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First Ever Trip
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Author:  Pkeel [ 16 Feb 2013 15:27 ]
Post subject:  First Ever Trip

Hello all,

I am going to travel to meet a woman in Sevastopol. She is in Shebekino and will travel to meet me there. The trip is scheduled for April 14th to April 21.

I am very nervous about the trip and what it will be like.

This woman and I have talked quite a bit online and shared many emails. I am highly interested in her and want to make sure I don't mess it up.

Can anyone offer any recommendations? Will my credit cards be accepted there? How safe is it to be on the streets? One reason for us meeting in Ukraine is that she doesn't think I would be as safe in Shebekino as it is a small city and news of my being there would spread quickly.

We will be staying at least the first few nights in the Hotel Ukraine, yes, I know I will have to have two rooms. After we may look to rent an apartment for the last part of my visit. She has gotten us in contact with a translator that we will be able to use. She speaks no English and my Russian is limited to the first set of Pimsleur tapes.

I plan to reimburse her for the train ticket, she is not aware of this. I have not sent her any money, but if things progress as well as they have online I anticipate helping her with finances.

I have done a great deal of research about the Russian culture since starting down this route.



Author:  wiz [ 17 Feb 2013 10:22 ]
Post subject:  Re: First Ever Trip

Hello Keel and [welcome1.gif] to the board.

Before I go any further let me tell you there is nothing to worry by travelling to Ukraine. I have made several trips and visited several towns, around Ukraine and never had any problem. Obviously wherever you travel in the world you always take basic precautions and Ukraine in no different from any other modern country.

I have visited Sevastopol and Crimea and there I met an Englishman, Chris, married to a lovely Ukrainian lady, Natasha, who rents some of his own modern apartments who offers some very good prices too. If you get in touch with them, Chris and his wife can take care of almost everything you may need down there at very competitive prices and I trust him and his wife for their good services. I definitely will recommend him to anybody and I have no commercial or other interests.

About the hotel Ukraine... it is nothing special and its location not very close to the port.

When I visited Sevastopol in 2005, I stayed in one of his apartments. that was very near to the port and close to all important places.

I am sure, if you get in touch with Chris he can take care of everything to make your stay there very enjoyable, and you can concentrate with the main purpose of your trip and getting to know the woman you are meeting.

No problems with Credit card and Dollars is accepted everywhere.

This is Chris web site:

If we can help any more do not hesitate to ask, even if you think your questions are silly!

Can you let us know a bit more about your self, and if possible please add an avatar for easy recognition.

Take a look at some photos I posted here: viewtopic.php?f=20&t=15&p=17#p17


Author:  Markje [ 17 Feb 2013 10:37 ]
Post subject:  Re: First Ever Trip

Is shebekino the city just north of Kharkov?

Then why do you want to meet in Sevastopol? Kharkov is a very big city (millions...) and has ample oppertunity to meet in a relaxed setting.

I have been to Kharkov as well as Crimea (often). Both places are very nice to visit. Also, if Shebekino is indeed the city just North of Kharkov, keep in mind that Ukraine and Russia are different countries. You will need a visa to visit Russia, but nothing is required to visit Ukraine.

Sevastopol is a popular Russian tourist city on the beautiful Island of Crimea. In the end of april though, there's not much to see yet.

My own wife is from Evpatoria, Crimea so if you want some sightseeing there, I can recommend some stuff.
I can recommend to see (closeby) at least the mountain of St. Peter (Yalta) and Foros Church.
The crows nest there is a nice (Albeit expensive) restaurant.

A train ticket kharkov-sevastopol should cost no more than $10 (3d class coach) to $40 (private 4-people cabin) to $100 (private cabin) , keep that in mind when comparing how much she told you it costs.


Author:  Pkeel [ 17 Feb 2013 11:19 ]
Post subject:  Re: First Ever Trip

Yes, Shebekino is just above Kharkov.

We are meeting in Ukraine because it doesn't require a Visa and we are going to the Crimea for a vacation style meeting. She, Elena, especially wishes to go there. I think because a friend of hers recommended it as a romantic place.

Elena is willing to meet me wherever I prefer. I like the idea of the Black Sea. It should be fun and interesting to see.

Elena got in touch with the translator through friends. The translator runs a small service there and has apartments to rent as well as drivers to recommend. I was uncomfortable with the idea of paying for an apartment up front which is why I chose a hotel at first.

I will upload an avatar when I get on the computer with my pictures.

Author:  wiz [ 17 Feb 2013 15:10 ]
Post subject:  Re: First Ever Trip

Hello Keel, again

I used to have a holiday web site for Ukraine but now is not operational and I have left it live for information only........
so if you want to find a lot of information visit:

I think it would be a good idea if you let us have some more info on how you met your friend and without disclosing too much personal information, give us an idea......

There are a few things, you said, that make me feel uncomfortable, like:
PKeel wrote:
Elena got in touch with the translator through friends. The translator runs a small service there and has apartments to rent as well as drivers to recommend. I was uncomfortable with the idea of paying for an apartment up front which is why I chose a hotel at first.
Previously I recommended you using Chris, because I can trust him....... not to mess you around but I must stress again I have nothing to do with his business. On this board we only recommend people who we can trust and have used their services.

Author:  Pkeel [ 17 Feb 2013 17:03 ]
Post subject:  Re: First Ever Trip

We met on Elena's.

