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Tales from our misadventures with FSUW
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Author:  Turboguy [ 12 Feb 2010 18:23 ]
Post subject:  Tales from our misadventures with FSUW

Tales from our misadventures with FSUW

Deep in the recesses of our minds must be buried some interesting tales of misadventure, crazy women, strange happenings or whatever.

I thought starting a thread to share these might be interesting.

Sometimes our own misadventures are funnier than someone elses but I will post a few of mine and hope others will too.

Author:  Vinnvinny [ 28 Aug 2010 00:25 ]
Post subject:  Re: Tales from our trips to the FSU countries

Ok TG, I’ll start. [happy.gif]

I dated an agency lady in Kharkov and met her at their offices. Early 30’s, with child, ok looking, the lady not her child who could of been stunningly handsome or pretty ... I've no idea sorry and its not important.

It was 5pm and she had just finished work so being the gentleman that I am I asked if she would like something to eat. She said yes so we went for a small walk into the centre and she said ‘I would like to try this new restaurant’ whilst pointing to a restaurant that looked new. We had to go down some narrow stairs to reach the dining area and when we got there it was empty and looked a bit stuffy. She didn’t want a drink so I ordered a cup of tea (shock, horror). By the time my cuppa arrived she decided that she didn’t like this new restaurant and that we should go somewhere else, probably an old restaurant I imagine. As my tea was hot it took me some time to drink it to which she didn’t seem too happy. I persisted as I don’t have a mouth made from asbestos, and the tea cost me $3.

I paid the bill and we excited up the narrow stairs. Being a gentleman I let her go first expecting her to wait at the top so I could open the door. She didn’t wait for me and opened the door herself. When we stepped outside she said ‘Huh, Ukrainian men are always gentlemen, but English men aren’t’ referring to the fact that she opened the door herself.

I was about to explain that I expected her to wait for me to open the door and that if I had known what was going to happen I would have grabbed her by the ankles half way up the stairs and stepped over her to get in front. Inexplicably though my words came out slightly differently than I had intended and I said ‘how much is your taxi home?’ She was surprised by this sudden turn of events as much as I was and so I had to explain that my interest in her has now rescinded. Call me fat, old, bald or ugly and I don’t have a problem. Suggest I’m not a gentleman and I wont feed you.

This little ‘incident’ has now made me paranoid with regards to opening doors. No lady has beaten me to a door ever since. [bat.gif]

Author:  wiz [ 24 Feb 2011 11:30 ]
Post subject:  Re: Tales from our misadventures with FSUW

Eva - A very desperate woman?

I don’t know about other men on how they felt and reacted after their long term marriage or relationship went south but for me the years 2001 – 2003 were a bad period in my life when I had to make a huge decision to terminate my nearly 20 years long term relationship with my ex English partner.

Of course adjusting to the new circumstances and status it took me sometime but finally I made the decision and told my ex partner that it’s all is over and I was moving on with my life.

During that time I was aware of the countless Russian and Ukrainian women living in the UK and I knew they had a free newspaper too….. so one day I posted a small free advert and as soon as the paper came out, my mobile was very busy. As it happens I met several Russian and Ukrainian women for a drink and a chat but soon come to realise that most if not all of these women were looking for a ticket to permanent status in the UK and my British Nationality would assist in their aspirations.

In actual fact I was contacted by a certain gentleman with East European accent offering me a huge amount of money to marry a very young and very attractive lady (he emailed me her photo). [biggrin.gif]

He also said that for the period that she needed to acquire her new Nationality and status the lady will live with me as my official wife and she will take care of all my home and personal needs, especially in bed, where he said she is very advanced with very good experience.

Well such a tempting proposition was difficult to resist but then living with an obvious “working girl”, who will go out certain times to visit….. “Friends”, was not my cup of coffee (I don’t like drinking Tea [wink.gif] ) so I had to decline and ask the “gentleman” to stop phoning me anymore.

One evening I got a call from a woman with heavy accent, later I found out she was from Georgia, asking me if I would be interested to meet with her…. Friend who fitted the description in my advert?

Her young son organised and send me few photos of the lady and then during the weekend, when the new lady, I will call her “Eva”, was free, went to London, met both of them and had dinner together.

Eva was a very attractive early 40’s woman with lots of sense of humour, after breaking initial shyness and the ice and getting to know each other. When we finished dinner, we agreed to meat again, alone this time, as she spoke good enough English. Next day I remember was Sunday and I pick her up outside a tube station and we went to West End of London, had plenty of coffees and lunch and chatted away.

