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Virgin or Easyjet to fly the Moscow route from 2013?
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Author:  wiz [ 20 Jul 2012 19:39 ]
Post subject:  Virgin or Easyjet to fly the Moscow route from 2013?

Virgin Atlantic to fly Moscow route from 2013

Virgin Atlantic has revealed plans to fly to Moscow from London Heathrow in 2013, in a bid to boost its presence in emerging markets.

Sir Richard Branson announced that the airline intends to fly daily to the Russian capital, using its new Airbus A330 aircraft, which includes its new upper class, premium economy and economy cabins.

The Moscow route is one of 12 that has been freed up by bmi’s merger with British Airways. Linking Heathrow and Moscow is part of the carrier’s strategy to run short haul flights into Heathrow that feed into its long-haul network.

“We plan to take up all 12 of the remedy slots,” said Branson. “Just as we’ve provided competition to BA long-haul, so we’ll provide competition short-haul”.

Virgin will go head-to-head with BA on the new route, which began its own Moscow flight in March, offering four classes of cabin including its new first class, in response to increasing demand from premium travellers on the route.

According to Virgin Atlantic, traffic between the Moscow and London has trebled in the last 10 years, principally through business travel but also as a growing leisure destination. The carrier’s commercial and revenue planning director Edmond Rose descibed Russia as a “booming economy that demands the very best quality of service” - making it a perfect fit for the airline.

Author:  Luckyspin [ 26 Oct 2012 07:07 ]
Post subject:  Re: EASYJET to fly the Moscow route from 2013

EasyJet to Fly Moscow-London Route in 2013


EasyJet will operate flights between London and Moscow from next year after Britain's Civil Aviation Authority granted the low-cost airline a license for the route over Richard Branson's Virgin Atlantic.

Britain's aviation regulator announced its decision Wednesday, choosing the Luton-based easyJet for its "potential to deliver the greatest dynamic fare benefits for customers," said Iain Osborne, the aviation authority's director of regulatory policy.

"We concluded that easyJet's proposal would introduce a distinctly different product into the market and would stimulate innovation on the route as a whole," Osborne said in a statement.

EasyJet said it would offer a fare of no more than £125 ($200) for the first three years of flights between the British and Russian capitals, the Financial Times reported, citing easyJet's chief executive Carolyn McCall.

EasyJet's fares represent a significant discount to current market rates, as flights between London and Moscow frequently stretch to $450 or more.

The budget airline plans to start flying two services a day from London's Gatwick Airport in the spring, according to Reuters.

McCall said that easyJet was considering launching an alternative route between Manchester and Moscow.

In statements at a Civil Aviation Authority hearing three weeks ago, Virgin Atlantic argued that it could better compete with British Airways, the other Moscow-route license holder, and would offer a better service for business and first-class travelers.

EasyJet responded by saying it could cater to a wider range of customers and stressed that it had 10 million business passengers a year — double Virgin Atlantic's total number of passengers.

The opportunity to bid for the Moscow route opened up in March when International Airlines Group — the holding company that controls British Airways — received approval from European authorities to buy BMI, which had previously offered flights to Moscow.

Under a bilateral agreement, only two British and two Russian carriers can hold licenses to fly between the two countries' capitals.

On the Russian side, flagship Aeroflot and Transaero, the country's second-largest airline, operate the route.

Read more: The Moscow Times 26 October 2012

Author:  Luckyspin [ 20 Mar 2013 06:01 ]
Post subject:  Re: Virgin or Easyjet to fly the Moscow route from 2013?

EasyJet Starts Flights from U.K to Domodedov


With the inauguration of the first easyJet flights from Moscow to London on Tuesday, the fleet of aircraft adorned by orange winglets has opened the door for the lowest fares that Russians have ever seen to Britain, and already exceeded the booking expectations of Europe's fourth largest airline.

"We would be surprised if after the first year we do not break even," easyJet's chief executive, Carolyn McCall, said Tuesday at a news conference to mark what she called a "landmark route" between London's Gatwick Airport and Moscow's Domodedovo.

Perhaps it was a coincidence, but the low-cost carrier achieved another milestone the same day, when its shares were included for the first time in the group of top 100 British companies with the highest market capitalization on the London Stock Exchange.

The new routes are set to add to the firm's market value, with the Moscow-London flight leaving Domodedovo each day at 2:30 p.m., and starting April 15, there will be an additional flight departing at 9:40 p.m. Prices will start at $99.99 for a one-way ticket, and easyJet expects that the annual passenger flow on the route will exceed 300,000.

