercise acts of violence and terrorism, against those with privileges who could not be the same as the plebes. So the minority will be terrorised by the majority of the people! That was what the Reverend James Buchanan was afraid of and of course the minorities of the world were prepared to resist this terrorising and dragged the world into world of conflicts, exercising their own terrorism of the populations via their Colonialism. Times are changing but the minority privileged people remain the same.

Is France a virgin territory to suddenly and out of the blue, some crazy people attacked 6 places at the same time and managed to kill over 129 people plus many injured?

The counting of corpses stopped at 129 and after that nothing more has been said about it!

After the attack and the killings of 10 people in Charlie Hebdo’s in January 2015, all these people of liberty and democracy that admired and paraded in Paris, under the protection 2500 policemen and soldiers, far away from all other parading people, these leaders or Europe and other nations, what exactly did they do?

They proceed to impose new safeguards undermining, even more, the democratically established freedoms and simultaneously employed 15,000 soldiers, to protect various possible target places and special trained and armed units patrolling mainly in Paris but also in all other major cities where they are patrolling airports, ports and train stations and what were the consequences?

To have a much worse incident in greater number of dead people and also a large increase in terrorism. In methodology, it’s no different from what the Nazis and Hitler were doing, another form of propaganda. Now you will tell me they were young jihadists but who cares at this particular moment to know if they were 15 – 17 years old or something similar, that we read in the papers and we listen or watch on TV that they came through some Greek Island.

Why did they come through the Greek islands when they went through Turkey?

Why registration of the refugees has to be done in the Greek islands and not in Turkey, the first safe place, according to the United Nations Rules and charter?

Isn’t Turkey a UN member and also of NATO?

Why there are not any measures of control, support and protection in Turkey for dealing with the terrorists?

Turkey has been accused many times for the lack of control, of the immigrants. Lately the President of Syria Bashar al-Assad accused Turkey and its president Tayyip Erdogan, at the US magazine, “Foreign Affairs”, which is not any other magazine but a magazine of the US government, that the President of Turkey recept Tayyip Erdogan has direct connections with the ISIS and has opened the corridor for aid of the Caliphate either with weapons, money, mercenaries movement of the stolen oil that is transported via Turkey and is sold to Greek or other ship owners to be sold to either Greek or other oil refineries thus making the proceeds from them legal. This illegal trade is made via south ports of Turkey’s who has been accused and was written in the international Media but nobody took any measures to curtail or stop it!

If we accept that these young jihadies went through the Greek islands, then we may ask, where did they find those sophisticated mechanisms and explosives to use for their terrorist actions?

The suicide bombers that wear explosives, dynamite and sophisticated mechanisms, must have been trained to handle them, as it is not as easy as to just to light a match and blow up, while they move around to the action of the target place. Where did they find the explosives and who trained them in their handling?

Who was damaged and suffered by these terrorist actions?

In the first instance you may say it was France, but in reality it’s the French population and its people. The freedoms of the French people are the victims of the jihad actions because the French government reacted by closing down the French frontiers and imposed “state siege” in the whole country, which means abolition of basic freedoms. When the government orders you to stay at home, that it’s not an easy solution, these actions happen and are taken only when a war has been declared so the country is in readiness for war.

The next day after the explosions in Paris, the French parliament was convened to discuss the situation and take the necessary measures and make decisions for action. It was decided to send France’s single air carrier to the East Mediterranean, found the way how to support their actions financially and they would impose restrictions of movements of the French people. Naturally similar measures will be taken by all members of the EU as a result of these terrorist acts to protect their people. So the planners of these terrorist actions found the best way to terrorise the people of France and all of the EU member’s states.

Is it coincidence?

No it is not coincidence, according to this article, Soros / CIA Plan To Destabilize Europe,
because all these events are combined with the huge flow of refugees and migrants.

To understand which direction they want to move the situation is the answer from the French State with the bombing of a village in Syria wrapped in conjunction with a new Alliance who emerged overnight. What they really did, the French airplanes and the President of France François Hollande, is that they flatten a whole village (anybody know how many people were killed?) in the hope to kill a core element of the Caliphate.

When did ISIS and the Caliphate appear as a threat?

At the end of 2013, as far as I am aware so until then we had Al-Qaeda.

After the attack at “Charlie Hedbo” the French government deployed 15,000 soldiers and also the Patriot Act had been imposed twice in the USA. “Al-Qaeda”, over the years, was attacked numerous times and we have stopped counting! The French colonial army sweeps throughout the sub-Saharan region chasing Al Qaeda but we do not pay any attention to the actions of the French colonial army.

France has been involved in Syria, Libya, Tunisia, Morocco, in Egypt. By the way, in Egypt and in the Sinai Peninsula, there is a war going on which has cost, only last year, around 2,000 (undefined character), lives. This war is against terrorists, a branch of Al Qaeda and it appears that the Egyptian army is not winning this war. Does anybody know anything about it?

It is very surprising to learn that a shadowy extremist organisation is fighting a war in many fronts under many guises and names, Al Qaeda when the war started, later Taliban, and now ISIL/ISIS and Caliphate and I would like to ask you.

How is it possible for this shadowy extremist (terrorist) organisation to sustain terrorist activities for so many years, since the “war on terror” started, under so many guises and names and in so many fronts without financial support, war material and supplies, WITHOUT the support of a state or other type of state entities?

Anybody who has been in the army knows that for every soldier there are another 5 people behind him to help with support, logistics and to keep him in good condition and readiness to fight.