She told me that she was a widow, her husband and son in law had been killed in an accident in Liviv, west of Ukraine where she was coming from and now because of the bad situation there she came to England Illegally to work and support her widow daughter and her two 2 children. She revealed to me that the other lady was her land lady and that she was working in a sandwich factory 5 days a week for 12 hours shift!

She also told me that her husband was a professor at the local Lviv University in agriculture matters, a party member apparatchik and the area governor of her village and they were living in a very large and nice house and so on and on. In the next couple of meetings, I got out of her the full name of her husband and that of the village and details of the accident.

Unbeknown to her I was in contact with another woman from Lviv, talking friendly on MSN and asked her about it. Her instant reply was that the whole story was a fabrication, her husband was a professor of Mathematics at the university and knew all of them. Then she said if an accident of that magnitude would had happen in Lviv she would know but she wasn’t aware of anything.

The next few meetings with Eva time was spent during our conversation regarding this matter and I understood she was avoiding answering direct questions. Another thing that increased my suspicion about her telling me lies, was the fact that she never revealed to me where she lived, which I put it down to her fear that I may report her to the police, and always had to pick her up on specific underground station, where I could park and wait and then at the end of the meeting dropped her on the same place.

This sort of thing went on for 3 - 4 months (can’t remember exactly, have no notes to refer to) but during this period she visited and stayed in my house several times and of course we became intimate.

My other Lviv friend she was telling me about Lviv and how nice and beautiful it was and I should one day visit the place. So moving along one day decided to go there for a visit but did not say anything to Eva. See more about my trip here:
Down memory lane- Letters from Ukraine

I told Eva that I was going to Greece for 10 days business trip, because we used to speak on the phone daily, and went to Lviv. While I was there and when at the end of the week had seen a lot of things, then I asked my translator Iryna about visiting Eva’s village, don’t remember what excuse I gave her for knowing about the village but on the way I did tell her all about Eva and that I would like to see her house and give her a surprise with my photos.

As it happens it wasn’t Eva who would get a surprise after my return home but I had a huge surprise myself from what I discovered there.

Iryna and I hired a taxi from the bus station at the main town near Eva’s village that took us there, and the taxi driver was very helpful because he knew the area and quickly we located Eva’s house, which for village standards in Ukraine of what I had already seen, looked very large and nice indeed from outside. Next to her house was a neighbour friend of the taxi driver, who invited us in to his garden and offered us a coffee.

While having a coffee Iryna found out that Eva’s husband was alive, living in the house together with his and Eva’s daughter who had been divorced from her husband with 2 children. We were also told that there was a suspicion that the “granddaughter”, a 7-8 years old child, was Eva’s child after she had a relationship (they call it “scandal” there), with a local Doctor. Because of the “scandal”, Eva had to leave the village and go to England to work and support her family! [surprised.gif]

I am sure you do understand my surprise hearing such things and to be honest I was speechless for awhile…… and then I saw a couple of kids coming down the garden towards us, a young girl of 7-8 years old and a much younger boy, which the neighbour told us were Eva’s grandchildren. Then a man of nearly my age, at the time, followed the children and we were told that he was her husband.

Her husband came over and greeted us and after finding out that I was from England, he told us that his wife was there working and then he invited us in the house for a drink, where we met his daughter.

I took a few photos of everybody and the house and he then gave me the mobile telephone number of Eva, so I can call and tell her that I visited her family in Ukraine and ask if she wants copies of the photos to let me know where to send them.

On the way to Lviv, Iryna told me that she was astounded finding Eva’s, extend of deception and lies.

Back in the UK and after we met, I started asking direct questions pleading with her to tell me the truth about her life……. But continue telling me porky pies (lies). When I asked her about the Doctor, finally she admitted that as a widow had to work and unfortunately the Doctor took advantage of her and her financial position. She also told me that she wasn’t only taking care of his house but also of him too.

Despite her deception and lies I was hoping that Eva will come clean and tell me the truth but it was obvious that she was not or could not open up to admit the truth so finally decided it was time to move on but before I did, I wanted to confront her with my evidence.

Nice dinner out to a Greek restaurant and finally I asked her the question, if she is prepared to open up tell me the truth and to be honest with me for once! No change in her attitude and decision.

So I took out my envelope with all the photos and told her that I know the full truth about your personal life and you have been lying to me all the time.

You can imagine her surprised when she took out the photos from the envelope and she was perplexed on how far I went to find the truth about her. [surprised.gif]

Well that was the end of our relationship, for awhile we remained on friendly terms but then when I started looking we fizzled away.

