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 Post subject: Why is the war raging against the Turkish lira?
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Why is the war raging against the Turkish lira?


Another more day of deceptive speculation of the dollar against the Turkish lira. On an annual basis, the Turkish lira has depreciated against the dollar by almost 75%, with a similar high rising cost for money from abroad for Turkey and appears it will go on.

What is the real reason for all this? Is this a strange behaviour by Trump because Erdogan was against him, as some commentators are telling us or are the big concerns of the capital markets about the state of the Turkish economy, that most analysts of the most popular media are telling us?

It is my view, that is none of the above. The attack against the Turkish lira is part of a wider plan of the US "deep state policyā€¯ to confirm the dominance and hegemony of the dollar in the international trade. It comes as a response to all dollar-denominated international transactions, which are dominated by countries such as China, Russia, Japan, and so on, but the Germans even look forward in the future making the euro an alternative international currency.

The US is funding so many open fronts of war and interventions around the globe, first and foremost thanks to the global hegemony of the dollar. The main benefit of redefining the dollar as the worlds reserve currency, "is the real resources that other countries must provide to the United States to receive its dollars. It only takes a few cents for the Engraving and Printing Office to produce a $ 100 bill, but other countries need to secure the $ 100 worth of real goods and services to get such a bill.

There are about $ 500 billion of US dollars are circulating out of the United States, for which foreigners must provide $ 500 billion of real goods and services to the United States. (1)

Without the global domination of the dollar, the US would have gone bankrupt long time ago by the weight of its external deficits and debts. Without the global domination of the dollar, it would be impossible to maintain their permanent military presence in more than 60 countries on the planet, It would have been impossible to finance so many wars as well as its interventions.

Without the world domination of the dollar, for the US, it would look like they have lost both world wars. Of course, naturally, they are not going to make it easy.

With the pricing policy of the dollar against all its major competitors, Washington is making its currency more attractive for the currency speculators and the International capital, and the more attractive the dollar gets, the more funds it attracts. Even if this leads to massive destabilization of the other dollar-denominated currencies and thus causes a crack in the international financial markets.

The global hegemony of the dollar is much more important to Washington's "deep state" than the fleeting and virtual stability of the world financial markets, so the monetary war of the dollar to confirm its global hegemony will continue and will intensify, despite the risks of a new crash.

On the other hand, the attack on the Turkish lira has another important reason. The US does not want to overthrow the Erdogan regime neither the collapse of the Turkish economy. They simply want to put Turkey under international control so as to ensure Erdogan's absolute discipline in their own commandments. And the IMF is the best arm for that.

The US is preparing deep geostrategic border changes in the wider Balkan region, starting from the Aegean Sea. They want Turkey to play a leading role in them. Always under their own direct guidance.

They want to ensure that Erdogan follows US orders in writing. And so he can not play games with the Russians, neither to pursue politics with both the policeman and the guardian. Turkey must be a backing for military-political control of NATO and the United States in the wider region of the Aegean Sea and the Balkans.

The United States is transforming the Balkans step by step into a multicultural world without national constituent states. And this can not be done without war. Sooner or later there will be a war against Serbia not under the terms of the NATO intervention of 1998, but of an allegedly civilian internal war, as Syria's, with the spearhead this time the "Great Albania".

In this case, the US and NATO cannot have a Turkey that wants to play on all the dashboards. They want an entirely clever Erdogan in order to carry out a new asymmetric Syrian war in the heart of the Balkans and above all without any surprises by the Russians.

NOTE: Barry Eichengreen, Exorbitant privilege: The Rise and Fall of the Dollar and the Future. of the International Monetary System, New York: Oxford University Press Inc., 2011, pp. 3-4.


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