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Help for a newbie
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Author:  wiz [ 29 Jul 2015 18:52 ]
Post subject:  Re: Help for a newbie

Julian wrote:
Wiz hi , still in UK , although I'm frequently in my favourite city of St Petersburg , would live there if I could find a job and get a residents visa

[imgright][/imgright]Glad to hear you every so often coming and say hello.... summer time and you must be busy, with your work.

I am battling to prepare the 1000 of documents required by her majesty's Government to get a visa for baboushka to come and visit us, and is getting worst by the day, I see.

Personally, I am fed up with all the crap, of getting a visa..etc.

So made up my mind not to bother any more and as Hanna got a British passport, we can utilise it much better.

We hope, after baboushka gone back home to escape for some sun in Greece. [wink.gif]

Keep in touch and let us know your news, when you can.

Best wishes and good luck.


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