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 Post subject: Challenges for USA president Trump
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Challenges for USA president Trump

I sure people know that technology has not only advanced in the US but also around the world too, so we all can read the same information instantly, therefore we can also react accordingly.


People in Europeare not, all necessarily, see the demise of the dollar and the US but with $20.1 trillion, estimated gross US Federal Government Debt, according to the FY17 Federal Budget, do realise that the USA is not going to have an easy ride and of course with a new President many things and policies will change as such level of debt is not sustainable for ever.

The Neoliberal economical model that started with Reagan it’s on its last legs and soon a new model will take its place. At the moment we don’t know what is going to be but in the EU where the Neoliberal Model has been imposed for sure, as Soros (right) said:

Of course he knows that well, because through his “Open Society” financed NGO’s in Ukraine and many other countries and together with the CIA created the huge immigration problem in the EU.

It is expected huge changes to take place not only in the EU but in the US too, where huge multinationals and Banks are running the show.

As about the policies of the new president Trump, regarding NATO and Germany, I think he will try to reduce the 3.61% of the GDP US contributions and force Germany which pays 1.19% of its GDP now, to pay for their protection. After all Germany is your colony till 2099 and its trading surplus last Oct was 24 Billion Euro for 2016.

Germany is second in the list of Gold reserves on the world and the US do not need another (4th Reich) superpower to compete on the world stage. Russia and China are enough, so I see Trump taking steps against Merkel who supported Hillary and make sure Germany pays money for it’s own protection.

Finally Trump (left) clearly said in his speeches that the US superpower is exposed to all corners of the planet, trying to maintain its global hegemony. Conflicts with Russia, competes with China, is trying not to loose its protectorate, Europe, under the leadership of the High Commissioner (Germany), defend the dollar against the attacks from the BRICS, battling for the petrodollar, is fighting in the Middle East, is involved in Africa and so on.

Therefore, it could be assumed that it is reasonable to collapse, with many "open fronts". However, almost always the major powers are destroyed by their own selves - from the uprisings inside their country.

Simply put, they do not try, unfortunately, to face the cause’s preventative (poverty here because of criminal redistribution of income from the bottom to the top), but with repressive methods: the excessive policing of its Citizens, the overthrow of the fair equitable rule of law and also with an authoritarian rule. Unmanned planes (Drones) are used inside the US, since 2006, against the American citizens.

Maybe the new US government will understand the problem and change course - before it is too late and destroy the country, with incalculable effects on the planet.


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