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Greeks a Magnificent Nation
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Author:  wiz [ 26 May 2018 23:25 ]
Post subject:  Greeks a Magnificent Nation

Greeks - a Magnificent Nation of people


The Greeks are a nation that lives mainly in the southern Balkans and inhabited the area now called Greece from the end of the 3rd millennium BC (initially in Pelagonia, northwestern Thessaly and SE Chaonia), Cyprus in the middle of the 2nd millennium BC, and coastal areas of Asia Minor shortly afterwards.

The Greeks generally set up colonies around the Mediterranean and the Black Sea and after the campaign of Alexander the Great their cities and colonies arrived to Central Asia and present-day India.

Today the Greek nation is still scattered throughout the world. The majority remain within the boundaries of the present Greek state and the island of Cyprus, which is the second Greek state of our day.

Historically, Greek populations also reside in Lower Italy and Sicily, which are the Great Greece of antiquity, in Corsica and the coasts of today's France, the coasts and inland of Asia Minor, Levante, Egypt, its coasts Black Sea and Northern Epirus.

Strong Greek communities have been created by Greek immigrants in the US, Australia, Germany, Canada, the United Kingdom, Russia, Ukraine, while smaller groups reside in almost every country of the Earth.

The majority of Greeks speak the Greek language and follow the Eastern Orthodox Christian doctrine.

The Greeks have greatly influenced and contribute to culture, the arts, exploration, literature, philosophy, politics, architecture, music, mathematics, science and technology, commerce, cooking and sports , both in the past and modern age.

Athens, its capital, it's the place where Democracy was born and exercised over 2500 years ago.

Watch this excellent video, (not produced by Greeks, despite the Greek subtitles) and learn the history of this Magnificent Nation of people.

Greeks - a Magnificent Nation of people


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