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 Post subject: Questions for French security services
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Questions for the French security services
after it emerges three major intelligence failures
may have let the killers get through


There is a lot of important and stunning information coming out for the Paris terrorist attacks that have grave implications. I am going to give you facts, sources and important evidence showing you how the French government knew that these attacks were going to happen. I know that's a very serious claim but let's take a look at the evidence.

Just a few days before the terrorist attack took place, in Paris, on Thursday 5th November the German police intercepted a car with eight AK 47, grenades, TNT and with Paris destination set into its navigation system. The car was driven by a fifty one-year-old Montenegran man who was crossing the Austria German border.

This report elaborates a new report by Jack Murphy that was an eight-year special army operations veteran who according to his sources the French and German police knew that the attacks were coming, a month prior, from reports of the French National police and were meeting with the German BKA Federal police and the BND intelligence services, which is the equivalent of the American FBI and CIA to discuss an imminent pre-planned terrorist attack in Paris. The attack was going to happen against civilian targets. They even talked about how this attack wasn't a matter of, if it was going to happen, but when it was going to happen.

There's another bombshell report by The Associated Press that documents from Iraq warned of the ISIS attacking Paris, one day before these terrorist attacks took place. French officials are coming out saying that these reports were very vague, and that these kind of communications happen all the time, every day. According to the AP that actually got their hands on this report and were able to corroborate the story with six senior Iraqi officials, this report was actually very detailed.

The French authorities have yet to make this information public but this report by Iraq details show they were 24 people involved in this operation. It said that nineteen attackers and five others were in charge of logistics and were planning the attacks. They were trained in Raqqain Syria, the capital of ISIS, inside of Syria. Later, the attackers, were sent to a sleeper cells in France to help them train and also help them to execute this horrible disastrous terrorist attack in Paris.

The French officials are now coming out and saying that there may have been as many as 20 plotters behind this terrorist attack that proves the Iraqi report, which was sent to them, one day before this attack. It was also the Iraqis that have intelligence nets in Syria and Jordan, that inform Russia and they share intelligence against ISIS, in opposition to US orders, so they could effectively destroy them. Apart from Iraq was also Turkey that informed the French authorities about the suicide bomber, “Umar”, one of the suspects in this horrible terrorist attack, Now it's being reported by the Guardian that the Turks are saying that “we have however not heard back from the French Authorities, on this matter”, an official said. It was only after the attacks that the Turkish authorities received information requests from the French despite they were warned about this terrorist suspect days before this attack.

Another suspect the 27 year-old mastermind of the Paris attacks was also linked to previous terrorist attacks in Paris, on the high-speed train, where one terrorist suspect stabbed and shot people but was stopped by three Americans. He even brags by saying, “I was even stopped by an officer who contemplated and compared me to a picture, when I was 19 years old, but he let me go. He did not even see the resemblance. When questioned by higher officials, these officials said these attackers were behind these attacks. According to French reports they were well known by the French Authorities prior the attacks.

There's also another groundbreaking interview on a French radio station by Patrick Alex who was EMT and chronicler at “Charlie Hebo”, in his interview talked about how the Paris EMT’s were prepared because as luck would have it, the attackers probably were planning and now we know, exercised the multi-site attacks the morning of 13 November 2015.

There are many questions for the French security services, as it's finally coming out that there were three major intelligence failures. The French officials admitted failures of intelligence as vital clues were heavily armed suspects were stopped by anti terror chiefs but were not alerted. One attacker was Parisian and had been on the terror watch list for five years, two gunmen also sneaked into Europe by posing as refugees from Syria which of course collaborates the report by the Iraqi government that was sent out to trade stocks being but not made public by the French authorities. There are a lot of grave implications with a lot of the information presented above, that has just been made public.

This morning on a Greek Radio station “Real FM” the presenter said, that the Greek police are chasing to find an illegal operation for fake Passports and a couple of Isis Jihadi’s have been detained in the island of Leros. As we all know the Greek islands, near Turkey have been receiving many 1000’s daily, of refugees and illegal immigrants
And sure enough this route, must be used by the jihadis too..

Sources ... ed-satnav/ ... z3rQM86ve0 ... k_rTc1.qqj ... story.html ... syria-live ... d428cb2be8 ... DxSs53egq3 ... -knew.html ... rough.html



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