Two-way flights for the same route in mid-May cost $368 for Aeroflot and $503 for British Airways.

The company will also launch flights from Moscow to Manchester on March 28. There will be four flights per week with an expected 60,000 passengers annually.

Domodedovo Airport already hosts two-thirds of all Moscow-London flights, while easyJet's entry into the market will boost total daily flights to London from three to five.

"The Russian authorities not long ago started calling for a reduction of airfares for Russian passengers," said Daniel Burkard, external and internal relations director at Domodedovo. "This new route really supports this goal and is a very important way to make air travel more affordable for the Russian public."

If the route is successful, easyJet might look into connecting Moscow with other parts of its network. Expansion to other locations in Russia or the former Soviet republics, however, is "not in the plans at all," McCall said.

The challenge for expanding service to Moscow will be in complying with bilateral agreements that place limitations on the number of flights each of the four carriers on the London-Moscow route can operate. EasyJet recently signed a commercial agreement with Transaero, which also has flights on that route, but McCall declined to give any details on the deal.

EasyJet is not planning to lobby for changes to the bilateral agreements but will work within the existing system, McCall said. However, the airline is working to make visa processes easier.

"There's plenty of issues with visas, and we're working with both governments to make the visa issue simpler. It's not going to be an easy fix," said Paul Simmons, easyJet's U.K. director.

For now, even visas don't seem to be a huge obstacle. Although easyJet only started selling tickets for the Moscow-London route in January and the Moscow-Manchester route in December, bookings have already surpassed expectations.

The interest is solid from the Russian as well as the British sides. McCall said that when the airline announced it would fly to Moscow, the Russian capital became one of the top five destinations that people in Britain want to visit. TripAdvisor, the world's largest online travel guide, has reported a 99 percent surge in popularity for Moscow hotels after the tickets went on sale.

The numbers might pick up more when easyJet rolls out a promotional campaign in Russia, where its advertising has so far has been minimal. One of the key goals would be to make sure that the airline's desired image is not lost in translation.

"Our brand is not completely understood in the Russian market yet," McCall said. "I heard someone describe us as a discounter, which we would not say that we are. We are a value brand."

Perhaps in order to better localize its image, easyJet has announced that it would sell Russian Standard vodka on all of its European flights. And though the company has a zero-tolerance policy toward unruly passengers, easyJet management says passengers won't have to fly sober.

"If someone enjoys a drink on the flight, that's absolutely fine with easyJet — as long as they're not a disruptive influence," McCall said.

Read more: The Moscow Times

Author:  wiz [ 20 Mar 2013 11:21 ]
Post subject:  Re: Virgin or Easyjet to fly the Moscow route from 2013?


I have been travelling with easyJet
together with my Russian wife, for many years, and we find them providing good service.

Just for those who don't know, their fleet of Boeing 737 and Airbus 319 is very young with average age of 3 years old.

The British CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) is very strict about service and safety!

Any how, here is what I just checked while booking a flight for my wife Next August.

Dates: 16 August 2013 - Return 3 September 2013

Aeroflop to SVO = £ 241 Net including taxes

S7 to Domodetovo = £ 295 Including taxes

BA to Domodetovo = £ 317 including taxes

EASYJET to Domodetovo = £ 174 including taxes.

Guess which one I booked??????

Funny thing is the Russian people are not used to travel cheaply because Aeroflop, has nearly monopoly and there is not much competition

BTW S7 the same dates for connecting flights to UFA charges around £ 248!!!.GBP

The biggest problem for Easyjet is the Visa that you must have flying to Russia.

I think is about time that the Russian Government take the bull by the horns and abolish the visa and registration requirement for all EU citizens and see the tourist arrivals to Russia go sky high. The Ukrainians are not silly and now have many million visitors every year.

Pity because Russia is a beautiful country with a huge number of places of interest to visit!. Watch the meeting tomorrow in Moscow between Russia and EU.

Author:  Julian [ 20 Mar 2013 14:35 ]
Post subject:  Re: Virgin or Easyjet to fly the Moscow route from 2013?

I'm off in just under two weeks to Domodedovo from Manchester with Easyjet , the price was the best , no connections and very convenient depart/arrival times which means i can easily connect in Domodedovo to my internal flight for Samara and can now enjoy much shorter overall travelling times. Before flying from Manchester always required a connecting flight in London/Zurich or Frankfurt and added a lot of time to the trip, quite often before it was more than a 24 hr journey for me , now i can do it in a long day so thanks easyjet .

