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Taking the first step become mobile!
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Author:  wiz [ 03 Dec 2011 05:18 ]
Post subject:  Taking the first step become mobile!

Taking the first step become mobile!

Hanna (my wife) is not a "Lady of Leisure" ..... as she has been working for the past 2 1/2 years and to be honest she doesn't have much free time in her hands.

Yesterday was a big day for her....... she had to take the "theory test" on her way getting a driving licence! She has been studying the "theory Test", for sometime now, and we had booked a place with DSA to take the test.

Well she passed the test with flying colours and she achieved an excellent score. [bravo1.gif]

The test is in two parts and on the first part she had to answer 50 questions with multi choice answers. Minimum requirement to pass the test is 43 correct replies but Hanna answered correctly all the 50 questions! [clap.gif]

Then it's the perception test, where they have 14 short films to go through identifying various hazards with maximum score 75 points. Minimum passing rate is 44 points and Hanna achieved 55 points! [thumbs.gif]

As you can imagine she was/is very happy smiling like a "Cheshire cut" and as soon as we arrived back home...... she was on the blower to tell her mum about it! [yahoo.gif]

Well done darling..... and I hope you will pass the Driving test soon, so I can take a rest and you can drive me around. [clap.gif] [hurrah.gif] [hurrah.gif] [hurrah.gif]

Author:  Rasboinik [ 03 Dec 2011 16:12 ]
Post subject:  Re: Taking the first step become mobile!


The next step will be the freedom to Image yourself to where-ever you want.

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