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 Post subject: The EU project and its purpose of existance.
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I voted for Britain to leave the EU, because of all the changes made to the original idea of a United Europe Group. The EU concept was a good thing to stop Europeans killing each other. but take a closer look to all changes that took place and also where Europe is going today.

I think the EU project was a long term plan, at the end of the WWII, by the Banksters and it was was formed for the explicit purpose of destroying not only the existence, but the very concept, of national sovereignty and permanently controlling and reducing the population of the planet for the benefit of very few people.

Below is a translation of an article that I posted on a Greek block on the 20 December 2013, under the title:

What will happen if we return to Drachma?


The Euro is a tough and defective debt instrument
... not a Real currency.

Euro Medium Term Note – EMTN. A euro medium-term note is a medium-term, debt instrument that is traded and issued outside of the United States and Canada. These instruments require fixed payments and are directly issued to the market with maturities that are less than five years.

Back in the 1980s, the leaders of Germany and France “conceived” the idea of a single European currency. Surprising in their speeches and their rhetoric, they said that they would have a single European currency that would unite the European economy to make it more efficient and productive. But in reality their motives were political and they wanted to create a currency that would compete with the US dollar. The idea was certainly great, but it lacked a basic foundation. In fact it wasn’t designed with the principles of a good economy, but rather for political ends and to satisfy their financial masters.

Within a single currency, all countries adopting the euro should abandon their own national monetary sovereignty. In other words, countries such as France and Germany would have to stop issuing the French francs and the German Marks and could therefore no longer pursue an independent monetary and fiscal policy. Thus, by being issuers of their own currencies (a situation that has enormous benefits), they have become mere users of the new currency.

Political leaders pushed their plan forward and made everyone think it was a great idea. The day finally came in 1999, when the Euro became the official currency of 11 European nations. Then followed and other states but some remained outside the euro, such as Britain.

The good times came together and the euro was embraced by investors and many of the world's central banks. The value of the Euro rose from 80 cents in 2001 to about $ 1.55 in 2008. Its value has almost doubled in just seven years. And there were many rumours that the euro would eventually replace the US dollar as the world's main reserve currency. Everyone thought the euro was starting to look like an incredible success. But as it turned out, the Euro was just over a brick wall!

When the global financial crisis hit, amidst the ensuing chaos and panic that followed, investors around the world resorted to the security of the US dollar. Few understood at first what was happening, and many believed that the United States would not be able to cope with the greatest difficulties. But it soon became clear that Europe had much worse problems than the US and unfortunately did not have the means to deal with it.


The truth about the EU and the creation of the Euro

The European propaganda has been telling us that the euro was (invented) to unite economically, emotionally and politically, all the countries of Europe, and to give this united Europe the economic potential to compete with the all-powerful US economy, which was a fairy tale.

What were the real causes, parameters, and purpose of Professor Robert Mandell of Columbia University in N.Y (who we consider to be his father) who invented and designed this new coin?

The same professor had planned the economic policy ( Supply side Economics ) the bright star and driver of the Thatcher and Reagan administrations. Later the father George Bush has called this economic policy, " VoodooEconomics "! Reagan, Thatcher, Voodoo and Euro are both sides of the same coin.

Like the Iron Lady and the faded GA GA President, the EURO is rigid and unbalanced. Simply put, when a state becomes a member of the euro, that state can no longer fight an economic downturn by using fiscal and monetary policy. The only thing it can do is to reduce wages; tax cuts (reduce job vacancies and cut benefits and allowances) as well as privatizations and redemption of state property. That was called …. “Austerity Measures”.

The only way for a government to create jobs (of course, at a reduced wage) is to make redundancies, cut benefits, salaries, pensions and other benefits for the people, and most importantly eliminate workers laws that create obstacles to the operation of businesses. It is precisely these measures that we have seen happening in all EU countries, especially to those in the South of Europe that lead to the complete disintegration and destruction of Greek society and its people! Whatever else the politicians and the TV parrots are telling us, are fairy tales to cover their chairs and pockets

In simple words, what is being done is a return to the Middle Ages where there were only slaves and colleges with no rights to offer their work.

The US Dollar needed the existence of an expensive hedge to keep it at risk and move low, in the interest of the US following the abolition of the Bretton Woods system , and thus the EURO was invented.

The euro was invented in America, with funding from the US Banks and was imposed in the EU, in cooperation with Germany and France.

Usurers, having attained full freedom in the casino, ''Wall Street '', of New York, as I have already explained in my previous post, “The END GAME”, their appetite was wedded and it was time for them to expand in the rest of the world, and of course the EU group of Nations was one of the most developed and larger blocs.

Their purpose was to remove any laws and measures that interfere with, impede and regulate the free and uncontrolled circulation of the large speculative funds of the so-called "investment market" in the whole bloc called the EU.

The EURO was backed by its advocates, and was the straitjacket that will abolish in one single way all the restrictive laws in the EU stock markets, banks, labour relations and the general economy of the EU states. Simply they wanted to do and succeed, go everywhere freely and thrive as they please! Their purpose was not to overthrow the state. The results speak for themselves with the infamous "Real Estate Utilities" that is, selling at ridiculous prices.

In Greece, the guinea pig, only large multinational corporations win while small and medium-sized ones suffer and close. Labour laws were abolished, the Health system was dismantled, education, banking, the medieval and light industries, agricultural production, and now they are ready to take the silver of the state and peoples houses who have taken mortgages from the banks.

Germany, in particular Deutsche Bank, which controls the ECB, is a subsidiary of the financial killers, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, City Group and some others with the Rothschild’s behind all the major banks. What you see today was designed and implemented, first in Russia in the 80's. Search You Tube and see the video “Catastroika”.

One of the inhumane measures of the Euro is that the ECB is not allowed to print more notes to facilitate liquidity in Member States in the event of a market crash. Other friends of our American Banksters have found a solution to this problem. The US has the right, to print Dollars to help the ECB ( Fiat Money without a real value), pass them on to the ECB and they sell them for Euros that circulate on the free market. They have so far given $ 1.6 trillion for this purpose. This money do not appear anywhere in the US Budget. The ECB has banknotes to lend to member states and the dollar, without inflationary pressures on the US economy, gains in value, remains virtually stable as inflationary dollars are absorbed by the world market.

We are all aware of the Greek government swap fraud of the PM Spiros Simitis, with Goldman Sachs causing it to lower the 3% deficit imposed by the Euro on all members, as the biggest budget deficit on GDP.

This 3% is the big hoax, because when you become a member of the Euro and the Eurozone you immediately lose whatever tools you have to defend against a recession and other problems. Simply put it, a 3% of your budget it deprives your Government of the right to have your own fiscal and economic policy, as I explained above, and this is a fraud.

Within the Euro you do not have the right to give incentives to restart your market. To be precise, if I remember correctly, Germany first broke the threshold..... and later regained 3%. Now of course, as we hear, it threatens to impose fines if a state escapes the euro. In addition, as of 1 July 2013, all economies and budgets are controlled by the EFSF and the EKT .

I would suggest you read these 2 Articles bellow and you will learn a lot.

Read the latest article:

Bretton Woods Is Dead: What Next?



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