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The American Drama
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Author:  wiz [ 27 Nov 2014 17:28 ]
Post subject:  The American Drama


We have every right to destroy a system that seeks to destroy us - this is the motto of the insurgents in the country who cannot understand that, neo-liberalism lead inevitably to total chaos.

The economy can no longer be forcast, nor to govern - ie is not controlled at all, due to greater manipulation ever evolving.

An interesting feature is recorded on the NYT, the commentator of which raises a question that is both simplistic, as well as "provocative" – with the following words:

    "Suppose you tell an economist the following events: long-term rates have collapsed within months, oil prices, as well as other goods are in free fall, due to low demand, while markets predict that inflation will be kept low for many years. What would you answer? "

Very simply he would conclude that, based on these findings, the country where all this is going on, is in a recession course - if not deflation. The state of course is none other than the US today, where all of the above are observed.

A second question to the commenter is:

    "Suppose immediately after, you present the following account to the same economist: the stock market of a nation constantly reports a new record, firms earn more and more money, their turnover rises continuously, while earnings of both banks and investment companies, soaring ".

The economist would say immediately that the country you are describing has remarkably strong growth prospects. The State is of course the same in this case: the United States of America, for which in the first case was concluded recession, while in the second, simultaneously, development.

The author's conclusion, after all, read with the following question:

    "Does this contradiction is a sign that our economy is not as healthy as it seems at first glance? Maybe the situation is much worse than that was signalled by conventional measurements?

Continuing, the excellent "mental game" of the commentator at NYT basically it tell us, actually the following:

  1. A massive intervention by the central banks in the circulation of money has taken place, as well as a huge manipulation of interest rates. Furthermore, exchange rates as well as commodity prices, through the incredible speculation of banks, no longer allow us any reliable estimate of the market.

    At the same time prices, immaterial whether is for oil, gold, the dollar rate or borrowed money, they do not reflect what is really happening in the markets - that it’s not formed on the basis of the free market forces. It is not the result of the balance between demand and supply, but decided on the one hand from the main traffickers of money, on other from those who have inside information.

  2. There is an alarming parallel with the second half of 2007, just before Hurricane followed the financial crisis, which has turned the planet instantaneously to hell. Then there were the first examples in the financial markets, sending distress signals - but the recession started later.

  3. The confusion in the capital markets today is already so great, that central bankers return panicky at the monetary floodgates to open them wide again - not even knowing if it will ever be able to close them before the system is fatally flooded.

    At the same time the established, big, serious and reputable newspapers like the NYT, express or are engaged in conspiracy theories, which are usually the domain of the 'alternative' information internet pages - pages that propagate without any control or afterthought anything however paradox or excessive, it is.

    Further, when the bond market, US ten-year interest rates fall more than 20% during the last twelve months, which means that huge quantities were purchased, one can only conclude that the situation has escaped of any control - even better, it’s not possible to be explained with the help of economics or common sense.

    Besides, this is evidenced by the polls in the USA, where 50% of the answering predict collapse of the economy, while 46% growth and promising. The same chaos characterises the consumers who observe flabbergasted the agonized efforts of the central banks to control the uncontrollable.

Rich and poor

Continuing the scene of the absurd, when you stand at any point of Wall Street, watching the thousands of well-dressed, busy Americans to move with their air of wealth and confidence that distinguishes them, you conclude that this is the "promised land."

The same would happen if you can find how many helicopters move to the city or how many private planes taking off from the airport, with wealthy entrepreneurs or business executives flying worldwide.

On the other hand, if you count the crimes carried out daily in Chicago, if you investigate how many people survive on food coupons provided by the state, if you count the homeless or if you noticed the number of those who live in underground tunnels in Las Vegas, you will conclude that you are in a "hell on earth".


Further, if you wonder what lies behind the Inter-American uprisings, again, sparked by Ferguson, which of course was the spark and not the cause, we will understand is the result of poverty and misery of a large proportion of Americans.

Essentially, it is the opening of the pot, boiling for a very long time in the U.S.A - where firstly are "in a state of mental depression" the poor Citizens, on the other is the elite with its effrontery "neo-liberalism" behaviour not found so much in any other country on the planet, have led the American society in frighteningly deadlocks.

When large firms in the country evade taxes to such a degree, as evidenced by the following graph, while the majority of the population is experiencing reductions in real wages, inter alia with the help of the central banks transferring wealth from bottom to the top, then the disaster is predictable - while there is more delay, the more dangerous becomes


The previous table shows that 7 of the 30 largest companies of the superpower remunerate their managers with more money than they paid for taxes - and almost all have a negative effective tax rate (penultimate column), and are "qualified" for substantial tax refunds!


The superpower is exposed to all corners of the planet, trying to maintain its global hegemony. Conflicts with Russia, competes with China, is trying not to loose its protectorate, Europe, under the leadership of the High Commissioner (Germany), defend the dollar against the attacks from the BRICS, battling for the petrodollar, is fighting in the Middle East, is involved in Africa and so on.

Therefore, it could be assumed that it is reasonable to collapse, with many "open fronts". However, almost always the major powers are destroyed by their own selves - from the uprisings inside their country.

Simply put, they do not try, unfortunately, to face the cause’s preventative (poverty here because of criminal redistribution of income from the bottom to the top), but with repressive methods: the excessive policing of its Citizens, the overthrow of the fair equitable rule of law and also with an authoritarian rule. Unmanned planes (Drones) are used inside the US, since 2006, against the American citizens.

Maybe the US government will understand the problem and change course - before it is too late and destroy the country, with incalculable effects on the planet.

By V. Biliardos amerikaniko-drama

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