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Ryanair to enter the Russian market
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Author:  wiz [ 18 Dec 2013 09:55 ]
Post subject:  Ryanair to enter the Russian market

Ryanair to enter the Russian market

Ryanair, Europe's largest discount airline, has announced plans to begin regular flights from Dublin to Moscow and St. Petersburg. Experts believe that the new routes could increase traffic between the cities by 35-40 percent and revive competition in the market.

If the decision is approved by Russia’s Federal Air Transport Agency, flights could begin as soon as the end of March 2014.

In an official note sent by the Irish embassy to the Russian foreign ministry, Irish officials expressed their desire to see the Russian side approve the decision.

Ryanair announced its intention to fly to Russia in 2012, but the start date was postponed several times. Representatives of the company attributed this to administrative barriers on the Russian side.

Oleg Panteleev, head of the Aviaport analytical agency, said that Ryanair may find some challenges in the Russian market. "We must understand that the Irish airline operates in Europe, where discount airlines are common. The Russian market mainly consists of fairly wealthy passengers who fly regularly," Panteleev said.

He added that the arrival of a discount airline in the Russian market could increase traffic on connecting flights by approximately 35-40 percent. "The only thing holding back transportation development is demand. Ryanair has a lot of potential. However, if the airline sees the flights are filling up, it will not be interested in reducing prices, it will try to get even more from this market," said Panteleev, adding that the company could also attract some passengers that would have made the connection between Russia and Ireland via Helsinki.

November 27, 2013 Anna Kuchma, RBTH

Author:  Julian [ 18 Dec 2013 19:15 ]
Post subject:  Re: Ryanair to enter the Russian market

Ryanair would have to change some of their policies and their approach to customer service to have any success flying to Russia . I can't imagine flying for 4 hours by Ryanair in their cramped and uncomfortable seats with no complimentary refreshments , how would they deal with the average Russian carrying on several bags , i can see now a lot of heated arguments about that .

In my experience and i fly on average every two to three weeks (Thankfully not with this Irish company) Ryanair must be one of the worst airlines in the world and without doubt in Europe the worst by far , service is not a word i that should be used with any part of their business , even their Managing Director admitted this year that they need to make changes to how they conduct business and treat their customers , i for one won't ever use their service to Russia , there are plenty of reasonably priced tickets to Moscow if you know where and when to look with decent airline companies , who don't hide their charges and try to hijack you at every opportunity to push the price up .

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