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 Post subject: Unbelievable Prophecy for Putin & its Shocking Verification
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The Unbelievable Prophecy for Putin
and its Shocking Verification ...


A myth has been created around Putin's face. Not so rarely are circulating various territories. The following incident, though it looks unbelievable, is true.

We are in Russia in the 1980s, when "all the shadows were shining and slavery slapped them". Many Russians were afraid to even make their cross because they risked losing their jobs, students being persecuted by the university, families being displaced, and so many others who only knew them. Half of the Russians traded the other half.

Putin probably was not even an official agent of the State Security Service (KGB) at that time.

A group visits a Russian monastery. In it lives an Elder (Starets), who is famous for his proactive charisma. The group wanted to talk to the enlightened Elder. In the end he will tell them two words, which then sounded strange and incomprehensible: "Russia destroyed Rasputin and a Putin would save her" !!!

The visitors left, the years passed, communism fell after the rapid developments that followed Gorbachev's Perestroika. Despite the freedom that was given, the best days that everyone was expecting did not come immediately, to the point that some would be nostalgic for communism. Corruption reigned, the people were hungry, the civil servants were unpaid, the mafia ruled the country, the security was gone, the army neglected, the Soviet republics, one after the other, breaking apart from the former powerful Soviet Union, Russia internationally resilient.

The plan of the World Western Oligarchy and the New Order was to apply Russia's "spontaneous" so-called "orange revolutions" to transform a country into a protectorate state of Albania, Kosovo or Montenegro: power would be in the hands of a this mafia and the enormous natural wealth of the country would be exploited by some of its companies. The Western dream seemed momentum to materialize.

Vladimir Putin appeared in this crucial moment for Russia. During the 8-year, first and second, presidential term (2000-2008), the Russian economy re-emerged after a long time, with energy policy and the great wealth of natural resources, oil and gas. The state salaries were restarted, the army was rebuilt, the national pride returned. The plans of the West were abolished.

For 15 years, the words of the Russian heresy seem to be surprisingly fulfilled: Rasputin was the symbol of corruption, the ruler of the prestigious Christian Tsarist Russia shortly before the October Revolution, and he was decisive in its success. Putin is the symbol of the rebirth, he who recovered the wounded Russian prestige and laid the foundations for a new, Christian Russia. It turned out that the world does not rule the powerful of this world, but the Providence of God.

Putin's case is similar to that of Constantine the Great: both turned to Christianity in old age, and both received an atheistic empire dismantled and transformed it slowly but firmly into a powerful Christian state, and both understood the immense importance who had the Christian religion for the cohesion of their state, both for their remedial work misunderstood and accepted a number of heavy slanders, both showed great wisdom and governmental ability, and the masters ero: both proved undefeated in the military, diplomatic and political battles they gave, according to vimaorthodoxias.

During his rule, Putin showed clear examples of his Orthodox identity: he twice visited Mount Athos and once Jerusalem, supported the Russian Church, took measures against dissemination of homosexuality, returned religion to schools, proved, and in practice that he is the only constant and serious opponent of global Islamic expansionism and of the world-wide Islamic terrorism perceived by the West.

So it seems that even while Putin still lives, Russia can hope. And with her and the rest of the world, who hopes for less injustice, less exploitation, less violence, less oppression of the weak than the stronger, less terrorist, less persecution against Christians.



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