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 Post subject: The collapsed myth of German superiority
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The collapsed myth of German superiority

The perceived myth that the German police are one of the best in the world, unfortunately, for Germany, was ridiculed by the Tunisian killer and terrorist.

When a Tunisian terrorist that has killed 13 innocent people and has injured 48 more, by going over them with the truck he was driving through the heart of the police German state, which until recently was famous for the hard and well trained police officers armed with all the modern electronic means, succeeds and escapes through their hands while holding, instead of the killer, had captured and examined for 2 whole days an unlucky Pakistani who was wandering in a park probably for voyeurism, obviously it means that all we were told about the Germany and their organised state with an impeccable police were “tales of the unexpected”.

The funny thing is that the Tunisian murderer, that was been "hunted" by all the European police forces to identify and arrest to stop him committing any new terrorist act, was travelling with buses and trains from Germany, through Holland,France and half of Italy were he arrived unmolested in Milan. There he accidentally came face to face with a police patrol that stopped and asked him for identification. Instead of showing them his identity papers, because the Italian police was not aware that he was the killer hunted by all police forces of Europe, he took out his gun that he was carrying throughout this vast and circuitous multi-day trip undisturbed like a tourist and shot the policeman. He was shot by the other policemen and was killed on the spot without them knowing whom they shot, because if they knew who he was probably they would have tried to arrest him alive so to interrogate him, hopefully they would have learned how and WHO had set the new tragedy in Berlin.

So when a young Tunisian manages to kill so many people terrorising the whole Europe and all the police forces are looking for him but he travels around Europe as a good tourist, it is easily understood how incompetent are the police in the terrible and formidable Germany and generally in all European countries.

It becomes clear and we can only guess how many people a mad terrorist can kill and how much fear and terror he can spread throughout the world.

If all this can be done by only one man then consider the huge risk that the Europeans have to face from the thousands of extreme Islamists - jihadists who are scattered all over the world.

The little people, like myself, believe the "great powers" with their stupid "Arab Spring" and the thousands of bombing of civilians, innocent people, have created terrorists and humanity of the whole world will not extricate its self easily.

So we think and hope the great powers, that are threatened to be broken up by those young terrorists to organize a major international conference in which to take part and even include the ... jihadists - as they have done in the end many times in the past with various terrorists like Mandela etc. - to find a SOLUTION with the precondition that they will stop selling large weapons to the various rebel groups and will stop their foreign interventions in small countries to grab from them their mineral wealth.

Otherwise, we must remember, that unscrupulous killers jihadists, who use minors for kamikaze attacks constantly will bloodshed humanity and very quickly will destroy the world economy.

This must be done NOW, because as time passes, the more difficult it becomes and an international meeting with everybody participating to find a solution to this huge problem.


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