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 Post subject: The Assassination of Alexander Ivanov
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The 3 November 2014, was killed in the UAE the son of the head of the Presidential Administration Sergei Ivanov, Alexander. In shallow water, in a very short time, in front of numerous witnesses and personal protection, Ivanov died, presumably not from drowning as a result of his contact with the sea and sea water in his lungs, but probably was poisoning with an overpowering strong poison.

The doctors were powerless to save him and the young person of 37 years old died and plunged in deep grief and sorrow his parents, thus the power unit of the Russian elite was subjected to its strongest test of the last 14 years. For this death there must be a reason, and quite compelling.

When the Elite want to achieve its goal, they put pressure to those who resist by killing their children, as in the case of Gutseriev. When they want to clear a path, they eliminate their rivals. As far as we can see, Ivanov was not a rival, but he was actively intervene in the events taking place in Russia and prevented the plans of those who started to play their own game. In this chain of events, it looks like a preparation for a new arrangement, in the ruling elite of the country, where the Vatican and the Rothschilds have moved into open attack.

On the 17 October 2014, President Vladimir Putin paid a visit to Serbia, where he was received with great honours and protracted conversations took place, without the presence of journalists, resulting in very nervous German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who still waited for Putin, till very late.

We wonder what important conversation took place in Belgrade, so much so that the president delayed his departure for his visits to Italy, with Angela Merkel and Sylvio Berlusconi?

Surprisingly, three weeks after this reception in Belgrade, Seselj returned home in triumph, promising sensational revelations following his eleven-year stay in The Hague. Needless to say, the triumphant return of Seselj, is a huge defeat at the Hague Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, and one should expect the release of Radovan Karadzic and R.Mladicha who are able to greatly change the current Serbian authorities. Such events do not just happen, but are evidence of major changes in the policies of the EU and the UK. Especially given the extremely negative attitude of Germany towards Russia, which has always been on the side of Serbia. Obviously, the Vatican and the Rothschilds were involved in the execution plan with these random sequence of actions of Germany and the late waiting of Prime Minister Vladimir Putin was not made in vain by Merkel.

However, this seems to be a logical narrative but there is one big discrepancy, which occurred on 21 October 2014, when the “Head of Total”, Christophe de Margerie, was killed in a plane accident in Moscow. Obviously, this was not intended to kick Vladimir Putin in the face and his entourage of G.Timchenko, L.Mihelsona and Sechin, no doubt with Sergei Ivanov, supervising the entire power unit. The first attack was followed by a second – the murder of Sergei Ivanov son. Why?


The personality of Ivanov was always associated with effective solutions and uncompromising control, threatening the stability of the liberals in power, primarily Chubais, Kudrin, Dmitry Medvedev and the entire block of HSE (Higher School of Economics -Moscow, Russia), that have been overseen the Russian economy. Throw in Gref, who met behind closed doors in Moscow, Henry Kissinger, and you can get a full picture of what is happening now in Russia’s sluggish coup. Remember the case of Anna.Sycheva that was affected by the actions of her colleagues, who created such a response, that led to the resignation, in 2007, from his post of Minister Sergei Ivanov and the Defense Minister of Anatoly Serdyukov, which was overturned for the sake of the Armed Forces and the threat of NATO troops.

Who was behind Putin when he appointed the taxman that killed Yukos and imprisoned Mikhail Khodorkovsky at the Ministry of Defence and the transfer of assets to "Rosneft"?

Yukos was owned by the Rothschilds, as well as the companies of Oleg Deripaska, Mikhail Prokhorov and Vladimir Potanin. But at that time the first violin was playing to the Rockefellers, whose interests are more consistent, to "Putin's" Russia and the high oil prices. Moreover, not only Ivanov had to give up his place, also the decision of the President Vladimir Putin that handed over the reins to DA Medvedev, which mortally offended Ivanov.

I wonder who took over the Crimea, when Vladimir Putin constantly refused Russian participation in the stabilization of the situation in Crimea and the successful conduct of the referendum.

Did the Head of the Presidential Administration, Sergei Ivanov, personally oversaw this superbly staged event?

But then the question arises: who helped to create Novorossia, and who kept back Kiev from destroying the referendums in Donetsk and Lugansk?

Again, all the threads point to S.Ivanov, Vladimir Putin the only actions he can claim is the secret agreement with Victor Yanukovych to guarantees his security and the protection of the Russian investments of the Ukrainian president. All foreign investments of Victor Yanukovych and also of the Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko are quite far from the Ukraine, at the United Arab Emirates, where also have their investments, many Russian nouveaux riches. So it was not a coincident the trip of Ivanov - junior to the Emirates, where he became a victim of the big politics, that knows no pity.

Creation of S. Ivanov in Nova Russia are, I.Strelkov (Girkin), I.Bezler, A.Mozgovoy and others. I.Strelkov and I.Bezler will not return to Nova Russia (at least in the current political situation). A.Mozgovoy is blocked and also faced with a difficult choice. The current official authorities of Nova Russia are forced to balance between Kiev and Moscow, trying to guess their fate and the intricacies of the Moscow elite.


Why did it happen?

The annexation of Crimea to Russia and the expansion of Kremlin in the New Russia not only raised to unattainable level Russian patriotism, but also created heroes. Russian soldiers began to form around them, who are efficient capable fighters that put above their lives the idea.

