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 Post subject: How the US planned in 2006, today's chaos, in Syria
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How the US planned in 2006, today's chaos, in Syria!

It is a common knowledge that the US interference in the affairs of third countries and
has been organising the fall of regimes that do not comply and any new revelations
by wikileaks no longer surprise anyone.


A new paper published on the website of «Wikileaks», dating back to 2006, detailing the US plan to destabilize Syria and undermining the authority of President Bashar al-Assad.

The document begins with the expression "US distress" for the stability of the Syrian regime and the fact that Syrian President "Bashar al-Assad" has become "stronger than he was two years ago" despite, already, three American invasion of Iraq. America planned to undermine the pro-Iranian regimes like Syria and the Lebanese party of Hezbollah, as favours to the Zionist entity.

This is a document issued by the US embassy in Damascus, which recognizes the stability of the Syrian state, which worried Washington. Therefore began work to exploit any weaknesses in Damascus, using any opportunity in exerting pressure on Assad. To break down the equilibrium relationship with Lebanon, carried out the assassination of the Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri and began to attribute responsibility to the Syrian government.

In the document Washington stressed the need to take advantage of this situation and demand that there will be a public announcement of the results of the research implicating Assad to the murder.

One paragraph of the letter refers to the Vice President of Syria, Abdel-Halim Khaddam who allegedly was told that" the government has no popular base "while emphasizing that" the appearance of Vice President in the media bother the Syrian elite and Assad personally. " The document informs that "we must continue to encourage Saudi Arabia and other partners to propagate the media, and to highlight the dark side of the system. " .

The same document authorizes the split in the ranks of the military intelligence and the need of spreading rumours of coup attempts, because the system is very sensitive to rumours of coup attempts, so to cause a worry in the ranks of the Army, the Administration and Security of the country.

The document also proposes to stress in any way the failure of "economic reforms", particularly during the period of the Syrian Presidential Election 2006, to embarrass and isolate Assad. Also suggest comparison "of Syrian reforms" with other reforms in the Middle East and calls for action to prevent the Gulf countries for Arab investments in Syria.

On the Kurdish issue, the document proposes to organize a campaign of complaints of Kurds in Syria, through international organizations and NGOs Human Rights in order to discredit the government. However it noted: "This issue must be addressed carefully because any mistake on the Kurdish issue in Syria may turn against us and the Kurds to discredit our efforts to build a Kurdish" opposition ". Also be careful with the Syrian intelligence services which are suspicious about the objectives of some kurds.

In the section on terrorist activities, according to the American description of the document, the US government recognises (discreetly) "that the Syrian regime, had connection with relevant action groups that have links to al-Qaeda" and heralds the emergence of some terrorist acts in Syria.

The document recommends the transition and the presence of terrorist groups in Syria, such as "Hamas" and the "Islamic Jihad." It is estimated that the historic efforts of the country and the government of Assad against terrorist groups is a weak spot, providing all the signs of instability and governance of the policy options. Note that it is difficult to fully ascertain the extent of the Islamist threat to the regime within Syria, but it is certain that there is a long-term threat.

Of course, we have no need to go back to a document of «WikiLeaks» to understand the reality of the American plan against Syria, destroying an entire country in favour of the Zionist entity. However, it reveals how despicable is the long-planned scenarios for destabilization, the cynicism of the designers of the "pundits on humanitarian issues" and the hatching of events in favour of a chaotic project.

It also shows the extent of American influence in Arab states and rulers who follow meekly the US commands. It becomes abundantly clear the primary US role in the deteriorating situation in Syria, and the conversion of a political situation in a devastating war between the state and armed gangs that enjoyed support, funding and equipment from Washington and some other conspiratorial states.


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