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 Post subject: Mistakes men make when looking for a FSU woman
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  • Mistake 1. Sending money.

      Never send money for a visa to a woman who says she can get a visa.
      From all the men that I have known, over the years, that have send money, not one foreign woman ever got a visa or actually travelled to meet him.

      Asking for money upfront for a visa from someone who she has never met is an almost sure sign of a scammer. An honest FSU woman, who is looking to find a partner to share life together will never ask a man for money, especially before meeting him. Even after meeting her once or twice, most FSU women don't ask for any financial help ... but of course it is customary and expected that you, the man, should cover her expenses.

      You can offer to reimburse her for the cost of the visa when she arrives to visit you
      If you feel compelled to buy her a flight ticket then book the ticket yourself and then all you have to do is send her the e-ticket confirmation.

      Women who are scamming you will object to this and these are Major Warning signs - Red flags.

  • Mistake 2. Staying at home.

      This is a huge mistake that many men, who are looking for a partner, make. There are plenty of keyboard Romeos around and most of these men that write to women will never get on an aeroplane and go to visit the lady that they are corresponding with. Of course women get very tired writing to men that never come, so very soon become weary and loose interest. You must not forget the fact that English is their second language and for them writing long letters is a huge effort.

      A good friend of mine corresponded with a woman who had received hundreds of letters and out of all the men that she had communicated with, he was the only one that ever bothered to get on an aeroplane and travelled to meet her. They have now been married for a long time. [wink.gif]

      A short period of correspondence is fine to start getting to know someone, but it's not good if it goes on for long time. Women get tired very soon and get the impression that you never plan to meet them, so you may miss the chance of finding the right woman for you!

      It is always advisable to visit her first, in her own environment, as soon as possible! Knowledge of her personal circumstances, first hand, is invaluable if you want to be successful in your endeavour!

      Procrastination is very likely to cost you. While you delay, someone else may travel and close the deal with the woman that could have been your soul mate. Stop making excuses and just go!

      It does not matter how good looking, charming or rich you are! If you never take the essential step to get on an aeroplane to meet the lady, then you do not stand a chance.

  • Mistake 3. Ignoring the signs.

      Most women that you will meet will be sincere, but of course there will be a few that will not. Those who are not sincere usually are quite aggressive, manipulative and demanding!

      Warning signs.

      • If after a couple of dates, she does not hold your hand in public or show signs of affection, it might be a bad sign.
      • If a woman says she does not have any free time to meet you and make excuses that she is very busy, after you made the long trip to meet her, it is also a bad sign. A woman that really likes you she will always make time for you.
      • A woman who really likes you will show you plenty of affection in private and in public.

      Be aware:

      1. Loosing her phone or loosing her jewellery (you are expected to replace the items that she lost).
      2. If she asks you to take her shopping, it is also a warning sign of a scam.
        No sincere women would ever suggest taking her shopping after only few dates.
      3. Asking for money is also an obvious problem.

        If you are asked for money or you are given a hard luck story, run like the wind - Red flags


      • Don’t try to explain away her misbehaviour (A fool and his money are easily parted).
      • It is quite easy to ignore these signs because the girl is very hot and the man does not want to lose her. Think with your big head and not the small one! [nono.gif]
      • Don't forget there are plenty of beautiful women available, just move on to the next woman if you see the warning signs.

      Positive signs.

      There are many positive signs to look for:
      • She will want to spend all her free time with you.
      • She will introduce you to her family.
      • She will invite you to her home for dinner.
      • She will make sure you don't waste money when buying things.
      • If she is local and you are unsure of the cost of something, a good woman will make sure you don't get over charged for things in her country.
      • She calls to make sure you got safe back to your accommodation.
      • She may even buy you little gifts.

  • Mistake 4. Trying to buy love.

      Do not try to impress women by buying them things and spending a lot of money on them. Once you start this you will never know if she likes you or just the money you have.
      Keep gifts simple and small. Flowers are always good present but remember always buy an odd number of them.

  • Mistake 5. Drinking to excess.

      Don't get drunk on a date; keep the drinking to a minimum. The last thing a Russian woman wants to meet is another alcoholic or drunk. Alcoholism is a big problem in Russia and Ukraine. Most women in Russian and Ukraine, by the time they are 21, have met more than their fair share of alcoholics.
      If they see you getting drunk, they might just label you as another alcoholic.