We have been having conversations since before Christmas. We talk often on Skype. I was at first very worried that she was a scammer. I am hugely interested in scams and began this process very suspicious. I do not believe it any longer. In fact I spoke with the administration of the site I used. They asked for copies of emails between us and I sent them. The only thing they said to me is that they recommend men to not stay at apartments arranged by the woman.

She has introduced me to her daughter on Skype. I have sent her flowers to her house. I was on Skype with her the day they arrived. She has never asked me for money. I found her information on the Russian version of facebook and it agrees with what she has told me. I am comfortable that she is on the up and up.

About me... I am 50 yo and a CPA in the USA. I have 2 children and the youngest will be out of my house next year. I am currently talking to 3 women, but I am most hopeful about Elena.

She is 41, divorced one child, Yulia 18. She is a manager at a cosmetic company.

What else would you like to know?

Author:  wiz [ 17 Feb 2013 20:15 ]
Post subject:  Re: First Ever Trip

Pkeel wrote:
The only thing they said to me is that they recommend men to not stay at apartments arranged by the woman.
If you noticed that was the same reason why I made the previous comments too...... [wink.gif]

About the rest of information.... sounds fine to me and why not have a good holiday time together in Crimea. A bit early in the season but I am sure you can find a lot to do with your selves.

A woman old enough and born during the USSR times, bit conservative in her outlooks of life and I expect frugal with money and good housekeeper.

Sure she will teach you to take off your shoes when you are coming home..... and not let you going out without looking very smart! Keep an eye how you spent your money and for sure she will show you how to economise! [very_funny.gif]

I hope you watched all the photos on my site, which I took myself.

Crimea is beautiful. [thumbs.gif]

If we can help any further do not hesitate to ask.

BTW what CPA ?

Author:  Pkeel [ 17 Feb 2013 21:19 ]
Post subject:  Re: First Ever Trip

I did look at all the pictures. As for the shoes... My mother taught me that as a little kid. I have never been comfortable with shoes on in the house. I am also pleased at the idea of upgrading my wardrobe.

She has sent me pictures of her apartment in Shebekino. It is small and sparsely decorated, (quite a few plants, she is proud of them showed me the blooms on two of them on Skype) and yes very clean. I have also noticed she is ALWAYS made up when I speak to her on Skype.

A CPA is, I think, a Chartered Acountant in the UK. It stands for Certified Public Accountant and allows me to issue reports for businesses that nobody else is allowed to do. It also means I have to be suspicious of everyone I do work for.

When we were first in contact we had our only fiscal discussion. She broke up with me and then a couple of days later she got back in touch with me. She told me she was concerned for her well being in a new country. This is the only time we spoke about finances. What she said was that she was nervous about going to a country and not knowing the language, not knowing if she could work and not knowing how to get back home. What she wanted to know is if i was comfortable, not rich, comfortable. That a woman likes to make delicious meals for her man, but she did not want to have to worry about where the food would come from. I did my best to reassure her. That was back in December and we have spoken non stop since.

I like her. I like her outlook on life and I like her honesty. We will have to see how it goes in the Crimea.

Author:  Chrisc4 [ 17 Feb 2013 22:26 ]
Post subject:  Re: First Ever Trip

Hello Keel,
I have lived here in Sevastopol for around 10 years now,
Very nice city with lots to see and do,
Its much safer here than most of the big city's in Europe for sure, just be sensible and keep yourself to yourself and you wont have any problems,
Staying in hotels does not create the best of atmospheres, even more so in hotel Ukraine, as Wiz said its location is not very good and not a particularly nice a hotel
A apartment is a much better way of getting to know your friend for sure
but if you prefer a hotel , I know some much nicer and newer private ones
one thing to remember is if your friend or agency which is more than likely one of the same,is organizing things for you, the prices will reflect it on everything they do
I seen it all since I been here
a good apt in the center will cost you around $35 – $45 a night for a week in April
when they tell you its going to be any more , you know where the extra money is going to !!!!
same again for when they provide you with there driver and the translators

Normally the marriage agency charge you a extra 50% , or even more in some cases for everything they provide
the money these agency make out of some of these guys is unreal, particularly with the newbie's to this part of the world
the guys who have been here a few time organize everything themselves

its good to have a translator for the first meeting or so, it helps to break the ice
but sooner or later you have to do without one. so the sooner the better,

most of the time you can get away with a simple phrase book and a bit of good sign language

If you need any help in organizing things either before you arrive , or once you get here, just let me know
but you will enjoy your stay in Sevastopol for sure

Author:  Pkeel [ 17 Feb 2013 23:37 ]
Post subject:  Re: First Ever Trip

I have been to your site. In fact I mentioned it to Elena.

The translator... she is someone a friend of hers used. I know her name and she doesn't actually run an agency. I think she works for one and also does what she can outside of the agency.

The price she quoted me was $45 to $60 for a two bedroom apartment. Her fee as translator is $10 per hour. I do not know what the cost of the driver is. She also advised me that I would need to pay for two days to reserve the apartment and pay for the rest when I arrived. This is the only reason I balked at staying at an apartment at first.

I would like to honor Elena's wishes and use the person she is familiar with. I will ask Alla and see what she says about the rent and get back to you. I would prefer to not stay at a hotel at all if possible.

I will be in touch with you.

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