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Charities in Russia (Rostov-on-Don) I can Assist Locally
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Author:  axel [ 19 Aug 2010 20:27 ]
Post subject:  Charities in Russia (Rostov-on-Don) I can Assist Locally

Dear RW Forum,

I am very keen to assist with charity work in the Rostov-on-Don area where I plan to visit in the autumn of this year, and where I have visited before. I wanted to do something constructive and positive to help as I am concerned sure there were many victims of the forest fires this year who are now homeless and in dire straits. I guess that a lot of the true human tragedy is not reported by Russian TV and this will only become apparent with a local visit, and I'm sure the need is great.

As such, given I was planning to travel to Rostov-on-Don, I wanted to dedicate one week of my two week tourist trip to helping a local charity or an international charity based there.

I would be grateful if anyone could direct me to a local charity where I could arrange a week of my time to volunteer. I would also make a local donation to assist the charity. I speak basic Russian having studied it for a few years at school so can get by.

If anyone can make any suggestions in Rostov-on-Don I would be very grateful. So far I have found the International Red Cross appear to have offices in Rostov, but I am struggling to make a proper contact there. I am very interested in assisting orphanages also. Alternatively, I would welcome any leads or any UK charities doing work in Russia and who I can join and then make a trip to help locally.

Thanks so much!


Author:  Shadow [ 20 Aug 2010 12:29 ]
Post subject:  Re: Charities in Russia (Rostov-on-Don) I can Assist Locally

Hello Axel,

Which Russian TV channels are you watching ? There have been daily many reports on the fires, how they are fighting, and what plans are to rebuild the homes lost.

As for Rostov-On-Don, I have no direct help. If you wish to help out orphanages I can advise you to collect baby and children clothes. The prices for them in Russia are actually incredible, for some things they pay 3 to 5 times what we pay here.
A couple of months back we sent a box of clothes we do not need to a could who needed. While we found the cost of shipment almost higher as the price of the clothes, the receivers were telling this would cost them a fortune, not even taking in to account the difference in wages.

Author:  axel [ 20 Aug 2010 20:57 ]
Post subject:  Re: Charities in Russia (Rostov-on-Don) I can Assist Locally


That is incredibly helpful information, thank you. I happen to have access to lot's of unwanted children's clothes and baby's clothes in close to new condition. I will try to ensure that I take some with me on my planned trip and then, if it goes well, will ship larger quantities in future. I had no idea that something as simple as gooq quality children's clothes (jeans and tops) could be in such demand or shortage in Russia.



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