  • Mistake 6. Not keeping the eye on the ball

      So many men come with good intentions and a set of priorities, they are looking for a marriage minded, family orientated woman, and so on. Then they meet a super hot 18-year-old girl and all the priorities go out the window.
      They totally forget they have travelled such a great distance to look for a wife.
      At the end of the trip, they have had a great time but they leave alone.
      If it was your intention to find a wife then try to remember why travelled to a foreign land.


Never send money or anything that can be converted
into money to someone that you have not met in person.


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 Post subject: Re: Mistakes men make when looking for a FSU woman
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  • Mistake 1. Choosing the wrong agency.

    Be careful when choosing to use one of the small local agencies and go by the recommendation from other men, who have used these agencies, as they seem to have the highest amount of scams.

      • Normally these agencies have a small number of clients and naturally they will try to make as much money they can out of these few clients.
      • They normally over charge for apartments, hotels, and all the other services that they provide.

      Some of these smaller local agencies also work scams with the local girls, getting their clients to send money for gifts and then dividing the money with the women and of course always have a few hot favourites who are very popular with new clients. Men who choose to meet these popular women discover, after they made the trip and visit the agency that most of the time these women are not available, out of town or nowhere to be found! Some of those women who meet clients, usually are pro daters or good time girls, expecting to be taken out in expensive restaurants they choose (obviously they get commission) and of course expect some very expensive presents too.

      It is always best to work with well established companies that have lots of testimonials and referrals. A reputable agency should be able to give you phone numbers of a few past clients they have had in the last few months. If they cannot give you referrals, then stay away from their service.

      Finally, never use a service that does not have their phone number on the web site.

  • Mistake 2. Limiting the options.

      When using the services of an agency do not travel to meet only one woman.
      Not a good idea when using an agency. Always have a back up plan and a few other numbers with you.

      Statistics show that a very small percentage (less than 10%) of the men that travel to meet only one woman when using an agency get married.

      If you are going to spend all that time and money to travel such a long distance then make sure you have quite a few options.

      According to many members of these boards who attended group tours, men have much greater success rate in meeting many different women during the tour but the success rate in finding the right woman for marriage, it's very small.

      Another reason to have a few extra options is the Bait and Switch scam.

        This is a type of scam that can be carried out by some of the less reputable agencies.
        • They tell men that if they only go to meet one woman she will feel special.
        • After a period of time the lady makes it obvious to the man that there is no chemistry between them, the woman then suggests that he goes to the agency to arrange a date with another woman.
        • The agency charges a considerable amount of money for the extra introduction (captive market).
        • These women actually work for the agency and are paid to do this.

      When you go to meet only one women and the chemistry does not work, it is very difficult to find someone else in just a few days.

      Without using an agency the only other option to meet women from the FSU is to use internet dating sites and make all the arrangements on your own. There are 1000's of dating agencies on line with plenty of scammers on them so the best way is to ask the other members here for recommendation. Take a look around our board and you will find several posts regarding this route.

      Make contact with as many women you can and slowly clear up the undesirables and those you don't think are what you looking for. It is best to make sure you have at least the prospect of meeting a few women before you start with your travel plans.

  • Mistake 3. Falling in love with the first girl they meet or a photo.

      Many men fall in love with a photo they received from a woman from a Dating site or the first woman they meet through an agency.. They are just not used to young beautiful women showing such interest in them. They then don't bother to meet any other women during their trip, which is a mistake as you never know what might happen when meeting other women too. If for whatever reason, the relationship then fizzles out they have not met any other women so the whole trip becomes a wasted journey.

      So always have a back up plan to avoid disappointment and also wasting your time and money.

      A large proportion of men do end up with a different woman than the woman that they first meet.

  • Mistake 4. Never use an agency that uses affiliates.

      This is potentially where the majority of the agency scams take place.
      Do not believe them when they tell you these affiliates are monitored.
      They are not because they do not monitor the affiliates!

  • Mistake 5. Marriage agencies and Dating sites..

      Many agencies have their own site(s) advertising, women, tours, sending gifts and many other services. The majority of these dating sites use content from affiliate agencies so you can find the same women in several such sites.

      Be careful when signing in any of these sites and check the cost of services they provide. Today many FSU women can communicate in English but these sites offer translation services which can amount to a lot of money when you communicate with a woman. These agencies also offer translators when you visit any of their women, and charge quite a lot too.

      When you start this adventure you main purpose is to find a woman who can be your wife for life. That begs the question, why look or choose a woman who hardly can speak any English or another language and therefore you will have the need of a translator?

      How do you expect to create a good relationship when you can't communicate directly?


Never send money or anything that can be converted
into money to someone that you have not met in person.


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