Also with Easyjet you can pay a little extra to have flexible booking , in case you need to make a change, overall i'm very impressed with their website , ease of booking , options and value for money , just hope that flights itself lives upto the service i have experienced so far, hopefully i can post some positive news after my flight.

After 6 years of flying there things have finally started to get a little easier , hopefully Russia will relax its visa system soon also, they really should make it easier for European citizens with wifes in Russia to travel there, or people who have built up a good history of travel and regularly wish to be there.

Author:  Julian [ 10 Apr 2013 15:49 ]
Post subject:  Re: Virgin or Easyjet to fly the Moscow route from 2013?

[yes.gif] I can happily report that my first flight with Easyjet from Manchester to Moscow was comfortable and without any issue , the only real difference with this company and any other is the fact that you pay for any onboard food and drinks you want , however you can plan for this and I saved at least £80 over any previous flight I have ever had and for the first time enjoyed a direct flight to Moscow which saves loads of time so a big thumbs up for Easyjet [clap.gif] and I hope the service becomes popular.

Author:  wiz [ 10 Apr 2013 18:14 ]
Post subject:  Re: Virgin or Easyjet to fly the Moscow route from 2013?

There you are .... another happy clients of EasyJet!

I agree with you that is about time the Russian's resolve this problem with the visa and then life will be easier for all of us.

I think you can get very cheap tickets if you know when you are going to fly there next time. Soon they will start emailing you special offers...... and once you get used to them, and their little tricks you can avoid paying for the extras, like my wife and I do!

unfortunately the connecting flights to Ufa are very expensive.

On the 29 April we are flying to Corfu for 10 days and the tickets cost us £174 for both!

Same flying time like Gatwick Moscow! [veryhappy.gif]

Author:  wiz [ 18 Dec 2013 10:33 ]
Post subject:  Re: Virgin or Easyjet to fly the Moscow route from 2013?

Transaero and EasyJet Moscow-London deal
Ticketing agreement boosts choice and flexibility of flights for passengers.

Transaero, Russia’s second-largest airline, has started to sell tickets for flights between Moscow and London with the leading budget airline on the British aviation market, the discount carrier easyJet.

“In addition to our own flights operated from Moscow’s Vnukovo to London’s Heathrow, Transaero offers passengers the opportunity to fly from Moscow’s Domodedovo airport to Gatwick airport,” said Olga Pleshakova, general director of Transaero.

Tickets are available for flights beginning December 16, 2013.

The co-operation between Transaero and easyJet, which flies 600 routes across more than 30 countries, was made possible by an intergovernmental deal, which obliges designated carriers to enter into commercial agreements. Transaero and easyJet are the second designated carriers on the Moscow-London route. “We are confident that this partnership, which is the first of its kind in airline history, will be mutually beneficial,” said Ms Pleshakova.

Under the agreement, the Russian airline will sell discount flights on the basis of a flex fare (this ticket price includes a range of services, such as free checked baggage). “We are delighted to offer our flights for sale for less than £100 return on this landmark route,” said an easyJet spokesman. “It will be both easier and more affordable than ever before to fly between the two capital cities.”

EasyJet began to offer flights between London Gatwick and Moscow in March this year. Now Transaero can sell its tickets as well. The Russian airline confirmed that there were three pricing levels, two of them promotional fares with the cheapest offered for flights only on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. “The availability of fares will be determined by ticket demand,” it emphasised.

“From the point of view of tourism, it is the independent tourists that will be more likely to buy easyJet tickets,” said Vladimir Kantorovich, president of the Russian Association of Tour Operators. “Young people who are not worried about inconvenience will take these flights from Russia to London.”

International discounters are already active on the Russian market: the German airlines Germanwings and AirBerlin have flights to Russia. However, easyJet’s commercial agreement with Transaero marks the first time a Russian airline has entered into a commercial agreement with a discounter, said an airline source.

Discount airlines have not yet become established on Russia’s domestic market. Two companies that offered discount pricing – Avianova and Sky Express – declared bankruptcy two years ago.

Obstacles faced by Russian discount airlines include airport fees that are up to three times higher than in Europe, according to Mr Kantorovich.

But Russia’s current legislation is the main road block to creating budget airlines, said a Transaero source. For example, airlines in Russia are not allowed to sell non-refundable tickets, must provide free meals on board, and must give passengers a certain amount of checked baggage free. Another problem is the existing airport infrastructure, which is not set up for handling low-cost flights.

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