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Ukrainian Fiancee Marriage Agency - scamagency
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Author:  Amorus [ 03 Apr 2012 12:00 ]
Post subject:  Ukrainian Fiancee Marriage Agency - scamagency

How nice...

I was automatically enrolled on this wonderful site, now the lovely ladies are starting to write already.

Some people are so clever to set up such wonderful helpful dating (scam agency) sites:


Author:  Amorus [ 04 Apr 2012 09:18 ]
Post subject:  Re: Ukrainian Fiancee Marriage Agency - scamagency

Possibly my posting requires some explanation of events to support my theory that this lot aint quite kosha...

Unsolicited Email

Mid February I received an unsolicited email from these people telling me that I had been added to their wonderful site and that a profile had been made for me. Isnt that illegal? there must be some law against it I think, I'll bet that Cleggy isnt on any scam dating agency site. Maybe I'm wrong, maybe he'd like to be - after all has anyone seen his wife?

Isn't making a dating profile for someone (in their absence and without their consent) against some law somewhere?

Anyway - I digress. Said Agency even made a UserID and password for me. Very thoughtful and they told me that I could use their site completely for free for a WHOLE month - apparently it was worth $80. I dont know who puts a value on these things - but $80 seems a bit steep to me, thats 8pints of lager, an hour in the backalley and a bag of chips where I live and still have change for a stove of monkeynuts... Anyway, needless to say, I didnt go anywhere near the site. I'm not logging in to see their fictitious profile that they'd made. Who's photo is on my profile? I dont want to look and see. I'd be happy for anyone to have a go for me if they wish. PM me for the details.

The OP...

This came through a couple of days ago, seems that the nice lady Natasha has taken a shine to my profile so they must have put a great photo against it.. maybe it's Mr Cleggs photo? wouldnt be the first time that someone stole a photo..she does look a bit Spanish does our Natasha, I wonder who she is!!

email came from

So next time you visit these people with a view to spending $80, look out for me and say hello if you see me (whoever I am).

Author:  Kevin [ 21 Aug 2012 08:24 ]
Post subject:  Re: Ukrainian Fiancee Marriage Agency - scamagency

Hey, you are a very nice writer and everything, but UFMA is not a scam agency. I greatly liked my experience with them and appreciate all they've done for me.
I found my lady there and we are engaged now.
Ukrainian Fiancee is a great help for lonely men.
I don't know if I'm allowed to post links. (Moderators, please delete, if I am not) but you can read more about my experience here:
EDIT ..... My real experience (links to dating or marriage agency sites not allowed)
I'll be glad to answer any questions: EDIT: members can contact you via the site mailing system

Author:  Luckyspin [ 21 Aug 2012 09:04 ]
Post subject:  Re: Ukrainian Fiancee Marriage Agency - scamagency

Hello Kevin

and [welcome1.gif] to our site.

I made a couple of edits so your post to comply with our rules.

I am glad that you found your lady via the said agency in Kharkiv but you obviously missed the point made by amorus in his posts.

The RWF board is not against people using marriage agencies but we criticise and castigate suspect practices by them and that is why the Amorus posts were not deleted and were allowed to appear on the board.

It is clear, in his post, that the agency WITHOUT his permission created a profile for him and used his email to communicate with him to advise him about that and invite him to complete his profile. Sorry but if they are looking for clients..... they should not take such actions and find another way to advertise their site.

The link to the blogg is nothing more than another advertising tool....... and here on the RWF we do not permit any advertising of Marriage or dating agencies, directly or indirectly .

From the Blogg
Kevin wrote:
Decided to help Sergey with promotion of UFMA's beautiful Ukrainian brides. Guys, you can contact them with confidence

Any how, if you wish to write about your story on RWF, you are very welcome to write your travel report and experience at the right forum, you can mention the name of the agency but not post links to their site!


Author:  Shadow [ 28 Aug 2012 08:50 ]
Post subject:  Re: Ukrainian Fiancee Marriage Agency - scamagency

Amorus I think you should check out the profile and see if you can find where they took it from. I am pretty sure you are registered with some sites.
In the land of marriage agencies it is not unusual that someone fall out with the 'franchise' they are working with and decides to go single, taking as many profiles as possible with them.
It happened to me when I was actively searching, as as I had the habit to make a unique profile on every site it was simple to find where it came from. I contacted the owner and the next day the 'new' site had deleted 50% of its members, probably by a friendly nudge.

As to Kevin I hope you know what you are doing. The picture does not look good, but that is something I can not explain.

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