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 Post subject: Changes to the EEZ of Russia and Ukraine
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One of the problems faced by Russia and Ukraine was the issue of the transfer of natural gas from the shore to the EU countries, partly because Ukraine was not its debts for gas to Russia, on time and because of the interference from western interests in that matter.

There was also a problem in the Black sea, as the South Stream pipes, which should arrive in Bulgaria would have to pass through the Ukrainian EEZ (Exclusive Economic Zone), so again there would be different kinds of problems that would delay the implementation of the project.

President Putin and his colleagues predicted the issue that would arise, some years ago. So, they have signed intergovernmental agreements with Bulgaria, Serbia so not to create future obstacles from every possible way. It should not be considered accidental the fall in the price of natural gas to Greece, which agreed by President Putin and the Greek PM Samaras.

What all of these actually mean?

They mean that many onlookers were watching an intelligent geo-strategic game played by Russia in the region, but many could have never known what would happen to the region. What may not have been realised or guessed from anybody would have been the determination of Putin and the excessive stupidity of the unelected Ukrainian government which replaced the legally elected government of Yanoukovitz. Too much nationalism is blinding.

The unelected government of Ukraine should have foreseen the possible movements of Russia, and the fact that things could not evolve as the U.S. and the EU showed and show them.

The world is a huge chessboard and the two superpowers can exchange targets in each area, ie to trade according to their interests.Those who lose are always the small and poor countries, when ruled by politicians who do not respect the roles and positions.

The two maps that follow change the boundaries of the EEZ of Ukraine and Russia in the Black Sea, after the acquisition by Russia of the Republic of Crimea.


Note that the South Stream no longer passes through the Ukrainian EEZ. Russia no longer need to interact with Ukraine or even with Turkey to pass the South Stream pipeline from the EEZ. Meanwhile, Russia has no need to sell natural gas to Ukraine at very low prices and no longer support with loans the Ukraine.

Russia for economic reasons mostly would not risk getting involved in the effort of the Eastern regions of Ukraine - where Russian speakers are too many - to secede to Russia unless the present Ukrainian government with the encouragement of the U.S., again, will push Russia to decide ...

The new Ukrainian government chose to drop the country in the clutches of IMF. I wonder though, what the IMF could snatch from this country? The Russian gas will now be going to the EU from the South street. Ukraine still has no hydrocarbons like Greece and the English law would not have much sense ...

I have not seen before condensed, so much stupidity...!

PS. Possible extension of TAP pipe from Turkey through Romania to Ukraine makes the perceived geostrategic role of Odessa, understandable . The likelihood of this extension of the TAP to be build, would be small. More important is to remember that U.S. armament companies have decreased funds and someone needs to help them.

BY By Dr.G.Zouganeli


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