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 Post subject: The War Against Putin
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The War Against Putin

In the West, politicians and journalists of all stripes have referred to Russian President Vladimir Putin as a "thug", a "tyrant", a "murderer", a "Communist", a "Nazi", the next "Hitler" and more.

But amongst the Russian people, his popularity rating has reached levels as high as 85%. There is even a very popular hit 'disco' song about him - 'A Man Like Putin'.

So, who's right? Why such hatred for Vladimir Putin?

Is it justified? Or has Putin been targeted merely for standing up the US-EU Axis of Internationalism?

This interview takes you through 'crash course' journey from Russia's Medieval founding, through the days of the Czars, through the Communist Revolution and bloody Civil War, through Stalin & World War II, through the Cold War, through the Soviet collapse, through the Yeltsin disaster, and finally the Putin-led rebirth of the Russian nation.

It is one of the "greatest stories never told", and will shed badly needed light on the new Russia, its dynamic leader, the dark forces aiming to bring about its demise, and maybe even World War III.

The War Against Putin

A review by Paul Craig Roberts ..

There is an interesting book, a pamphlet (booklet) really, titled “The War Against Putin” by M.S. King, available on The book has 16 5-star reviews and one review accusing the book of being Kremlin propaganda.

The value of this publication is in showing how Washington operated against the Soviet Union and how Washington operates against Russia today. Readers will gain insight into the mendacity of the government in Washington and learn that the US and European media are propagandistic organizations that impose false stories on the minds of Americans and Europeans. Anyone who relies on the Western media lives inside The Matrix.

King’s booklet is not perfect, but it is valuable and easy to read. In his effort to put Washington’s attack on Putin’s Russia in a historical context, King’s foray into wider history is a bit idiosyncratic. For example, King writes that Hitler had to invade the Soviet Union in order to preempt a looming Soviet invasion of Germany. Such a Soviet attack seems unlikely–indeed impossible–in view of Stalin’s purge of Soviet military commanders that began two months before Hitler’s invasion. Stalin had so many senior officers executed that it is difficult to see how an invasion of Germany could have been possible.

Other explanations of Hitler’s invasion of the Soviet Union seem more plausible. For example, some historians have concluded that Hitler was frustrated by England’s refusal to end the war with a peace treaty. Hitler blamed England’s refusal to end the war on England’s hope that the Soviets could be induced to enter the war against Germany. Hitler decided that a knock-out blow against the Soviet Union would squash the English hope and bring about the end of the war.

Regardless, King is writing about Washington’s war against Russia, not about the Second World War. What King has to say is very different from what Americans and Europeans are being media-fed. The quotes from Putin are worth the price.

The two-bit punks that inhabit political office in the West and the behind-the-scenes conspirators who pull their strings are overmatched by Vladimir Putin. If the Third World War is avoided, it will be entirely due to Putin’s diplomatic skills and self-control.

"The War Against Putin" will help you to avoid being whipped up into a frenzy by lies that lead to war.


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