At this point the Rothschild’s and the Vatican were really scared, because Russia, together with Crimea, started slipping away from their tentacles. They calculated with the events in Crimea that will be able to keep in power and prolong the reign of Vladimir Putin, by creating a foundation for the deterioration of the economic situation in our country. Such an unprecedented upsurge of patriotism, the beginning of formation of the Russian idea and, most importantly, the heroes of the war that could lead the Russian people has changed the attitude of the enemies of Russia and the further course of events. As conceived by the UK and the Vatican, Russia should not have heroes; there should not be growth of Russian patriotism, because FinIntern ( Finational International ) have planned a different fate for our state, where during the fires of a new civil war the Russian statehood will be eliminated and stop to exist as am independent nation.

The whole liberal - economic bloc of the Russian elite, acting on behalf of the Rothschilds and the Vatican originally relied on the anti-Russian, cosmopolitan positions to prevent any Russian heroes appearing, capable of leading the Russian people. Yu.Budanov was killed, V.Kvachkov is in prison, I.Strelkov and I.Bezler, are demoralized and S. Ivanov depressed, but an amorphous mass is created around Medvedev - Dvorkovich - Shuvalov, who are preparing to take the place of Vladimir Putin. Why?

The high ratings of the president does not allow chaos to settle in Russia, does not allow them to reduce the standard of living of the citizens so to intervene and protect Russia's stability, which at this stage can deteriorate for quite a long time, at least three to five years. But these plans do not suit those who have already started the mechanism of preparation for construction of the Third Temple in Jerusalem and the throne of the king.

Incidentally, in the destruction of Russian patriotism and the demoralization of Strelkov - Bezler - Ivanov these occupants of the Izborsk Club played a big role: A.Prohanov, M.Delyagin, A.Dugin and N.Starikov. Their strategic plans, change almost weekly, they have brought a great confusion in the ranks of the Russian soldiers - heroes who trust those who should not be trusted, because the interests of the club Izborsk correlated with those of the Vatican and the Rothschilds. It’s a crime not to know this.


Another danger, which makes the criminal money world behind the scenes to act faster and faster, it’s social - democratic direction of the power bloc planned by SB. Ivanov implying from the following items:

  1. Socially-oriented mixed economy with state regulation (similar to the one they are trying, today, to build in Nova Russia)

  2. Equality of all forms of ownership with a predominance of state ownership,

  3. Civil and workers control in enterprises, institutions and various public institutions,

  4. The nationalization of strategic companies, major financial institutions, including the Central Bank of Russia, as well all natural resources.

  5. Progressive scale of taxation, protection of the poor and increase of the social responsibility of the state,

  6. Protectionism in the foreign policy of the state, change of the Constitution, the rejection of subordination internationally - legal contracts, the sovereignty of our country,

  7. Creating primary cells of self-government and their inclusion in the system of state power.

These and other provisions of the Social - Democracy meeting the requirements the block of S. Ivanov and the patriotic movement, not satisfied with the Vatican and the British Crown, because on this basis can be built a superstructure of democracy that ultimately change the current system of power in Russia. Even the nationalization of the CBR will inevitably lead to the beginning of the implementation of reforms in the economy and politics of the state where the execution of the above seven points would be the consequence of the transition of funds under the control of the state. That is why the Russian government's economic bloc stands impregnable wall against any interference in finance and Yeltsin constitution, enshrining the supremacy of the Vatican and the Rothschilds in Russian politics.

The same can be said for the President Vladimir Putin that does not allow any changes to the anti-national Constitution. The undermining of the foundations of the Kremlin are all increasing pace, so the corporate elite, including the Central Bank of Russia began to be proactive, because resistance to them is neutralized by the disorganization of the power unit Ivanov. Fall in the value of the rubble, reduced profitability of exports, blocking Chinese "reversal" of Russia in the East and transfer (forced) assets in Hong Kong, said that the period of chaos in Russia began.

Unstoppable substantive Russian policy should be sought not in the weakness of those who oppose the liberal wing of the Russian elite and not from the agents of foreign influence, but in the lack of desire of many people to make changes of their own position, and the current situation of Russia. Individualism has corroded the Russian soul, our people are so engulfed chasing ghostly possessions and benefits of today’s civilization that of credit acquisitions is destroying the country. Patriotism has become a dirty word, although Crimea - our comfort has successfully replace compassion, though we all are outraged at the crimes of Kiev in Donbass. Society is destroyed daily in the pursuit of benefits associated with the burden of hate, rudeness, lack of principles and trampling morality. This whole set of interpersonal communications of the bourgeois capitalistic world is not for the Russian people, who have never lived such unethical categories of lies and fake successes. This state of affairs of our society leads to degradation that is already here. So we need to change the code of civilization of the Russian people, going back to our roots, but at a new level.

How to do it?

Unfortunately, looking back to Russian history it does not offer us any other way except through suffering, through the need to feel again as one people, able to mobilize all our forces to fight the enemy and begin the reconstruction. Powerful impetus to the development of Russia happens after a destructive struggle for its existence, when it’s possible reassessment of values, when a word can cause a response in the heart of every Russian man ready to die for an idea for the future of their country. Russian messianism of the nation comes not from abstract reasoning on a full stomach after the evening meal, but from the struggle to overcome ourselves and protect our neighbours. The only way is to work and struggle, so the Russian people can get stronger, to show, again, that the new Russians will never get old as the old world of Europe and America.

By Ipatyev KF (GRU Retired Major) .....ATTENTION: As you will notice, if you visit the site where the, so called, Ipatyev KF (GRU Retired Major) is posting his articles, there is no more information about him. Possibly there are many people behind this name or a single person posting pro Putin propaganda. What actually is the purpose of this site, I don't know, so bear that in mind while you reading the article, which I find it interesting, despite all my reservations about the poster.

Disclaimer: The contents of this article are of sole responsibility of the author(s). The RWF will not be responsible for any inaccurate or incorrect statement in this article


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