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Add on to mistakes made - My story
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Author:  adgwytc [ 10 Jul 2014 10:15 ]
Post subject:  Re: Add on to mistakes made - My story

Hi 59dotru,

Thank you for the response and, yes, I thought that as well, but I have all the photo's, all the messages, everything, and the one thing, the one important thing that tells me it was what happened on the Friday is this:-

Friday early evening we are intimate and then we go to see the Kremlin, she is very close, lovely photo's, you can see in someone's eyes.... everything was perfect.
Saturday was not the greatest of days. She told me I was behaving not good on Friday night, the weather was not great, I tried being intimate and she said "She cannot because she did not feel nice inside after last night".... Why be intimate early Friday evening if she did not want to be? and then not Saturday?

She was actually very honest with me, but the message she sent (I cannot put here) starts with "Seeing other women on the phone, then a couple of other things about the Friday, followed by, other women on the phone".... that suggests to me that was all she was thinking about, the fact that I may well have been a complete idiot on the Friday night and also womens names on the phone.... either way, the end result was, as you say, she saw no future for us....

It is difficult to understand when you cannot contact the person, but that is why I am moving on. It is done, nothing I can do to change it... Just learn from it :)

Thank you though for your answer :)

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