Have you ever wonder and asked yourself, where these terrorists have found all these elements, money, fuel, ammunition, weapons, training, trainers, training centres and of course ways of penetration in the target country and area of their indented terrorist operations?

So, where is this shadowy “terrorist” organisation under so many guises and names, Al Qaeda/ISIS/ISIL/DAESH, Caliphate, found money, war material equipment, human resources and all the other above mentioned elements?

The problem exists because they have support and of course they are supported by a big state, which appears to be Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia has been accused several times and fingers were pointed to them, several times from many officials in other countries. Why does nobody do anything against Saudi Arabia?

Here is the latest information about supplies to Saudi Arabia and ISIS.

On the contrary, Saudi Arabia, is permitted to act in that way by the US superpower, it’s supplied arms and is allowed to attack Yemen, for its own reasons. Terrorist bases were discovered in Kuwait, Qatar even at the Arab Emirates. Why has nothing against these states taken place?

The reasons behind of such extensive terrorist activities is the cultivation and sustainability of a shadowy terrorist fear. Therefore you should not only be afraid that you may lose your house, if you lose your job and income, it is not enough if daily you feel the standard of your living is going down, these are not good enough reasons. You must also be afraid of the “jihadi John”. That’s how it is because the ultimate fear is the irrational fear, the fear associated with the shock and awe applied to people today around the world.

Who announced and started the WWIII, back in 2001?


The USA and it’s president at the time G.W. Bush, supported by his puddle but good orator Blair, (as he was unable to put two words together), who invaded Afghanistan, Iraq, destroyed almost completely the infrastructure of these countries and killed millions of innocent people over the years, prepared a war (US still does) against Iran, has turned upside down the whole middle East, and continue also in the far East, Thailand civil war, Myanmar massacres until Nation building will take place and organised by the US, with their usual tactics, then Pakistan … and we are afraid of the jihandi John, who for some strange reason he is a ghost and goes through, everywhere!

So a person from Syria, goes through Turkey and Greece, goes to Paris full of explosives, around his belt and is able to kill so many people and if you believe all that rubbish, then good for you.

Of course additionally we are informed, by the catholic history parrots, “The Islam is very bad”, the same people who with their sword, during the crusades period killed pillaged and destroyed so many countries, in the name of Jesus Christ, looking for gold in the Balkans and the Middle East! Of course their quest for gold gave them the same reasons to get rid of the Muslims in Spain so to steal everything valuable and during the reign of “Isabella and Ferdinand” started their explorations of the world for more places to rape and pillaged. Anybody that is reading history of that period will discover many similarities with the current days, at least, in the level of propaganda.

Today of course is a war of religions. We the good Christians are against the bad Muslims. That’s how it is! Of course who are the good Christians?

Accidentally are the most right wing fanatic Protestants and not Christians who were promoted from the cradle of Catholicism, just by sheer chance! Reading a history book for Northern Island you will discover how the people were divided in two parts, the bad Catholics, who were killing the British and were blowing up the occupying British army and the good Protestants were peace-loving people. The British Empire was terrorising the population of Ireland till their independence in 1916, applied the “divide and rule” in N, Ireland in Catholics and Protestants for too many years and were killing all the anarchists/terrorists who were asking and fighting for their freedom and independence is an example of a Colonial power imposing the shadowy “fear of terror.”

Today the US/EU Governments use of the powerful Media and TV to exercise the “fear of Terror” to their own population with curtailment of their freedoms at the same time and also to impose their will to belligerent people and states around the globe to achieve the required results

Terrorism has been unleashed in the Western World, and it is the terrorism of Western governments against Western people. What caused the terrorist attack in Paris and who stands behind it?

Is it possible that the terrorist attack in Paris doesn’t have anything to do with Syria or the Middle East, but rather the desire of the US to punish European partners for disobedience and once again demonstrate to them that only the Americans can ensure their safety?

From Fort Russ Blogg:

The well-known blogger, Crimson Alter, reminded us in his article on “Fort RUSS” that the French government recently began to threaten the Americans with a breakdown of negotiations over the Transatlantic partnership. The US hopes that the treaty will rescue its economy by fully opening European markets for American corporations. Yet, European energy companies are continuing to actively cooperate with Russia and promote the “Nord Stream-2.” From the point of view of the American hawks, Europeans are behaving badly. Maybe they decided to punish them?

Is this a strange coincidence?. At the very moment that the Americans needed someone to severely frighten Europeans, a bloody Paris terrorist attack comes along. From the point of view of the American elites, NATO, the Pentagon, the CIA and the NSA, are a business enterprise which sells security or, more precisely, the illusion of security, while taking all money and freedom in exchange. Ordinary Americans have lost their civil rights in exchange for the illusion of security after 11 September 2001. Europeans are being offered the same unequal exchange, only they will have to pay with opening their markets to American corporations so that NATO, the Pentagon, the CIA, and the NSA will protect Europe from terrorism.

Did you notice the attack in the Mali (French Colony) capital by Al Qaeda, on Friday 20 Nov 2015, in which 19 were killed?

One final question for sceptics.

Where are the photographs of the terrorists during their terrorising?

Surrounding the scenes of violence there were not only abundant security cameras, but also hundreds, even thousands, of people with cell phones that have cameras. With all of these photos, how is it possible that the authorities do not know if some terrorists escaped, and if so, who they are and what they look like?

Why are the authorities relying on fake passports for photos of the terrorists?


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