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 Post subject: It’s a shame we weren't heard…
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    What have Ukraine’s current rulers “achieved,” and how would Ukraine be getting on if it weren't for those people?

    That’s the question the editor-in-chief of has asked herself!

    On August 24, there will be a military parade in Kiev to celebrate the anniversary of Ukraine’s independence. The “brave Ukrainian army,” which is being hastily manned by new conscripts – miners, engineers, builders – enlisted during the third wave of mobilization, will parade proudly along Khreshchatyk and after that, together with military hardware, will set out for the combat zone to protect Ukraine from its “enemies”: Donetsk miners and their wives, mothers and children. The festive farce will cost the country 80 million hryvni.

    “We are proud of our ‘achievements’”

      Achievement 1 – Civil war.

      (Approximate figures.)

    • We killed 6,000 civilians in Donbas.
    • We killed 4,000 Ukrainian soldiers.
    • We burned dozens of people alive in Odessa.
    • We destroyed 8 billion dollars’ worth of infrastructure in Donbas.
    • We brought Luhansk to the verge of humanitarian disaster. (Locals are drinking water from puddles.)
    • We brought industry in Donbas to a halt.
    • We drove more than a million Donbas residents out to Russia.


      Achievement 2 – We chose our heroes and formulated our national idea and motto.

    • Our brain is Vitali Klitschko.
    • Our honor is Oleh Lyashko.
    • Our conscience is Ihor Kolomoisky.
    • Our heroes are the fascist Dmitro Yarosh, the bandit
    • Oleksandr Muzychko, the oligarch Petro Poroshenko, the Baptist
      Oleksandr Turchynov, the dreamer Arsen Avakov and milady Iryna Farion.
    • The Ukrainian national idea is to hate and kill Russians.
    • The main motto is “Glory to Ukraine.”

      Achievement 3 – Freedom of speech.
    • We are democrats. We are fighting for our national idea. Those who think different should be executed or jailed.
    • We closed down all opposition mass media.
    • We killed nearly ten journalists who encroached upon our homeland’s integrity.
    • We kidnap foreign reporters, torture them and make them say the things we need in front of a camera.
    • We beat the director of the First National TV Channel so that everyone can see what would happen to them.
    • We won’t stop at that.
    • We won’t tolerate a different viewpoint.
    • We have the whole world behind us. The OSCE, Reporters without Borders and other organizations are all turning a blind eye to what we do to journalists, which means we are doing everything right, in proper American style.
    • We held a democratic election for the U.S. president of Ukraine (recruited by U.S. intelligence in 2002, nicknamed “insider,” according to WikiLeaks), giving him 55 percent of the votes in the first round. And it doesn’t matter that some presidential candidates had to be beaten, intimidated and forced to drop out of the race.


      Achievement 4 – Living standards.

      We pushed utility bills up; they now equal an average pension. We cut salaries for teachers and doctors and imposed a compulsory war tax. In short, we made you do what you don't want to do: get involved in a fratricidal war. We canceled free textbooks in schools: you will now have to pay to learn about our defeat in the Great Patriotic War. We advise you to travel less by car as we intend to stop importing Russian oil and you will have to buy A95 gasoline at 1 euro per liter. We pushed the hryvnia exchange rate to a record high: one dollar now costs 13.5 hryvni. We raised food prices.

      Achievement 5 – Gas.

      We will no longer have Russian gas. We pumped all technological oil out of the pipelines so as not to transport Russian fuel through Ukraine. We imposed sanctions and will no longer provide gas transit from Russia: better to see our gas transportation system corrode and disappear than have anything to do with “Moskali.”

      Achievement 6 – Housing and communal services.

      Kiev’s government quarter still has running hot water, while millions of households across the country do not, because there is no gas for heating. But we can advise you how not to freeze during the winter: paint your radiators brown, stock up on firewood and pallets, buy a pot belly wood stove, winterize you home and better move to the ground floor. Your utility bills will double.


      Achievement 7 – Culture and education.

      We banned Russian TV channels and Russian movies. We will watch American movies without translation, because we are future Europeans.
      We are rewriting history textbooks.
      There are three milestone events in our history now: the Second World War (not to be confused with the Patriotic War) and the Bandera movement, the 2004 “Orange Revolution” and Maidan-2014.
      All other facts contradict the theory of Ukrainian statehood. We held the world’s largest parade of embroidered Ukrainian folk shirts and unfurled the largest yellow and blue flag.

      Achievement 8. We acquired friends and allies.

      Our rulers can phone the U.S. President, Secretary of State and senators almost daily to report to them on the course of the civil war, the situation in the country, ask for money, including for the war, and together map out new strategic operations against Russia, like the downing of a Malaysian Boeing or the shelling of a refugee column.

      They pity no one: neither innocent civilians dying in the southeast, nor residents of Kiev, Odessa, Cherkassy or Lviv. Why pity them? They are not Americans.


      “What if…?”

    • In my mind, I often go back to Maidan-2014.
    • What would we have now, if it had all come to an end that fatal winter?
    • First, Crimea and the Donetsk and Luhansk people’s republics wouldn’t have opted for secession under the threat of being ruled by a Nazi junta.
    • Ukrainian vacationers would be basking under the Crimean sun.
    • The $15 billion promised by Russia would have stabilized the economy.
    • The price of Russian gas for Ukraine would have been $260, spurring economic growth.
    • Ukrainian machine-building plants would have had more Russian orders, which would push the GDP up and improve social well-being.
    • There would have been a presidential election in December.
    • The president would have been elected in a democratic and legitimate manner, without sticks, Molotov cocktails and sharpshooters.
    • On September 1, children would have gone to school… those who weren't killed.

We recorded this video in late January 2014, after the first stand-off on Maidan.

Скажем войне -- НЕТ! - NO WAR!

It’s a shame we weren't heard… [crying.gif]


    Disclaimer: The contents of this article are the sole responsibility of the author(s). Russian World Forums will not be responsible for any inaccurate or incorrect statement(s) in this article.

 Post subject: Re: It’s a shame we weren't heard…
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Great post , if only the majority of people in Europe could read this and understand the truth , in my mind all those political leaders who allow this to happen and stand by and watch America destroy this country are just as guilty and should eventually stand trial or pay a price for their association in this crime .

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