Author:  wicheese [ 24 Feb 2011 13:39 ]
Post subject:  Re: Tales from our misadventures with FSUW

Webcams and What we See

When reading the heading the first thing that popped to my mind was a Kyiv lady I was chatting with and had reached the stage of talking via. webcam. Anyways, she was very well endowed with certain assets and during one conversation when she was trying to convince me to come over and attend a concert with her (a.k.a. pay for her) she removes her top (very nice is all I'll say for those who have an active imagination) leaving me thinking, I guess you can say it was an attempted down payment on her part. [surprised.gif]

End of story, I did not go visit her or attend the concert as it just did not seem right.

Author:  Shadow [ 24 Feb 2011 16:37 ]
Post subject:  Re: Tales from our misadventures with FSUW

Nothing to tell about FSU women I met. All were real and interested in finding a life partner instead of a mule.

Now about the ones I did not meet I have lots of tales... [lol.gif]

Author:  wiz [ 24 Feb 2011 18:57 ]
Post subject:  Re: Tales from our misadventures with FSUW

Shadow wrote:
Nothing to tell about FSU women I met. All were real and interested in finding a life partner instead of a mule.

Now about the ones I did not meet I have lots of tales... [lol.gif]

Yes we know you are a scammer and you were keep trying to scam the scammers out of their money, till they discovered you...... [rolf.gif]

Author:  Shadow [ 24 Feb 2011 22:07 ]
Post subject:  Re: Tales from our misadventures with FSUW

wiz wrote:
Shadow wrote:
Nothing to tell about FSU women I met. All were real and interested in finding a life partner instead of a mule.

Now about the ones I did not meet I have lots of tales... [lol.gif]

Yes we know you are a scammer and you were keep trying to scam the scammers out of their money, till they discovered you...... [rolf.gif]

That is just one part... the more interesting parts were during my search.

ok a short-lived one... I got contacted by a "photo model" who gave a link to her personal album of goth professional pictures, most likely fake. When I asked her for a more casual photo she sent me one of her on a couch. My Reply:

I liked the photo, however the next time you try to pass as casualy either do not wear those sunglasses or ask the photographer to clean his desk.

Next day the album was missing, and I never got a reply...

Author:  wicheese [ 26 Feb 2011 02:56 ]
Post subject:  Re: Tales from our misadventures with FSUW

Now that Shadow mentions sunglasses another story of a lady I was chatting with one Skype comes to mind. She had sent me a few pictures with just her hat on (so glasses were not a distraction) and it seemed like she was trying to use a potential meeting with a German man to get me on the airplane (I'm guessing she had an itch). Anyways, one night I'm chatting to her when I'm distracted by a slight arm motion. It had me thinking, is she doing what I think she is, which a few minutes later was confirmed by facial expressions and change in her breathing. Now I wish I could take credit for her emotional change, but the reality is, it was probably just a game to get me interested or she was looking at a few interesting photos online. Needless to say, she did go to see the German and shortly after I was no longer communicating with her.

For some reason, it seems like many of the ladies I communicated with but did not see were interesting in many different ways, just not in the manner where I could imagine a long term future.

Author:  wiz [ 26 Feb 2011 09:24 ]
Post subject:  Re: Tales from our misadventures with FSUW

Stuck for words

After our wedding in June 2008, my wife and I were doing some jobs around the house and I needed to find some new skirt boating for the kitchen, so we went shopping to one of those multi stored centre's where they sell nearly the same stuff.... but are many small shop units.

In one of those units, I was checking some with my wife some skirt boards to make sure everything matches the rest of them at home...... Typical Russian sales woman was sitting in the desk paying not much attention to us but when she heard us speaking in English language she moved and came over to help. She was taller than my wife and she had some very nice and large top front assets, came very close and plonk them under my nose, literally, which made me to stop...... and loose control of my thoughts. Wife saw my expression in my wide open eyes..... and she walked away laughing!

I some how managed to communicate with the woman....... and bought the stuff.... to be promptly laughed by my wife, telling me that never saw my eyes open so much before and me loosing control........ [embarrased.gif]

She still winds me up about it! [rolfsmall.gif]

Author:  viking [ 04 May 2011 21:14 ]
Post subject:  Re: Tales from our misadventures with FSUW

excellent tread.

My wife were the first RW I meet, so.. but before that I were scammed, and some never answered back.

I can see from the divorces and some say: I do to the first chap to go down at his knee,, and pay he/she pay the price few years later - and in a cross-cultural divorce ALWAYS an ugly one.


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