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Author:  Luckyspin [ 06 Mar 2009 10:23 ]
Post subject:  Travel Reports

Travel Reports

Reading and Posting Travel Reports in Forums, like Russian World Forums, is a very useful way for new people to learn from other people’s experiences and educate themselves in the difficulties that they will have to face when starting and getting involved in this endeavour.

It must be noted that people who post their travel reports here, just offer their own experiences, in the hope that it may help someone in the future, therefore it should be respected and not to be taken as an excuse to attack, ridicule and be rude to the poster by other members under the pretext that it’s “Public Information” therefore they have the right to criticise and attack his failures and character.

It is well known fact that, certain people who have nothing better to do with their time, behave very badly towards the original poster and the contents of their travel report. We are not in favour of this ridiculous way with which many posters treat travel reports in general. We have seen this happening in other boards, therefore we will not tolerate such behaviour here neither will allow any hijacking of the thread with [offtopic.jpg] comments and only objective criticism, if asked by the OP, or positive comments are acceptable.

We should always remember that the original poster is using his time and energy in posting this information therefore it must be respected.

If reading these reports you find something that you want to debate in public and in length then it would be more appropriate to start a new thread elsewhere on the forums.


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