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 Post subject: Ukraine and the MH17 Crash
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Washington’s Use of the UN Security Council as an Instrument of Propaganda, “Regime Change” and War

In 1991, UN Security Council Resolution 678 under Chapter VII led to the “destruction of the infrastructure necessary to support human life in Iraq.” (Quote from Report by Marti Ahtisaari)

In 2011, UN Security Council Resolution 1973 under Chapter VII led to the destruction of Libya, now a terrorist infested failed state.

Will another Security Council Resolution under Chapter VII lead to the destruction of Russia?

When the following five words are heard at the UN Security Council: “Resolution Adopted Under Chapter VII,” be afraid, be very afraid! For the second time in 21 days, Russia vetoed a US-NATO sponsored draft resolution, the most recent one invoking Chapter VII. Russia’s veto helped avert the risk of a major war.

The agenda of the Malaysia draft resolution S/2015/562 was transparent, and any suggestion of impartiality was ludicrous. The war drums were beating, and without trial, without the presumption of innocence, and without any impartial investigation into the actual perpetrators of the internecine warfare which is now destroying Ukraine, Russia is condemned as the guilty party, though the facts reveal that Russia is the victim of intrigues so Byzantine that even Russia may not be able to withstand them.

Although the responsibility for the downing of Malaysia Airline Flight MH17 on July 17, 2014 has never been established, nor, indeed, has it been established if the downing of the flight was an accident, a mistake, or an act of premeditated murder, the Malaysia draft resolution vetoed by Russia, with abstentions by China, Angola and Venezuela, has prejudged, tried, convicted, condemned and sentenced to imprisonment or death parties which are the victims of one of history’s most venal acts of geopolitical engineering, the destabilization and overthrow of Ukraine’s democratically elected President Yanukovich, an action masterminded by US Assistant Secretary of State Nuland, on behalf of the US-NATO neo-conservative agenda.

The consequences of this destabilization of Ukraine have been described in detail by the Russian Ambassador one year ago, during Security Council meeting 7231 on July 30, 2014, as follows:

    “The cruelty of the Kiev authorities’ attacks have simply spiraled. Donetsk, Luhansk, Horlivka and many other residential areas have suffered massive bombardments, including indiscriminate firing of Grad rockets and aerial bombing. Strikes are hitting civilian targets, including transport and public routes, hospitals and residential areas. In Horlivka alone, dozens of civilians have died. And in most cases there are no militias to be found anywhere near. Does the information that we have been seeing on the use of Ukrainian military ballistic missiles not speak to rampant military escalation? All of this fully supports our description of the Kiev authorities’ actions as a punitive operation against its own people. A stream of refugees continue to arrive on Russian territory, with more than 150,000 so far seeking temporary asylum, residence permits or citizenship.

    The number of those who are crossing the border and staying in the Russian Federation has reached the hundreds of thousands. Rockets launched by Ukrainian forces continue to fall on Russian territory. On 29 July, Russian customs personnel at the Gukovo border crossing were again deliberately fired on. It appears that Kiev does not want the OSCE observer mission to conduct its normal work monitoring the situation on the Russian-Ukrainian border. We demand that Kiev stop firing on Russian territory and ensure the international observers’ safety.”

In this year’s UN Security Council Meeting 7498 the Russian Ambassador further affirmed:

    In Resolution 2166 (2014) we insisted on the inclusion in the text of provisions concerning the immediate cessation of all military activities in the area directly adjacent to the crash site. It was the Russian Federation that raised in the Security Council the issue of Kiev’s violation of that provision in August, when the Ukrainian authorities unilaterally declared they would no longer adhere to the ceasefire agreement, as a result of which the joint investigation team was forced to suspend its work for a lengthy period. Within the framework of the technical investigation, pursuant to annex 13 to the Convention on International Civil Aviation, Russian experts transferred to the Dutch side all the information requested of us, including data from the Rostov radar station of the air traffic control system. A few days after the crash, the Russian Ministry of Defence held a briefing during which it released all Russian satellite data, which were also sent to the Dutch side. Analysis and calculations regarding one version of the catastrophe –that the flight was shot down by a surface-to-air Buk-type missile—were also sent to the Netherlands by experts of the Russian manufacturer Almaz-Antey. To that end, data concerning the technical characteristics of such missiles was declassified. Russia was the only country to make public such data.”

Unfortunately, a year after the adoption of resolution 2166, serious issues remain as to how the investigation has been conducted. Russian experts were not provided equal access to the various aspects of the technical investigation. They unilaterally provide their data and calculations, but remain unaware of what then happens to the information. We have repeatedly offered to provide qualified experts and equipment to carry out complicated work, for example, metallurgical analysis, which would have enabled us, by testing pieces of the wreckage, to determine the type of missile that brought down the plane. All that remains unanswered.

Turning to criminal investigations, they are being carried out by members of the joint investigation team in a closed fashion. It was reported that an agreement had been reached by the five countries not to disclose information. Given this case, what grounds are there to be assured of the impartiality of this investigation? Can the investigation stand up to the backdrop of aggressive propaganda from the media? Can it withstand the pressure of an obvious political put-up job when the causes of the disaster and those responsible are announced in advance? Moreover such statements are being made by a number of the leaders of States that make up the joint investigation team.

Read more here: .[click-me.gif].


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