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 Post subject: BREXIT - The Latest developments
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BREXIT - The Latest Developments

Having listen to the radio and read in various papers the latest statement by T. May, it becomes clear that she has not worked out a clear policy on the Brexit negotiations and for the past year, after the referendum, she has created a very unpleasant situation for all EU citizens without a clear direction.

Reading the following article on the Guardian it's pretty obvious her latest offer is very short of the expectations by the EU.

Brexit: May 'blocked unilateral offer for EU citizens' rights' last June

"Support groups for EU citizens in Britain have criticised the long delay and uncertainty faced by families and workers in the UK, who are unsure of their immigration status following Brexit."

Osborne, the ex Chancellor and now editor of the Standard wrote:

"Once again, this morning, millions of families wake up among us not knowing whether they will be allowed to remain in the country where they have chosen to make their lives,” the paper said. “There has to be a very strong reason of national interest even to contemplate causing such upset. There isn’t."

On the other hand the EU has already published in their official site the requirements and it appears they are already prepared before she made any statements.: ... _en#latest ... kingdom_en ... per_en.pdf

At the moment, in my view, we have the worst PM for the country. She failed as a Home Office Minister and now is causing huge problems unnecessary and I wonder how long she will last?

As everybody knows uncertainty in the country is causing troubles in the financial markets, which is not good for the UK. ???

The fact is that the EU 27 Member have over 350 Million and the UK only around 68 million people.

The EU has published a very detail information regarding Brexit and appears to be, if you read any of the “documents for discussion” well prepared and have thought almost every detail that has to be taken into consideration.

If you ever have been in some kind of negotiations, like I have been several times, I am sure in the space of 10 minutes you know that a deal can be done or not. Keeping the cards near to your chest it's a good practice but on the other hand you already know that your very strong opposition has made clear and openly what is prepared to accept and at the moment it appears the EU has its ducks and plans in order where the UK is playing a difficult game of Creative vagueness and uncertainty.

The truth is that none of our politicians, government and opposition, are telling us the true facts which are very simple.

The 27 EU member don’t seem to be that bothered as they know they are in a very strong position and have already agreed that all EU Banks are under the control and supervision of the ECB and as from next year the Fiscal policy and state revenues of the member states will be controlled by the ECB directly?

Are you aware that any country joining the EU has to accept the rules of the Maastricht Treaty, which specifies that they have to accept all directives coming out of the EU and must transpose them into their National Law?

For 44 years the UK and all other member states have done that and there are a huge number of such directives transposed into the British Law. Taking an example of what Cameron has been negotiating before the Referendum it appears that the UK objects to 2-3 such directives and more specifically articles of those directives.

Following various comments about the carmakers and other various comments by manny people in the papers, what is left for negotiation is very little. All these comments about “Hard Brexit” etc it’s simply a BS and not much will change. As they say: “Why change something that has been working successfully?”

Theresa May already has stated that she is prepared to secure the 3 million EU citizens if the EU reciprocate for the 1+ million British living in the EU. Then apart from a few cosmetic changes at the directive 2004/38 about “Freedom of Movement” a solution will be found. The UK needs cheap labour to collect its agriculture products in Lincolnshire and Kent, as farmers and large supermarkets will start complaining, because they will be uncompetitive using local labour…. who prefer the doll than breaking their backs collecting vegetables. We also need Nurses and Doctors for our NHS, Hotel staff, builders and etc. As about the Jurisdiction of the Court of justice in Hague, the Brits are very good in fudging things and make them work.

The government has already prepared laws to change the EU labels to become British after the Brexit and that was in the Queen’s speech. Looks that TM and the Tories changed their views and are looking to stay in the single Market that JC of Labour also accepted.
Al financial obligations will be met!

So how long it will take for these problems to sort them out?

What the EU have not published is the following important changes to its structures.

Within the next three months, the European Union's common Defence doctrine will begin. This was decided by the EU leaders at a summit in Brussels on Thursday (June 22nd). This is the Franco-German plan. In the next quarter, EU governments will have to tell whether they will participate in the new Pan-European defence system, army in other words.

"The European defence policy had to start in 1954, I proposed it in 2014, it is now happening," said the EU commission chairman Jean-Claude Juncker, after the meeting. However, the details of the plan remain secret. None of the people and parliaments of the Member States knows exactly what that plan is.

Speaking to reporters at the first EU Summit, French President Emmanuel Makron described the last move as "historic." "For years and years there has been no progress in defence and it has been one today," and that is how and why a 3rd rate politician became President of France and after the last elections his new party has also clear Majority in the government. Of course the Brussels politburo had nothing to do with his success! :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

The German Chancellor Angela Merkel reiterated her views, stating that the proposal would enable the participating EU countries to carry out missions around the world and of course at any EU country to impose the will of the EUSSR. "In the coming weeks and months, we will look at possible projects and the criteria that will have to be met," she said, adding that the European force will complement NATO. Must not forget that Germany does not have or permited to have a large army, from the capitulation agreement that was signed with the Allies in 1945 &48, according to Gerd-Helmut Kommosa ex head of the BND in his book "Die Deutsche Karte", so is using army brigades from Chezh, Hungary, and others like the WAFFEN SS, during the WWII, Polish, Ukrainian etc.

So the Germans have achieved to take over Europe with financial means, what they have not achieved with the guns and millions of people dead.

The old dream of Hitler and his friends becomes reality!



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