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 Post subject: We went the so-called EU-route
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Hello everyone,

My name is Jan, I am 59 years old (turning 60 in May 2012) and I am from The Netherlands (Holland). Early March 2009 I wrote my first short message to Sasha. I visited her less than two months later in the Magnitogorsk region of Russia. From the start I knew she was the one for me.
In October the same year, Sasha visited me in The Netherlands. The next year we married in her home town near Magnitogorsk.

At first I intended her to come and live with me in The Netherlands, following Dutch law and regulations. However, this proved to be impossible. I could not meet all the demands required under Dutch law. Soon thereafter I learned about the so-called EU-route. After many hours of study I wrote a Plan of Action to bring Sasha to Holland. The first step was getting married, which we did in Sasha's home town, in the presence of her family and close friends. Then we both flew to Amsterdam. After a few days in Holland, living in my apartment, we crossed the border to Germany, where I had already rented a (second) apartment. In Germany, we registered at the local Rathaus (Town Hall) and Sasha (with my help) contacted the German immigration service and applied for a German residence permit. This was granted under EU Directive 2004/58/EC (this is the English language version of 2004/38/EG, the Dutch version).
After four and a half months living in Germany, while I was working in Holland, we returned to my home town. There we registered at the town hall and then Sasha applied for a Dutch residence permit. Since Germany had already accepted her as a family member of a EU citizen, the Dutch immigration service had to issue this permit. So ... starting mid December 2010 we both live in my home town.

Now I try to help anyone who needs my help and experience, going the same EU-route.

Bye for now,


 Post subject: Re: We went the so-called EU-route
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Hello Jan and [welcome1.gif] to the forum.

Firstly let me wish you al the best to you and your Russian wife for a happy life together...... in Holland and not Germany [wink.gif]

Now with her Dutch Resident Card ..... you can visit any country in the EU without the need for visa. [hurrah.gif]

Interesting story and I expect it may be helpful to other people to follow.....

I notice you have already discovered the forum "Bringing your lady home" where we have plenty of information about the EU Directive 2004/38/EU.

Obviously your experience will be helpful to other new people.

Nice to have you here. [clap.gif]



 Post subject: Re: We went the so-called EU-route
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Hello Jan and Image to the forum.

for your marriage and
double Image
for being creative and managing to bring your wife to live with you in Holland.

May I ask you if you have any photos from your wedding?
If you do would you mind posting some on the forum.

I myself got married not long ago if you want to you can Image to see some of my wedding photos.

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