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 Post subject: Re: How close are we to a global holocaust?
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The war clouds thicken over Europe

The collision of East and West has already begun and we will witness a new world war this time. The hegemony of the dollar as a global reserve currency after the Second War is over. Already China and Russia try to create a new global Reserve currency and their own IMF and that the U.S. would not allow it, it will attack proactively by military means.

Let’s not forget that the U.S. was the only force (country) to use nuclear bombing against civilians (of course nobody was tried for crimes against humanity because felt was less of a necessary evil or as President Obama is saying " but America should never ask permission to protect our people, our homeland, or our way of life").

The U.S. is the only power that gave amnesty and used former NAZI ( eg Walter Hallstein, Fritz ter Meer, Ludger Westrick, Hans Globke, Wernher von Braun, Kurt H. Debus, Arthur Louis Hugo Rudolph, Reinhard Gehlen are only few but well known names from a total of about 1,500 former NAZI ) burdened with crimes against humanity (project paperclip-Operation Paperclip) for the purposes of global hegemony .

Here some interesting news:

1. March 2012 "The country (U.S.A) is living on credit beyond its means, pushing a portion of its debt in the global economy. A parasitic in the global economy using the monopoly of the dollar", said the Russian Prime Minister Putin during a meeting by the lake Seligker with members of a pro-government youth movement.

2. It would not be an exaggeration to say that the American manager of a hedge fund, Kyle Bass, expects a “black“ ending of the global debt explosion witnessed recently. " All this will end in war," said Bass, founder of Hayman Capital Management based in Dallas. "I do not know who will fight whom, but I'm pretty sure that the coming years will see wars erupting and they will be not small". Bass supports his provocative prediction on the fact that the credit market debt has risen to 340 % of the global GDP, noting that the world had never lived in peace, with such load in the past. He explains how some societies will not withstand the pressures, once trillion dollars of debt must be restructured, bringing heavy losses to millions of investors.

3. China has proposed to the U.S. President, Barrack Obama, the conversion of the U.S. bonds that is holding, to investments in the U.S. according to U.S. media. This Chinese proposal first came to the surface in 2009 and has since been promoted quietly so the debt of 1 trillion dollars by the U.S. in the form of bonds owed to China to turn it into ownership of American companies, infrastructure and real estate. The NUMBERS indicate that the U.S. debt to China it’s 14.5 times larger than its annual GDP. In other words, the Americans should work for 14.5 years without eating anything to pay it off!


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