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 Post subject: The vision of Greater Europe is dead
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After the end of the Cold War, the idea of a "Greater Europe" stretching from Lisbon to Vladivostok prevailed as a political vision.

'There is no dividing line "was the main slogan, while the core of shared values was, but also the economic and hence political interdependence.

The target was the coexistence and cooperation between countries on an equal footing in the areas of security and trade, the economy in general and human rights.

Following the developments in Ukraine and of course the sanctions imposed by the West this dream, now, seems to be a utopia.

Realpolitik has returned with a vengeance and political power is stronger than ever.

It is now assumed that the dream of a Greater Europe with the participation of Russia or even the possibility of cooperation in good faith does not exist.

As I mentioned earlier, the crisis in Ukraine was crucial. The Maidan was the straw that broke the back of the camel.

What we see now is a short-sighted response to the crisis from both sides, with the risk of losing by both Russia and the EU. Escalating tension will only be able to damage both politically and economically.

The idea of NATO expansion ignoring Moscow’s concerns, which understandably wants to protect an area that is like it or not its spheres of influence, is a huge mistake.

Although we can very easily continue blaming Russia for supporting insurgency in Ukraine, imagine what would have happen if with the blessings of Moscow was overthrown the leader eg in a country, like Mexico, which is, as it happens considered to be in the US or belonging to their sphere of influence.

Just think about it!

Furthermore, the impasse that brought to situation inevitably leads to a costly arms race that does not suit either sides, especially in times like the present, ie recession.

On energy cooperation, the European intransigence and perseverance led to Russia's refusal to proceed with the gas pipeline “South Stream”, while those studying energy are well aware that Europe can not operate without energy from Russia, whatever science fiction scenarios we read and hear on this issue, every day.

But what should be done from now on?

Perhaps the suggestions of Gorbi (Mikhail Gorbachev), made in a recent article, should be accepted.

The Minsk Agreement should form the basis for the settlement of the crisis.

Russia, under President Vladimir Putin, has the ability to influence the separatists of Donetsk and Lugansk, while the international community can affect the Ukraine, which, incidentally, has admitted that there is no military solution to the problem. You must use other means and of course the economic isolation of Russia does not help the situation, since it makes it more unpredictable and therefore dangerous.

The orgy of propaganda we watch for many months must stop. It is completely useless and incomprehensible the attitude of the West and leads to deadlock.

Do not forget that Russia is the largest energy exporter in the world and the second largest arms exporter in the world after the US and sold a total of $15.7 billion Dollars of weapons abroad in 2013 according to official reports.

Those who dream of a Russia, as it was during Yeltsin era, to buy it over cheaply or for a plate or lentil soup, will probably fall out of their predictions and I fear that they will pay the price of their arrogance.



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