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 Post subject: Another newbie
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I’m glad I found this site! there is a lot of great info here.

I got started in this process by getting set up on a free dating site. Now I just happen to be the type who looks into anything pretty intently and as soon as I we had exchanged several emails I began doing my research on her city, the culture, etc. After hours and hours of research I have have learned much and it is funny how similar many of the free dating site hits are, it is like they have a standard script. Long story short Finally got smart and ignore the free site hits and joined Elena's models and I am corresponding with several women.

I am coming to realize that this is going to be a long and expensive journey but one I really feel good about making. Money will be tight to get it done but it is possible.

I’m planning to go to Russia and teach English there. This would give me a chance to get a much better understanding of the culture and language and also meet the women I have been writing to and spend time getting to know them without the pressure of being on a time schedule of a tour or limited visit.

I look forward to reading and learning from the more experienced travelor of this road as I find the women that I am corresponding incredibly intelligent and with a real depth of character.

Can jobs be had easily? Where can I get a TEFL certificate?

 Post subject: Re: Another newbie
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Hello Marcus and [welcome1.gif] to our board.

I took the liberty and split your post from, Jeff's thread, so this thread to be your own.

Many of us have used FREE dating sites but you need to use certain tactic to avoid all the unecessary and scammers messages. I used few of them and this is what I did.

First, I posted a proper profile but I did not uploaded my photo, before the whole avalanche of messages from scammers stopped.A week later I posted my photo and then started searching........ and send a few messages around. Very soon many time wasters fell of the radar... and finally I was left with just few to choose to continue my correspondence.

One day, I saw my wife's profile and send her a cheeky message........ and curiocity took over her and she replied [biggrin.gif]

The site would not allow us correspond directly, for FREE, so in one of my messages I asked her if she would like to communicate directly ........ and gave her my email address, like this:

wiz sobatchka oneuk totska communication and clever girl picked up the correct email and send me a message...... I am sure you get to read my email address....... [wink.gif]

I don't know much on how to go about getting a job in Russia but definitely it's a good idea to visit the country and get to know many women there.

Wish you luck and welcome to the board.


PS: Can you please add an avatar image..... thanks


 Post subject: Re: Another newbie
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Hello Marcus

and [welcome1.gif] to the board.

Good luck with your plans to go to "TOYS R US" for women ....err.....
I meant to say Russia has a lot of very beautiful women!


 Post subject: Re: Another newbie
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Hello Marcus,

Welcome to the forum. When I was searching and at the end of my search I was using Elena's and I have to say that in my very long search Elena's gave me the best results of anything I ever did. It is how I met my wife but I also met a lot of sincere women and it is a site that I never hesitate to recommend.

FreePersonals was OK. The good part is it was free but I think the desirable women got so much attention because armchair romeos could live the fantasy for free and I found a lower response rate and that women would drop off the edge of the world much quicker.

I think your plan to teach English there will present a lot of good opportunities and is a good choice but I can't help with any advice concerning the certificate. I do wish you the best of luck in your search. There are some great women and spending time on forums will let you avoid the mistakes a newbie might make. It saves a lot of time and money to learn from the mistakes of others compared to having to learn by making them yourself.

Don't take life too seriously, After all no one gets out alive anyway.

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